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  1. omg i just read the news for the first time today and was shocked when I saw this disgusting attack
  2. Discussion

    sounds like a cheap Garage Band edit imo
  3. I understand ok no problem I'll just create a duplicate account
  4. omg @Tampon thinks you're an incompetent host!? wow I definitely wouldn't let him get away with that
  5. a season where only winners play, but can't win? sis I think you should rework that concept a bit
  6. I kinda like Goodnight Gotham and Pose tbh
  7. American Oxygen was my 5th most streamed song of 2015 and I still use it regularly what a song
  8. Game

    1. Diamond Heart - Monster 2. Diamond Heart - Grimhilde 3. Angel Down - Freaky Prince 4. Angel Down - California boy 5. Diamond Heart - Merryem 6. Angel Down - fab 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  9. Other

    iconic single and one of my fave songs of all time can't believe her best album will turn 4 soon