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  1. In the CD age it was annoying as when I already had an album I didn’t really want to buy it again for just a couple of songs. now I just stream so I don’t have that issue. I still find it a bit annoying, I prefer if they are both released at the same time, rather than with a gap.
  2. Not when Take It Like A Man exists
  3. Moist Megatron


    Beyoncé slays so hard on this, she has definitely left her mark on it
  4. Lots of people used Alexa to playboy christmas songs so I think that helped. also Mariah is on ACR so her streams count for less 💅🏼
  5. Pop sensation Louisa has posed while showing off her smoking hot bod in this recent Instagram snap. Damn she looks fine!
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    Now she is competing with Meghan Trainor instead It will be an amazing day for music releases And we'll have Selena to tide us over while we wait
  7. I have tried this a few times and I'm still finding it very dull. I much preferred My Own Dance. This wasn't a good song to release as a single.
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    That photo is so iconic 🤣🤣
  9. Wow, this is unexpected! I didn’t even realise they were dating
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    New single from Jessie J I believe it is from a musical
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    Wobble Up is incredible
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    Why has The End been taken off on Spotify? I live in the U.K. so maybe it is still up in other countries but it seems weird to just get rid of it.
  13. Moist Megatron

    No it was awful on launch and is still awful now. She went downhill during her last two albums.
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    I'm not sure how I feel about this...
  15. Meghan Trainor recently revealed that she is keen to collaborate with Artie from Glee. She wants to write a song with him after he tweeted about how lovely she is 💜
  16. Kesha, Meghan Trainor and Selena Gomez - all coming in January!
  17. Moist Megatron

    Can’t handle the slay, huh?
  18. Moist Megatron

    No, nearly all of his songs are about fucking women and he is is an open relationship with a woman
  19. Moist Megatron

    I don’t get why they are trying to insult for her doing promo. At least she is getting herself out there and is able to get good bookings.
  20. Moist Megatron

    Who on Earth is that horrid woman and why is she treating the lovely adorable La Toya Jackson like a piece of shit? I have no idea what K-12 is tbh
  21. Moist Megatron

    They’ve collaborated like a hundred times. Should they just release their tension, give in to it and fuck each other senseless? I think they should just go for it, why the heck not? Vote in the poll girlies