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  1. I’d only go if Kelly had a solo section to perform Down For Whatever I think a reunion would help Kelly but Beyonce doesn’t need it and I’d rather see her own album get released. I don’t care for Michelle
  2. I love this music video. Take That + some of my favourite comedians, what’s not to love? Also I love the throwbacks to their previous music videos in this too.
  3. Rihanna has slayed, old straight white men found shaking
  4. Yes it has a lot of good songs and the production is actually similar to some Glory tracks. I’m not saying it is her best album but I like the songs
  5. For me, it is Ooh La La. It is an awesome bop and the video is so cute with the smurfs and her kids
  6. Which Britney song has the best title in your opinion? I really like Get Naked (I Got A Plan) & Beautiful (Drop Dead) I like way the brackets kinda add to/change the meaning of the title. Also I like a naughty song title
  7. This is a bop, even though he is an awful person
  8. Seeing all the G.R.L. stanning in this thread has made me very happy Don’t Talk About Love is one of the greatest dance pop songs I know. Simone was such an amazing performer and brought great energy, in performances she really shines! There is a possibility that G.R.L. may support the PCD reunion tour. Natasha has said there have been discussions and they were waiting to hear back from the other members. For my top girl bands I would say 1. Pussycat Dolls - I have loved them since Don’t Cha. Both of their albums are incredible and Rea
  9. I don't see Nicki Minaj saying faggot in a rap over 10 years ago that problematic as a lot of progress has been made in the last ten years and to me it is forgivable. Same with Katy Perry, in fact she even helped to normalise LGBT and bring it into the mainstream showing it is ok to kiss the same gender. I know some people have issues with the lyrics but I think the song was good for LGBT acceptance. I also personally know a couple of lesbians that were helped by I Kissed A Girl. Also Lil Nas X came out while the song was popular and it continued to be popular afterwards.
  10. Ewww that’s disgusting, also what kind of woman would give head to a 12 year old? 😑 He’s worse than 6ix9ine tbh
  11. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2020/05/anti-gay-rapper-boosie-badazz-says-hired-woman-sexually-assault-12-13-year-old-sons/
  12. I don’t know of a universe in which Blank Space is a classic. I’ve voted for Roar but it is close between that and Shake It Off
  13. I’ve never heard Say So in full, any version Beyonce really makes Savage incredible I do stan Nicki though
  14. Wait, is this the same little big that sings the dick song? 😂
  15. Natasha Slayton has been teasing new music on her Instagram. I can’t wait to have this in full 💖
  16. If some one is going out sucking random dick when they are supposed to be in lockdown then they deserve it #sorrynotsorry
  17. I’m so excited, she is back in dance pop and I cannot wait to hear everything
  18. It’s not that great really, either version. I prefer I’m Ready
  19. This is one of the greatest songs they ever recorded. I am stanning it hard right now 😍
  20. Down For Whatever is her greatest work, y'all better stan