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  1. No mentally sane person doubts Gaga though Kesha's case was just more high-profile and was more publicised as a result
  2. Taylor needs to release her next single (not RFI pls)
  3. Discussion

    hiiiiiiiiii what's up
  4. here


    The fact that Shape Of You is still #16 on worldwide Spotify fall6 

    1. Jony


    2. Rebel Bitch

      I can't stand it anymore dead4


  5. this must be the punishment for stanning Katy
  6. you're supposed to list the best members, not the worst
  7. omg screaming at @THEM already having a meltdown
  8. Do I have to include exactly 25 members? Or is less than 25 also possible? I'm struggling to think of more than 15 members
  9. I considered including it but then went with E.T. instead the rap bridge in Dark Horse is just too cringe
  10. I love Grigio Girls so much omg
  11. it's nice but the song is kinda unfinished and the lyrics are not exactly great
  12. turn it up it's my favourite song dance dance dance to the distortion