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  1. Of course, she's a phenomenon. One of a kind.
  2. You are evil if you don't like Enya's music
  3. I can't vote cos both are huge, huge hits. I think MHWGO was more successful, and still is tho. I like BOMT better. It is fresh to this day.
  4. You need your comprehension exercises. Point out where I said belting is the best way to sing. I said one should belt with diaphragmatic support. And kii at trying to undermine Mariah's agility, which she proved countless times live.
  5. Xtina and Demi is more like throat dominated mix, tho. This song has textbook example of clear, resonant belts with vibrato, hence it can testify the test of quality You won't find that in Celine's discography. Belts are NOT supposed to be head notes or falsettos. It's ok to prefer them, but branding them as the right way is misleading to casual listeners Sure they can be considered safe, or cheating or whatever. But you won't be considered better or even good by experts who see it.
  6. Ever heard of diaphragmatic support and actual resonance that has a ringing quality and vibrato? Celine Dion could never do clear upper belts like this in her entire career. All she could do was using mixed voice to access her upper belts, not raising her soft palate, giving a yodel
  7. Celine has been lip synching to her studio vocals of her songs like since 1901
  8. Power - Whitney Range - Mariah Control - MARIAH (Any other option is invalid) Tone - Mariah Overall vocal talent - Mariah/ Whitney With all respect to Celine, I don't really admire her vocal placements or her mixed technique.