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  1. Vesper

    She was most searched years before her breakdown. So try again
  2. Vesper


    So many good songs I don’t know which is my favorite
  3. Vesper

    how is this wonderful woman slaying so effortlessly?
  4. Vesper


    Where are you based sis? i’m in NYC and while most shelves are bare, they restock pretty frequently.
  5. Vesper


    So ridiculous it’s not like coronavirus causes massive diarrhea or anything
  6. Vesper


    I agree. But the obsession with toilet paper in the US is... do Americans take massive shits or...?
  7. Vesper


    I hope you are okay. Sending good energy your way
  8. 627 Deaths in 24 hours - highest death toll since the outbreak began. https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2020/03/coronavirus-live-updates-italy-overtakes-china-death-toll-200319224219279.html Pray for Italy everyone... this is getting worse by the day.
  9. Vesper


    I’m very glad to hear!! Good luck out there.
  10. Apparently we aren’t fonting enough, this past saturday my friends went out in NYC and said the bars were still crowded despite the 1/2 capacity rule. Now NYC is closing all bars and schools because guess what? Idiots don’t listen when scientists and experts say this is not a drill, we should practice social distancing and stay home and it’s a serious situation. So. I’ll check back with you in two weeks and we’ll see how you feel then when Miss Covid starts up that exponential growth trend charging up the US Billboard Hot 100 and also becomes the biggest top hit in Italy / Iran in history.
  11. People who don’t take the threat seriously are harming spread-reduction. The main threat for the majority of younger people like us isn’t that we’ll die if we contract it, but that people will overwhelm the healthcare system and cause unnecessary deaths because all ICUs and hospitals are over capacity. Don’t go out with friends, stay at home, please... https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/03/13/opinion/coronavirus-cautionary-tale-italy-dont-do-what-we-did/?outputType=amp
  12. Vesper


  13. Vesper


    My general vibe: Im in NYC and grocery stores are emptying out fast. At the very least, I’m hoping this coronavirus will be the nail in Trump’s political coffin considering how much of a disaster his response has been thusfar. If the blood of unnecessary deaths of Americans on his hands don’t do it, nothing ever will