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  1. Have you ever stopped stanning some one?

    If so, why?


    I stopped stanning Kitty Brucknell when she tweeted that she was going to write a song about poo and wee, it was just the last straw for me. Although I had been building up to leaving the standom after her previous behaviour but that was just the final thing for me


  2. Is Up about dicks?


    The chorus certainly sounds it.


    Apparently "if it's up then it's stuck" is a saying but I mean even the saying probably comes from a dick being up and stuck in a pussy.


    Urban Dictionary defines the saying as "There is an issue with someone/ somebody and it's gonna stay that way until the beef is settled."


    I still think the meaning of the saying originates from a dick being stuck up somewhere.


    Also her last song was about wet ass pussy so it seems like a song about dicks makes senses for her



  3. On 12/5/2020 at 11:03 AM, Billie Frank said:

    Is there actually evidence of her saying that though? I mean the article in the OP is from the Scum. 

    In this article here (https://metro.co.uk/2020/12/05/sugababes-star-mutya-buena-brutally-claims-kylie-minogue-and-jennifer-lopez-cant-sing-13705697/) , there is a short video where she says Kylie's fans have been coming for her since she made the comments and admits she did say the comments but that they are performers but just can't sing.