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  1. One Pussycat Doll wasn’t invited to the reunion. Asia who won the reality competition to become a member of the band has revealed on Instagram that she wasn’t invited to the reunion
  2. Oh definitely, his solo music is awful. Louis released a flawless bop with Back To You. Liam has released multiple bops. Niall had Slow Hands Zayn’s music is pretty poor also but the other three have at least had some decent music
  3. I’m not really into either but Sam looks tasty in that beach picture and they look better than Ed tbh
  4. She does, she has a few: Like A Prayer Frozen Hung Up Also I wouldn’t say La Isla Bonita is one of her most remembered songs, I can’t even remember how it goes Like A Virgin is very iconic though
  5. Iconic is typical stan lingo these days
  6. Ugly Heart was 4 x Platinum in Australia and it was one of the biggest girl group singles on their charts
  7. Omg she's going against Kesha with that release date
  8. Oh that sucks. I like that with Liam's album it included all his singles, even from a couple of years ago Back To You is one of the greatest songs of the decade and it is sacrilige not to include it, surely they could obtain the rights to it, at least as a bonus track. It is his biggest hit tbh, most of his other stuff has flopped (no disrespect to him)
  9. G.R.L. are one of the greatest, most iconic girlbands of all time. They are iconic and they slay! The greatest work they ever created is this bop:
  10. Why has Nicole lowered herself to doing these sort of shitty payola social media ads? I thought they were for z list Instagram models. Some one on her level doesn’t need to be doing this. Surely she earns enough from the myriad reality tv shows she does. She called do so much better than these low grade social media ads
  11. No there’s none worth stanning (or maybe I’m just old) The most recent one I stan is probably Louisa
  12. Yeah, it does seem tricky. I won my first match and then lost 3 in a row 🤣🤣 I won the next two after that though so things can pick up 🙌🙌 The reward seems pretty cool, apparently everyone gets 50BP for participating.
  13. I’m enjoying this so far It’s been a whole since I’ve had a decent pop album to listen to
  14. Why isn’t he including his older singles? If he doesn’t include Back To You then I will RIOT
  15. All of them have been invited Lauren was in the new line up too and they were joined by Jazzy Mejia
  16. G.R.L. are officially in talks about potentially supporting PCD ahead of their upcoming tour. On Instagram, Natasha has confirmed they are in talks to reform and they are just waiting to hear back from a couple of members. It would be amazing to have them back together again. They are one of the greatest girl bands and they never officially split. And they are both Robin Antin groups so it seems like it could be plausible!
  17. Got 5 of my competitive team ready now 💪 Mimikyu and Dragapult are amazing! I usually use them alongside either Toxapex or Ferrothorn
  18. You's a bad ass bitch, a bad ass bitch, a thong get lost in that fat ass bitch