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  1. HninSi

    Like wine. I gave it a rest for a while and then I listened to it from start to finish. It's still fresh
  2. HninSi

    OMG. She recited the lyrics of "Close my eyes" at the event. I live. That song is so personal.
  3. HninSi

    Yes. The soundtrack is awesome and the background score of the ending scene is classical.
  4. HninSi

    The accompanied interview is also a great read.
  5. HninSi

    It's like a collection of top 40 tracks and should have done a lot better commercially. But as an album, its not cohesive.
  6. HninSi

    Prince was savage
  7. HninSi

    I only wanted Sunflowers for Alfred Roy
  8. HninSi

    This is too inappropriate. This isn't freedom of expression. I miss the days when celebrities were decent.
  9. HninSi

    Listened to this album after a while and surely this has aged like fine wine.
  10. HninSi

    Iggy sang the smash hit 'Thai are monks'. Lizzo who?
  11. HninSi

    Christmas shows announced. Album certified 6x platinum.
  12. What happened to her vocals?
  13. It's not a spit to me. However a lot of Mariah and Whitney songs have loud breathing noises. I think they are intentional but some vocalists never openly breathe on their mic; they just hold their breath. See Karen Carpenter.