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  1. Kylie set to release 'Abbey Road Sessions' acoustic album end of August This is the latest rumour to hot the Kylie fan boards, the release is set to coincide with her headlining the BBC Proms In The Park where she will perform with the BBC orchestra. http://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/bbc-proms/proms-in-the-park/default.aspx So far a few of the tracks have been uploading to youtube with 'performance' videos.
  2. I thought Macca was confirmed for it. Lets be honest the most successful songwriter of all time >>> some flop (but very pleasing to the eyes) boyband
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJipQdMJNL4 3.25 onwards +legend+
  4. For anyone into really bad fanfic reading for the lulz, I recommend this Harry Potter fanfic called 'My Immortal'. Never laughed so much at a fanfic in all my life and for all the wrong reasons. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6829556/1/My_Immortal Enjoy xx
  5. Chucky no shade but you dont deserve to be a Potterhead, JK Rowling regrets you. +queenbitch+
  6. Shows get announced sold out when they sell the amount of tickets required to make the show a profit. Any sales beyond that is literally pure profit. For example when Madonna played in my city for Confessions she sold out with 60,000 fans in the stadium but when she returned with sticky and sweet she sold out with something like 35,000. It all depends on how many tickets they predict to sell and release initially, if those sell out the rest get released and are considered gravy to the main meal (the predicted amount). Sell out hardly ever means that the show has sold to the full capacity of
  7. Confide In Me >>>>>>> + Loveboat is an absolute mess, Light Years would be 10/10 without it. YDNY however is a guilty pleasure of gayness that should be appreciated, if only just for how well it translates live. (those operatic notes from X2010 +legend+ )
  8. Maleficent terrified me as a child! Beastly bitch, puuure evil. Angie looks fierce in the photo though, reckon she'll pull this role off with ease.
  9. Great photos, looking so hot! Canny believe she's 44! +legend+
  10. The tour is gunna slay the top grossing shows. How much do we all reckon she's gunna pull in with ticket sales? She's definitely gunna be trying to top Sticky and Sweet.
  11. lmfao what a drama queen. EY and BTW are similar, not plagiarism though. The best way to handle the situation is to say that Madonna along with other dance-pop artists have inspired her throughout her musical career which is why there are similarities. Nothing wrong with that and I think most average people would accept it and move on (except the stans of course, but they only count for like >1% of people).