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  2. New single from Kanye It's a bop if you ignore the religious elements
  3. I'm glad to have new Beyonce but I've listened twice and I'm not completely won over by the song. The lady who has given us Run The World (Girls), Partition, Drunk In Love, Check On It, Crazy In Love and this... It just doesn't live up to her previous singles. Maybe it will grow on me, I hope it does. Savage Remix was amazing, I need her to bring that A game to her own stuff.
  4. I'm really enjoying this album so far. I like it a lot more than Masters of the Sun. Of course, I would like Fergie to be there, or for Nicole to fill her place (as was rumoured) However I am really enjoying their recent output.
  5. I’m excited for the new BEP album dropping tomorrow I’ve enjoyed their Latin flava, Ritmo is such a bop Tracklist Ritmo (Bad Boys For Life)” with J Balvin “Feel the Beat” with Maluma “Mamacita” with Ozuna & J Rey Soul “Girl Like Me” with Shakira “Vida Loca” with Nicky Jam & Tyga “No Mañana” with El Alfa “Tonta Love” with J Rey Soul “Celebrate” “Todo Bueno” “Duro Hard” with Becky G “Mabuti” with French Montana “I Woke Up” “Get Loose Now” “Action” “News Today”
  6. Misha B is currently doing a tell all Insta live where she is spilling tea on what happened during X Factor. She is dragging Kitty Brucknell and Tulisa HARD Tune in to catch the tea!
  7. The Office (USA) The Office (UK) Little Britain Jessica Jones Daredevil Big Bang Theory Lost Flashforward lots more but I cba listing them lol
  8. She's young and informed, what's the issue? Some people are so pressed a teenager is more intelligent than them
  9. She named a song Good In Bed nnnnnn... it’s kinda a bop though 😋
  10. Tea, after writing this I was wondering about boy bands as well and the only current one I could think of was Why Don’t We and they don’t get hits
  11. Whatever happened to mixed gender pop bands? During the late 90s and early 2000s, there were lots of mixed gender pop bands and they were getting lots of it hits. We had Steps, S Club 7, S Club Juniors, Vengaboys, Aqua, A*Teens, Hear’Say and Liberty X. Then we had Black Eyed Peas and N-Dubz with a bit of a different slant mixing rap with pop but now these sorts of groups seem to be nowhere to be seen and BEP have gone back to being a male trio. Back in the day there was Abba and bands like Bucks Fizz and Brotherhood of Man. We’ve had Steps refor
  12. So what was she, around 50 when this was taken? Good for her
  13. Ok they literally said this exact thing two years ago... They need to hurry up before they die of old age tbh
  14. What the hell is Lana’a problem recently? She is a jealous bitter bitch that can’t get a hit and is resorting to tearing down other female singers who actually get hits (and most of whom are women of colour). Beyonce is literally the embodiment of feminism and yet she is even trying to drag her down. The only time Lana really got a hit was when Cedric Jervais remixed her song. Her songs barely make a dent anywhere. Her music is boring af and she thinks she has got some kind of “cred” and “superiority” over other pop stars but she has just become
  15. I like it, it reminds me a lot of Legendary Lovers. I’m not sure if it’s lead single material though, I think it would have been better if she came back with a BANG 💥 It would make a cute album track or 3rd/4th single tbh
  16. How is it over? She is still #1 in the UK. The era is very much ALIVE Also, literally today she had released Don’t Start Now piano version (according to Spotify)
  17. Yeah I have bood and seen other people booing lots. How can you not have seen it? It is very common. In some shows booing is even encouraged, e.g. pantomimes or for example when an artist says it’s their last song people can boo