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  1. I wonder which album has more Spotify streams.
  2. HninSi

    Daydream interlude
  3. Lol, "especially the 7:45" part? You do want Madonna to get dragged.
  4. Within one octave, yes you said it correctly. It's one of her biggest problems. Whenever she tries to shift octaves, it's a dangerous move. Must be the reason most of her songs don't have a dramatic key change.
  5. Stop embarrasing yourself LITERALLY Do you SERIOUSLY think people praise that run for its melody?
  6. More people prefer Britney's tone over Madonna's dry tone and her monotonous singing.
  7. Whisper vocals? I'm referring to her staccatos which Madonna was NEVER able to do in her ENTIRE career. And I know you give no f***s about melisma or agility. I mean you are a Madonna stan. That doesn't take away Britney's advantage over Madonna. Oh and that "live to tell" clip which I unfortunately happened to open, she went offkey in like 10 seconds, needless to mention the pitchy struggle throughout.
  8. You wouldn't be so sure about that, and I don't need to shade Madonna when it comes to vocals.
  9. That video was made to point out Britney's bad singing and she is inconsistent just as Madonna in live settings. However, her studio recordings are objectively better than Madonna's and it shows when they collaborated, as stated in my post above.
  10. Those are not opinions. Britney does have a sense of melisma and and better breath control. In the same song where they collaborated, Britney's staccatos made Madonna's monotonous singing inferior.
  11. Britney's vocal styling is better than Madonna which is just straight forward, and jaw movements and moaning sounds to hide? Aren't you aware how Madonna produces low notes? She can't keep her larynx in a neutral position, and lowers it immediately visibly affecting her tonal consistency. Let's not.
  12. Problems Kylie - not really problematic Madonna - pitchy, tonal problems Britney - pitchy, lazy Selena - pitchy And they rely too much on studio vocal correction. They sound different live to say the least
  13. Kylie is a better singer than the rest three tho.
  14. His pandemic is Gaga related 🤡
  15. HninSi

    Fossils trying to laugh it off but ...