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  1. @Agugaga receipts don’t lie. Circus did better overall than B2B. Not in physical album sales, but in overall sales, which is more important at the end of the day... plus Womanizer was a #1 Single, something B2B didn’t have, and overall single sales are not comparable either. But go off?
  2. So much eye roll at the attempts in this thread. No.
  3. @The One Above All disagree sis? State your case for another Debut Single by a fave then.
  4. The lack of argument BOMT is the most Iconic Debut Single of any of the faves. Just the way it is.
  5. Physical sales show B2B outselling, But chartsmaster CSPC shows Circus at 7 mill and B2B at around 5.5
  6. Yes, if comparing beyonce’s Debut album to britney’s 4th album, Beyonce has sold more since. #FACT. Also #FACT, Beyonce hasn’t sold more overall. do you deny this? So if not, then I guess Beyonce hasn’t “annihilated” britney bc britney remains superior in album sales But are you going to try to pretend CPSC isn’t a valid form of comparison? You told me to move on to a more reliable source than mediatraffic. I did. And now you’re trying the excuse “but physical album sales!!” B2B May have sold more physical copies but Circus sold more overall. #FACT
  7. @havok what @petedagrk said. you're trying to start a war with people who agree with you about Beyonce selling more since her solo debut. WYD hunty? I merely mentioned that regardless of how well Beyoncé’s doing now, she still hasn’t outsold britney overall. accept it sis. PS Circus still outsold B2B whether you like it or not. Next.
  8. @havok the receipts already show that since Beyonce began her solo career, she has sold more than britney, and I never denied that. I like Beyoncé and she deserves her success like I said. But IMO to annihilate Britney would be to oursell her entire discog which she hasn’t done. Britney’s first two albums outsold xtina’s entire discography so... you can’t use the “Omg but more albums!1!” excuse. Except Circus CSPC outsold B2B CSPC So... receipts show this.
  9. Sure it was partly Max Martin too, but She came up with the catholic school girl outfit so let’s give her some credit.
  10. Didn’t expect this turnout tbh Britney remains the undisputed debut queen?
  11. ACTUALLY, Circus is at 7 million CSPC while B2B is only at 6.298 CSPC so. Beyonce also outsold Christina - 64.54 mill vs. 50.4 mill so. BOMT + Oops outsold Christina’s entire discography - 53.9 mill vs. 50.4 mill so. Britney’s Total CSPC is almost double Xtina’s Total CSPC So...
  12. @havok I said Beyoncé’s slaying because she’s great. I’m giving Beyonce credit for outperforming Britney since Bey’s solo debut. But it’s not my fault you don’t want to count their total album sales when comparing “every metric”... I’m merely stating a fact that you can’t change no matter what scope you want to compare. Because your OP claimed Bey annihalates britney since her solo debut, but her overall solo career sales are still 30 million behind britney. So no, it’s not off topic, infact it’s complete on topic. Also If you had bother to read the #s, britney’s First 6 albums are above 90 million combined, while Beyonce’s Are only above 60 million. So Don’t use the “more albums” excuse. PS What you doing?
  13. And not Tim McGraw being Taylor’s