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  1. Rumor LG6 confirmed for 2018 release

    omg welcome back sis
  2. Game Big Brother: Joanne Edition

    1. Million Reasons - Monster 2. Million Reasons - Urbi 3. Angel Down - Freaky Prince 4. Million Reasons - Merryem 5. Angel Down - StrippedX 6. Million Reasons - SWINE 7. Angel Down - Luca. 8. Angel Down - California boy 9. Angel Down -fab 10 11. 12.
  3. Celeb News Nicki Minaj visits her brother in Jail

    ok but you're not in a place to judge anyone else for not reacting in the same way. If one of my siblings got arrested for a crime (even if it's murder or rape) I think I would never be able to cut them off completely. I just love them so much that nothing could simply wipe all that away, never. I would probably hold onto every shred of hope that they might not be guilty, even if it's already obvious that they are. Learning that your someone of your own family is a child rapist must be extremely hard and I don't think it's appropriate to give our commentary on how Nicki has to behave in this situation.
  4. Celeb News Nicki Minaj visits her brother in Jail

    thank god Nicki doesn't need approval of random internet gays to visit her brother in jail
  5. We Remember: 1939

  6. Are Taylor fans racist?

    Yes #BlackLivesDontMatter #gaysfortrump #whitesarebetter
  7. Rumor DJWS basically confirms LG6 is ARTPOP 2.0

  8. Adele

  9. Discussion Trinity from Reputation?

    I Did Something Bad Call It What You Want This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
  10. Is Hitlor really slaying when...

    lol right
  11. Omg I just started listening to Reputation and it's so fucking good already ny3 I Did Something Bad ny3

    1. Urbi

      Where have you been? cry9

    2. fab

      Hey cry9  idk just a little bit busy cry9  

    3. Urbi

      With Uni? You better come through with good scores cry9

  12. Discussion Unpopular opinon: 1989 >>>>> Speak Now

    Better Than Revenge & Innocent
  13. Discussion Unpopular opinon: 1989 >>>>> Speak Now

    This is so difficult Yes Speak Now has some filler but it also has some of Taylor's best songs (Mine, Sparks Fly, Dear John, Never Grow Up, Enchanted, etc.) Speak Now is a lot more relatable because it showcases a more vulnerable side of Taylor while 1989 is more mature & confident, so it really depends on my mood which album I enjoy more. I didn't really use 1989 that much over the past year, but since her new era started I've been listening to it a LOT again.. My fave tracks are Blank Space, Out Of The Woods and Clean.. but the album has so many amazing bops: AYHTDWS, Bad Blood, Wonderland, New Romantics, etc.. I even warmed up to Wildest Dreams in the past few weeks Both albums are among my all time faves
  14. Album Reputation Won’t Be Available on Streaming 1st Week

    get those 1st week sales
  15. Other reputation Track List!

    OMG YASS I'm sure #2 - #5 will contain some amazing future singles so excited for that Ed Sheeran collab