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  1. She ate this one up. There's no one like her, except for Whitney.
  2. HninSi

    I think the overall tone of the album is really consistent, and her lyrics are once again on point. So far, "This is me trying" is a stand out for me. And also the visuals on the Cardigan video are really, really good, keeping in line with the mood of the album.
  3. Really? Now Vision Of Love vs Like A Virgin, their breakthrough hits. Which one is pandered towards masses? Which one sounds more commercial?
  4. Maybe you just didn't notice. I mean you know you .
  5. If it wasn't for you, I would have forgotten Paula had a big big hit with Rush Rush. The Madonna Stan was a liar trying to cover up things.
  6. Wow, he really was selective with Paula Abdul 😲
  7. I was talking about top 100 obviously, where both Michael and Whitney managed an entry.
  8. HninSi

    Surprised no one has mentioned Whitney's debut.
  9. Her US stats are not really impressive in the long run. She doesn't even have ONE song in the all-time most successful Billboard hits chart, where most of her peers grabbed one or two.
  10. HninSi

    Ikr, Madonna or Rihanna don't seem to "breathe" , for starters. At least, Katy tries.
  11. HninSi

    Most people don't have no idea of throat singing.
  12. I wonder which album has more Spotify streams.
  13. HninSi

    Daydream interlude
  14. Lol, "especially the 7:45" part? You do want Madonna to get dragged.
  15. Within one octave, yes you said it correctly. It's one of her biggest problems. Whenever she tries to shift octaves, it's a dangerous move. Must be the reason most of her songs don't have a dramatic key change.