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  1. Restless

    this thread omg, the slaying!!! her voice is simply out of this world... it's so funny when haters mock her lack of technique while she manages to sound this way without it. she's still one of the best voices to ever embrace this planet. her tone is simply stunning, she can choose to have those amazing crystal clear vocals, or those raspy bluesy belts... and they all sound amazing!! I need more music from my goddess
  2. I can't recall, it was earlier this year on aLD lol.
  3. remember, Matt said early 2015 to some fan who messaged him on FB. So it could be something like single in November, album in January/February.
  4. Restless

    love this version. her voice just takes this song to a whole new level. I just can't @ Max Martin autotuning her voice on that F5 tho I'm sure she could tackle that with no problem in the studio. I guess she was really lazy recording Lettuce one of my favourites from Lotus anyway.
  5. HOLY SHIT :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: YAS LEGENDTINA
  6. Restless

    ugh ikr... I really want to hear her version
  7. it's just become old and stale and the winners never actually find success in the music industry, except for very few.
  8. Restless

    so rumors are saying about a year...!! GURL BYE I AINT WAITING THAT LONG someone betta hack into legendtina's gmail account and leak dem recordings
  9. I haven't been watching that show since season 2 I believe. Christina or not, that show should be over already. The only thing I liked about that show was getting to see her looks every week and some performances here and there. But she should definitely move on to bigger and better things already.
  10. Restless

    OMG when is it coming tho??
  11. Restless

    OMG... legendtina singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina not a big fan of the musical but that song is beautiful... and I really have a feeling she's gonna blow us away with her performance, giving us flawless, clear and powerful vocals
  12. Restless

    Matt looks so cute! and I still can't get over those BOOBS. SLAY ME :perv:
  13. Restless

    OH MY GOD .gif' alt='fall2'> NOOOOO.
  14. Restless

    damn her tits are getting huge again because of the pregnancy .gif' alt='ny4'> loves it! slay she looks gorgeous. I can't @ her looking much better PREGNANT than the way she looked in the What's-Lettuce era