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  1. Neither are those magazine lists. Both are subjective. But blame and pretend to bash Grammys cos your fave didn't win.
  2. I cringed when she left the belts in climax to another singer.
  3. HninSi

    I don't stan or hate Ariana. She's neutral to me. About her singing, her voice is too light and nasal for my liking.
  4. HninSi

    Ikr. They've been literally EXPOSED one too many times on pop forums and even on mainstream media. It was too much of an embarrassment for anyone with morals to take. One might think they'd be the last to oprn a thread like this but here we are ....
  5. HninSi

    Not as 1% embarrassing as madonnaa stans getting buttsored over Gaga and ASIB. Next.
  6. HninSi

    madonna can't sing.
  7. HninSi

    Gagz has madonna fans pressed or backtracked.
  8. HninSi

    Mariah worked hardest in terms of recording in studio.
  9. Thanks. Her next release would be interesting.
  10. How is the album certified now? Platinum?
  11. HninSi

    Gaga in the last few years has made right decisions to showcase her talent.
  12. The talented black people made her feel inferior. She couldn't hide her jealousy back then.
  13. Very thoughtful. Anyway Madonna and many other pop stars used politics to draw attention when they dont really have a clue.