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  1. This is adorably cute I wasn't keen on the song at first but it has grown on me.
  2. I’m loving the rerelease, she has really come through
  3. Damn he is so hot omfgggggg I want him Ever since I was a teen and first saw the HSM trailer I have wanted him nnn
  4. I can’t wait, I’m so excited Home girl’s coming to slay This is already AOTY material and how she’s gonna re-up it
  5. Femme Fatale is definitely the better album hands down Till the World Ends vs Invitation Hold It Against Me vs Make Me... Inside Out vs Private Show I Wanna Go vs Man On The Moon How I Roll vs Just Luv Me (Drop Dead) Beautiful vs Clumsy Seal It with a Kiss vs Do You Wanna Come Over? Big Fat Bass vs Slumber Party Trouble For Me vs Just Like Me Trip To Your Heart vs Love Me Down Gasoline vs Hard To Forget Ya Criminal vs What You Need Up N' Down vs Better He About To Lose Me vs Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Self
  6. It seems ridiculous, what is the problem with it? Why does it matter if the Chinese government knows what short videos people watch?
  7. Also this iconic UK Eurovision entry (the band are still goin now as The Fizz)
  8. Treat yourself to a spot of Prince Charming by Adam & The Ants
  9. UK #1 artist Crazy Frog has announced a 2020 comeback and is building hype through Twitter. In a tweet, he has also admitted that he supports trans rights! Ahead of his return, here is one of his former hits nnn
  10. I think Austin would have been more successful if he debuted before Justin as too many people comapred them and I think that hurt his success in his career, living in JB's shadow
  11. Pop sensation Jason Derulo has flown to the top of the UK with his iconic bop Savage Love It's the bop, we all deserved #streamitnow