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  1. thanks for hosting bestie, I'm sorry not more people were active .. it is pretty late in Europe thanks and good night
  2. Was NOT expecting the 3am tracks to steal the top spots like that tbh it's not a totally disastrous result, but YOYOK at #10 is definitely a stain that's too big to wash out
  3. @Simón. and @Amanda Laura serving taste too bad it wasn't enough to secure #1
  4. Would've Could've Should've is amazing showstopping etc. yes, but Maroon is superior it better pull through
  5. bestie I gave it a 9 so I'm stanning, it's just that there are at least a handful of better songs on Midnights
  6. ok Bigger Than The Whole Sky at #3 is too high sorry
  7. also Anti-Hero is her biggest radio hit in Germany and Austria since 1989 era, we have no choice but to stan that
  8. Lead Singles / singles often win megarates because everyone gives them 8s and 9s, so yes maybe I sabotaged a little bit
  9. amazing opening track, she did that tbh
  10. I need Maroon to win in order to redeem this mess
  11. ok so we still have Lavender Haze, Maroon, Anti-Hero, Would've Could've Should've and Bigger Than the Whole Sky? The last one is kinda random tbh
  12. Karma is a bop, but it's not among my faves tbh