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  1. Eminem's body slaying lives and his vocab scalping
  2. He's been lauded as a modern-day William Shakespeare on more than one occasion, so it should come as no surprise that Eminem has been named the artist with the biggest vocabulary in music. A new report by Musixmatch has analysed the top 93 best-selling artists across 25 genres to determine who uses the widest range of language in their work. Obviously some of these artists have released more songs than others, so the research compared the 100 densest tracks from each one, to give a fair idea of the breadth of vocabulary these musicians use. Eminem came out on top having used 8,818 d
  3. Slay me, they were playing Unapologetic Bitch at the dodgems in Vienna!
  4. Human Nature (Live) from the Sticky & Sweet tour is incredible!
  5. Human Nature (Live) from the Sticky & Sweet tour is incredible!
  6. All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) should have been a single
  7. This gives me so much life, I can't even...
  8. I stan this gurl, I need some dance hits form her next album!
  9. Kanye West - All Day This is my urban bop of the yearrrrrrrrr
  10. In what world, wasn't her last hit nearly a decade ago?