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  1. HninSi

    And youtube says she can't sing. I mean one Madonna fan used this as a receipt The fact that they think this is even good
  2. HninSi

    With a lot of pitch correction and compression in studio, she still sounds pitchy from day 1. That's like law of conservation of energy.
  3. HninSi

    Mariah at 20,21,22,23,24 - smashing like there's no end. Madonna - ?
  4. HninSi

    Even they know she can't sing.
  5. HninSi

    Thanks, people have "ears".
  6. HninSi

    Madonnanation still outlows.
  7. HninSi

    A fan forum =/= FOTP. A fan forum is madonnanation, gagadaily, mainly for one specific artist.
  8. She snatched wigs and boxers and briefs.
  9. HninSi

    I was shocked a site like mandonnanation exists when someone mentioned it in ?ukmix. There were thread titles like "Me, I am obese --- the divorced fateuse" or "Malaria Curry" etc. Really low standards to even talk about. Madonna has the lowest of fanbases.
  10. HninSi

    Is there any other fan forum that has a separate section dedicated to calling other artists names?
  11. HninSi

  12. HninSi

    Love that grinny face
  13. HninSi

    Embarrassing Low