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  1. I hated it at first, but it became so addictive like it's a masterpiece.
  2. Sales - checked Voice - checked Songwriting- checked. In this way, yes.
  3. Isn't it obvious?
  4. Ciara followed by Britney.
  5. Lol, obviously Beyonce.
  6. Mariah had a hit off her last studio album. Britney had it with "work bitch" too.
  7. I mean ...
  8. Not working sis.
  9. Nnnn
  10. Definitely Mariah. She's got a very rare tone.
  11. Brit tit tit is lovely.
  12. Oh then your buffering for madonna is very understandable.
  13. Have you seen a Marilyn film?
  14. Marilyn is spontaneous, a necessity for acting. Madonna, on the other hand