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  1. the Troy & Gabriella version awww this brightens up my day
  2. They're not saying that they were keeping an eye on him though. It's just stated that he was known to police which probably means that he has committed a (possibly minor) crime before.
  3. Just because he was known doesn't mean authorities were keeping an eye on him. It's just not realistic to constantly monitor every single person that might be a threat.
  4. I can't believe another human being can do something like this to kids
  5. Game

    omg this will become so difficult after C2C is eliminated The Fame- 30 The Fame Monster- 30 Born this Way- 35 ARTPOP- 45 Cheek to Cheek- 0 Joanne- 40
  6. The reason for Katy getting so many views is not because "her work is more actively searched" lmao Her videos just get pushed by Youtube extremely hard, on every video you watch you get at least 5 Katy Perry suggestions You really think irrelevant videos like Unconditionally or Birthday would get such an insane amount of views if it wasn't for Youtube shoving them don't people's throats? This huge effect of Youtube payola became evident when one of Katy's most popular videos suddenly lost more than 80% of its daily views a couple of months ago: Did interest in California Gurls suddenly drop 80% on a random day in 2017? Of course not This just shows that only a very tiny amount of views is generated by people actively searching for a song A huge majority is controlled by what gets suggested in the Youtube suggestions tab, which is why Youtube views can absolutely not be considered as an accurate metric of whether a song is popular or remembered in a given year Bad Romance remains of the biggest and most iconic videos of all time.
  7. the fumes must be hard if a s debut single is better than anything your fave could come up with in the past 5 years
  8. Discussion

    The Cure