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  1. Dragging VOL and praising Insanity. The trolling isn't slick sis.
  2. HninSi

    She impacted yodelling.
  3. HninSi

    I'm not even from China and I feel literally sad for you, and your hypothesis
  4. HninSi

    Both albums are flops. You ain't slick with your elementary multiplication, sunshine. Meanwhile, Mariah just grabbed a 19th #1 on the prestigious Billboard hot 100 while Madonna can't even chart. Isn't it sad that you will never see the light of day when a Madonna song goes #1 on the hot 100?
  5. Was randomly watching Mariah duets and this one came up. Whew, the musicality that she has
  6. HninSi

    Forget the interview, it's bound to happen to Madonna who built her career on questionable talent.
  7. HninSi

    This. BOMT was the front runner of teenage pop. It hit the jackpot.
  8. Eww to this post. Serving madonnanation teas.
  9. HninSi


    The death toll is now 305. First death outside of China is from the Philippines. Number of cases is 15k-ish.
  10. HninSi

    Look What You Made Me Do
  11. HninSi


    Guys, this is more serious than you think, than I thought
  12. HninSi

    When You Believe is hard to beat.
  13. HninSi


    She has just been inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Well deserved.
  14. HninSi

    #2 is already too high tho