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  1. Stay Long Love You is a BOP Portrait is beautiful a No No is amazing GTFO haters
  2. I can’t believe I actually got a mention in a BG thread omg thank you sis
  3. I literally can’t recall the last time I mentioned super bowl and Britney in the same sentence but drag a bit I guess
  4. Vesper

    I mean even Cher can’t compete with fossils
  5. Vesper

    Britney as god of wisdom My list: God of Mankind: Beyonce God of Air and Sky: Ariana God of Water: Kylie Minogue God of Earth: Rihanna God of Fire: Pink God of Lightning: Dua Lipa God of Love: Britney Spears God of Hate: Nicki Minaj God of War: Taylor Swift God of the Underworld: Lädy gaga God of Sleep / Dreams: Lana Del Rey God of Time: Madonna God of Wisdom: Bjork
  6. Vesper

    I’ve always said, Britney is just such a good singer she sounds like she does on her records each and everytime. what a queen of vocal longevity
  7. I can’t you troll.
  8. Just gonna leave this here: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/10/09/voter-registrations-skyrocket-after-taylor-swift-instagram-post.html Shade Taylor all you want. I’m just glad her young female fan base is actually registering and actually voting because of her message.
  9. Oh wow drag me sis, so let’s compare arenaS, as in plural. Britney sold out multiple arenaS throughout Europe. Crashed sites. Several sold out in minutes. Maxed out capacity in certain locations. Added dates as well. Xtina? So who’s really winning at this tour comparison?
  10. Let’s talk arena receipts. Oh wait Xtina has none?
  11. Vesper

    No one does it better than britney
  12. Vesper

    Slay those cheeseburgers sis