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  1. In a legal case both sides have to turn over all texts, emails, documents, etc that are relevant to the case to each other. So Luke has access to Kesha's info and she has access to his. Then witnesses in the case are subpoenaed to answer questions in depositions. Since Katy has worked with Luke and was friends with Kesha, she'll be called in to testify and evidence that was collected like this text message will be used to determine what questions she'll be asked.
  2. The NY Times has a new podcast with details on what's going on behind the scenes with Kesha getting new music out. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/29/arts/music/popcast-kesha-dr-luke.html?_r=0
  3. Sony told the judge Kesha was free to release music without having to work with Luke. If they don't allow her to, the judge isn't going to be too happy. This case will go on for at least another year, so it's a smart move on kesha's part to get an album out.
  4. I don't see any problem here. She still gets to make the case that he abused her in trials in both Tennessee and New York. Sony promised the judge that Kesha could release music. If they don't allow her to do that, she'll likely get an injunction on appeal. If they do let her release, she gets to make money that will help pay her pricey legal bills. And she'll be able to get her career back on track.
  5. I was surprised Ben didn't say something after the injunction debacle. He and Kesha have been friends for years and he's had his own label troubles. It's good to know he's been supporting her behind the scenes this whole time.
  6. The Judds were a hugely popular country music act. It's a big deal for Kesha to get praised by someone like this. "Wynonna and Naomi were signed to RCA Records in 1983 as the duo The Judds. Between 1983 and 1991, The Judds charted 23 hit singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles (now Hot Country Songs) charts, including 14 number ones. They also recorded eight studio albums, one Christmas album and two Greatest Hits compilations. In their six-year career, The Judds sold more than 20 million records worldwide and had won over 60 industry awards, including five Grammy Nominations, nine C
  7. Country music legend Wynonna Judd called Bob Dylan cover artist Kesha the #NextGenerationOfGreatness.
  8. No doubt about that. But now they have to balance his needs with how they look to the public. Kesha was getting so much attention in the last few days it's like they had no choice but to tweet their support.
  9. True but it shows the bad PR has really affected them and they're trying to appear supportive. I don't think Luke is getting their 100% support anymore because they're clearly worrying about their public image.
  10. Ben was supposed to perform with Kesha at the Billboard Awards. He brought her on stage last night to sing a few songs.
  11. I think it backfired. Cancelling has brought far more attention to her situation than letting her perform would have.
  12. The judge has the power to release Kesha from the contract. She didn't do it because she believed Sony's and Luke's claims that Kesha would be able to release music and that it would be promoted. It should be obvious at this point that the contract should be canceled. Get on it judge lady.
  13. I'm glad this is getting attention since almost no one noticed what happened with True Colors.