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  1. here


    Dark Horse is still that bop  Q7oD3NV.gif

    1. Driven

      It's been known. :)

    2. Can't Come Up With A Name

      you still have no taste Q7oD3NV.gif

  2. Music Video

    Big Sean is so hot omg
  3. happy now bitch
  4. 109 copies? wow sales have really declined
  5. Discussion

    ikr I hope tidal goes broke asap so she can release her next album on other streaming services
  6. Discussion

    Yas stan Pray You Catch Me, Don't Hurt Yourself and Freedom
  7. here


    I'm on windows and idk how to end full screen mode on google chrome um1 someone help pls im trapped on fotp  @Jony @Pandora @Tasso

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    2. SWINΞ

      17 minutes ago, Chris Morlock said:

      i dont have this problem but my keyboard doesnt have the fn key wat3 

      on the usb keyboard its on the bottom right

      Some keyboard have extra functions for the F1-F12 keys like turning up volume, or brightness etc. If there's no "fn" key it's likely the F-keys only have one function and when you push F11 it'll force a browser into or out of Full Screen Mode. If there are extra functions that's usually when you have to push the "fn" key in addition. 

    3. Entea

      Perched for the fn2 key for even more added functions dead2

    4. Anna-wa

      Don't give them any ideas @Entea

  8. Game

    in that case it HAS to be Legandary Lovers ok my turn