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  1. Are you saying that Gaga should get herself drugged up with pain killers & risk damaging her health
  2. what's definitely not easy to fake is the level of dumbness shown by you and other members in this thread
  3. Adele also rescheduled several North America dates of her 21 tour, a couple of months later rescheduled Europe dates and ended up cancelling several of them due to recurring health problems... the same health problems that forced her to cancel her final dates of her 25 show how exactly is this any different from Gaga?
  4. Single

    omg yass I'd love another bop like The Cure hopefully it'll have a nice video too
  5. what specific illness she suffers from is none of my business and none of yours either but no matter how much I dislike an artist, I would never imply that they'd fake an illness just to pull out of a couple of shows no matter how much I like or dislike any of the faves on here I would never question their effort and how much respect they and love they have for their fans the fact that no matter what Gaga does, ya'll always come running in here assuming the worst and accusing her of some kind of evil ulterior motives it's just so repelling and makes you seem like very bitter human beings
  6. the fact that the biggest thread on FOTP in two weeks is a handful of members laughing about a woman's illness you should be ashamed of yourselves
  7. imo she needs to collaborate with an international superstar like lady gaga to revive her career
  8. here



    i'm sorry


    fotp can't come to the phone right now 




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    cause she's dead meg1xtina12xtina12xtina12 


  9. A masstag a day keeps the flop thread away
  10. Rumor

  11. here


    I'm screaming lmfao1lmfao1  



  12. can we talk about the fact that North Korea was the only nation that actually bothered to do a LIVE rendition of their song