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  1. fab

    and La isla bonita still won't have 1 billion views
  2. fab


    how do you like the piano version then
  3. fab


    omg you must really hate Joanne
  4. agree about You and I but it's such a bop
  5. Americano kind of feels out of place on the album but it slays so it can stay btw
  6. oops i forgot about that sorry I was away for a week but yes I will send my vote soon
  7. fab


    i forgot about it let me add ha
  8. 1. Artpop 2. Monster 3. Born This Way 4. The Fame 5. Joanne + vote for your fave track in the poll
  9. The Queen bridge slays yes but the rest of the song is kind of meh
  10. Hair is ok, but Bad Kids is literally toilet shit.. like a 0/10 and by far my least fave song in Gaga's entire catalogue
  11. Hair Black Jesus + Amen Fashion Bad Kids Fashion Of His Love The Queen what's the point in releasing the album of the decade when u put filler on it like lbr those songs should've never been on the album
  12. fab


    @Rachel Green i'm sorry sis but I have to sign off again I had Diamond Heart (maybe @Tasso wants to take it)