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  1. ^You are only saying why you like Madonna. Her skills are not profound and when most people point that out, her fans feel the need to belittle the superior talents with essays like that.
  2. HninSi

    Good luck catching up
  3. HninSi

    Good luck catching up.
  4. All them bishes came for Mariah first, and when Mariah responds with her legendary shading skills, they are read.
  5. HninSi

    I never knew Mariah and Madonna didn't get along before I used internet. I was thinking maybe Mariah and Whitney were hostile towards each other etc., but not Mariah vs Madonna. They are different and are from different eras.
  6. Lol, your fave can't even sing. That's where it ends unfortunately
  7. You should email Madonna to sing on key on her cha-cha autotuned dance songs, first.
  8. A certified classic. UY
  9. Lol. Are you sure?
  10. Mariah looks better than any of your fave.
  11. Madonna could never sing. That's where it ends
  12. Objective, like I don't even have to say it. It's the way it is.
  13. Nnn. Point is Michael Jackson sings and dances much better than Madonna. That's all.