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  1. Baby One More Time: 20 Oops...! I Did It Again: 28 I'm a Slave 4 U: 46 Me Against the Music: 40 Gimme More: 2 Womanizer: 26 Work Bitch: 16
  2. Hey guys! Today we are beginning the #JusticeForMyDecember fan-campaign! We want to show support and give recognition to an album of Kelly’s that has been overlooked and underrated. It’s an album deserves to be remembered and appreciated. That being said, if you can, please buy the album on iTunes right now! Our goal is to get the album as high as possible on the iTunes Charts. You can also help by posting on social media with the hashtag #JusticeForMyDecember as well as streaming the album on your preferred streaming service. You can buy My December at this link: https://music.ap
  3. Omg now I know what you're talking about. That place.. Glad we're both away and safe now fjfjfj And yes! I have tried being a part of the other Mariah bases on another certain forum and, well, it didn't feel the most inclusive lol. Hoping that changes here!
  4. Oh wow it has been a while since I last used that name. Thanks legend. I hope you are too! How might we know each other?
  5. hi y'all. i've made a few attempts to post outside of Create a Label and be active in my faves threads and have failed, so let's see if it'll stick this time When are we going to do a #JusticeForEmotions? Her best album deserves!
  6. Debut: Vanishing Emotions: Till The End of Time Music Box: Just To Hold You Once Again Daydream: Melt Away Butterfly: Fourth of July Rainbow: Petals Glitter: Lead the Way Charmbracelet: The One Emancipation: Mine Again E=MC2: Love Story Memoirs: Candy Bling MIAMTEC: Faded Caution: 8th Grade This was so hard omg
  7. is that you Seth?

    1. Love So Soft
    2. Ahmed


      omg WIG I didnt know u still use this forum

  8. My plays this week are messed up because a good amount of Apple Music plays on my phone didn't scrobble
  9. The OP said people are getting the menu in the mail today or something
  10. Excited for Katy! I was really hoping Kelly would get a spot on there to perform her upcoming lead single, but oh well, I guess
  11. I was ranting about this hoe taking so long to release KP4 last night, and then she finally spilled the beans on the album title.
  12. Such a shame. MIAMTEC is one of her best albums, and one of my favorites ever.
  13. Katy really did that with Waking Up In Vegas