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  1. HninSi

    I think I heard Mariah bought some good portion of her music. Couldn't Taylor do the same or she passed?
  2. HninSi

    What? I don't care about it as much as madonna stans who get excited about it or ASIB box office numbers.
  3. Well that's just my opinion. I understand your need to defend your fave as a stan but remember her first big breakthrough came with "Like A Virgin" and surrounding controversy. She is more associated by public with the razzle dazzle and attitude more than the sound itself.
  4. She has to stirr controversy and be exploitative, cos she'd be nowhere without them. But I don't think she is sincere with those stuff.
  5. This is a cover version of This
  6. This is a cover of This. I like the original version better. It co-operates traditional instruments into a pop tune.
  7. HninSi

    The bitterness of madonnanation, a whole official fansite, excels.
  8. You know that doesn't apply to all. Some western artists have copied Asian artists.
  9. HninSi

    The hatred from Madonna's fanbase is greater. Don't.
  10. HninSi

    The video has premiered just now. She showed a white flag to Katy Perry.
  11. HninSi

    It's worse. Not on all songs, but some songs serve underwater vocals to the point where it distracts the listener.
  12. HninSi

    Madame X would be better if she didn't use too much autotune.
  13. HninSi

    It is timeless. I like it in the Ocean whatever the number movie.
  14. HninSi

    That applies to you thinking madonna songs are hard to sing. The coach literally said "not that easy". That's a drag itself.