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  1. Damn I’m gutted I can’t pick 100 Degrees Out of these I pick Only You
  2. The Chinese talent show was for established singers and she won
  3. This is disgusting, it was heartbreaking to read and he is just so heartless about it. What a dick!
  4. Daddy Yankee - Dura J Balvin - Safari Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up Shakira - Dare (La La La) Nicky Jam - El Perdon
  5. Yassss, I wanna live in the state of Madonna. Bitch I’m Madonna for the national anthem
  6. Also Hear’say with Pure & Simple. They were the winners of the first UK season of Popstars and released this as their first single. It led to a chain of reality TV shows such as Pop Idol, Popstars: The Rivals and The X Factor which altogether led to many successful acts such as Girls Aloud, Leona Lewis, One Direction, Little Mix etc Reality TV has been one of the biggest shake ups in the pop music landscape post 2000.
  7. The princess of pop really slayed with this one. The first pop song to use dubstep
  8. I don’t like either of them because I find a lot of their music boring and dull and I don’t like aspects of their personality. Exceptions would be All I Want For Christmas Is You which is a slay and The Light Is Coming which was saved by Nicki. I also like Bang Bang but only for Nicki and Jessie.
  9. Why hasn’t Jessie J had a hit in 5 years? Flashlight was her last hit and it was pretty big and is a remembered track for her so why has she flopped so hard afterwards? It looks like she hasn’t had a charting single ANYWHERE ever since. Her voice is incredible and I love her and her music so what is going wrong? She even released the big dance collaboration Brave and it hasn’t done anything for her.
  10. Ellen is amazing and her show is great, I stan I love her relationship with Nicki too when she interviews, they have good banter with each other
  11. I tried watching the series and couldn’t make it through one episode, I liked her in The Office though
  12. I feel like a completely portless phone would be annoying because how are you meant to use it when it’s charging?
  13. Actually there is debate over whether oriental is offensive and a lot of people find it not to be, even people of Asian descent
  14. People who were alive in that era when it was released would definitely remember it as it was a big hit and was very iconic for her. Not all younger people would but it is played on radio fairly often so a fair few would
  15. It is good that he has reported on criminals to the authorities, it will help in the long term
  16. I was hoping it would be an underwear collection I do like the one where he’s in shorts though
  17. I dont' get why people get so pressed over her. She is literally queen of the gays and releases bop after bop. What's not to love?
  18. I don't find Lotus a mess really. I love Circles, Around The World, Shut Up, Army of Me, Red Hot Kinda Love and Your Body.
  19. New song from Jason Derulo and it is such a bussy busting bop And before y'all go off, it was approved by the original producer who is getting paid: https://www.fijivillage.com/entertainment/NZ-TikTok-sensation-Joshua-Nanai-confirms-being-paid-for-Jason-Derulo-track-x45f8r/
  20. A Lifetime To Repair (How could anyone pick anything else?)
  21. I swear I caught Gary from the repair shop busting his bussy to Medellin
  22. T***** Chaser is one of RuPaul’s most controversial songs. Some members of the trans community have deemed it deeply hurtful and transphobic but RuPaul has defended the song and said that it is in reference to transvestite and the song is still available on YouTube and Spotify. Do you think this is right or should the song be taken down? Here's an excerpt of an article from a few years with Ru talking about the issue https://www.queerty.com/logo-tv-says-it-does-not-condone-rupauls-anti-trans-rhetoric-20140524 #
  23. Hopefully through their cannibalism they can decimate their seagull population
  24. The veil is protection for the gorgeousness of her face She looks flawless