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  1. No it was awful on launch and is still awful now. She went downhill during her last two albums.
  2. Meghan Trainor recently revealed that she is keen to collaborate with Artie from Glee. She wants to write a song with him after he tweeted about how lovely she is 💜
  3. Kesha, Meghan Trainor and Selena Gomez - all coming in January!
  4. No, nearly all of his songs are about fucking women and he is is an open relationship with a woman
  5. I don’t get why they are trying to insult for her doing promo. At least she is getting herself out there and is able to get good bookings.
  6. Who on Earth is that horrid woman and why is she treating the lovely adorable La Toya Jackson like a piece of shit? I have no idea what K-12 is tbh
  7. They’ve collaborated like a hundred times. Should they just release their tension, give in to it and fuck each other senseless? I think they should just go for it, why the heck not? Vote in the poll girlies
  8. She better tour the UK. She’s doing The Voice over here so fingers crossed we’ll get some shows 🤞
  9. Lola was boring, she needs to stop releasing the same thing over and over again. She hasn’t been decent for years.
  10. It’s been a shit year for female albums. I’m still rocking Doll Domination and Sweet 7 🤟🏼 The only one I enjoyed was Avril’s but I stopped listening after a few weeks. Madame X had a lot of guff. I preferred Rebel Heart and MDNA
  11. She is involved in loads of ventures. She did 2 seasons of the masked singer USA, X factor celebrity and an Australian reality show all in this year and countless other reality shows in the last few years
  12. She is posing with her feet and talking about how she loves socks 🙄
  13. If it was about her legs it wouldn’t be as bad but it is about socks and feet
  14. Yesterday I won 14 matches and lost 1. I couldn’t believe it 😂 i ended up at 600 and something in the rankings. Today I have been losing again though 🤣😂 Also I realised I don’t really have anything to switch into if my opponent is using a ground type move so I need a flying Pokémon or one with Levitate. I tried using Hydreigon but the websites I read recommended a Choice item when I find shit as I can only use one move 😭😭
  15. You know what to do with that big fat butt
  16. I don’t think foot fetishists should be public and mainstream
  17. Wtf if this about? Is she trying to get more sales from foot fetishists?