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  1. This thread is definitely ahead of its time...
  2. Ramin I stan his voice. he has one of the best male voices I've ever heard! I love it so much, Music of the Night have you seen Love Never Dies? I didn't really care for the songs so I didn't bother watching it
  3. me!! watched it live when I was in London too. have you seen the "Live at the Royal Albert Hall" concert? it's simply amazing, and the phnatom there is the best phantom ever (his voice and his looks negl )
  4. that's a really great song. the chorus sounds so fresh with the crazy high run! it's a bit generic, but I think the lyrics and the cool melodies actually make it something more special. I can't @ swing from the chandelier tho $ia is one crazy bitch.
  5. it's quite basic but she looks SO beautiful there so that's enough for me.
  6. THIS. there are much better R&B singers to collab with if that's what she wants. why him?
  7. you stan Ke$ha... baby... what would she be remembered for? Tik Tok? give it some thought. I'm out !
  8. having millions of dollars counts as being a flop...? ok.... I guess life's better when you get people to work you to death so you need to rely on meds and get into rehab facilities for whatever reasons.
  9. I once heard her perfumes are selling very well across europe. unfortunately I don't really have the strength to look up the facts since I don't really care. self drag? I answered your question. she's out there living the best life one could ever have.
  10. what will she do with her life? live them happily and fully, with her hot soon-to-be husband, her cute child, her soon-to-be-born baby and her millions and millions of dollars she already has from royalties, The Voice, perfumes, etc. Mad?
  11. I'm glad this is just a rumor. while I would love to hear some covers by her it would only be an excuse to keep us waiting longer for an album... like instead of 2017 we will wait till 2020
  12. exactly. all these tv shows are pretty much lies on top of lies. they also promise huge deals that make it seem like the contestant will become the next big star. in reality, it rarely happens. just think of all the winners of past years from The Voice, American Idol, X Factor... you can count the ones that really turned big on one hand.
  13. tbh with the hits she has under her belt I'm sure she can release this album without a label... she's probably rich af. she's indeed very talented, but, ironically, American Girl sounded a lot like Katy's songs (figures huh?) and it came off as not really fresh. She should get a really fresh song if she wants to break out as a solo artist. plus Epic is in a messy state as far as I know so that's not the best decision to sign with them, too I'm not worried for her, she still gets to do what she loves and she's very good at it.
  14. k can you NOT stop reminding me this tragedy!
  15. yeah, we talk on MSN sometimes. she's pretty busy so I guess that's why she doesn't have time to come here.