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  1. Vesper

    Ramona Lisa =/= Caroline Polachek
  2. Vesper

    Door is my favorite track. Her music is and so is her whole Imogen-Enya-Bush aesthetic what a wonderful debut album, bitches be sleeping on her and they will regret it
  3. Vesper

    I know i can’t believe i slept on this girl
  4. Her debut solo album Pang just came out last year and it has COMPLETELY SLAYED MY EXISTENCE IMO contender for AOTY / BNA already I’d keep my eyes on this one
  5. Vesper


    Just discovered this woman. I am IN LOVE Wow each and every track on Pang is incredible in its own way, and she has such a strange surreal appeal in her videos, I honestly have not been this excited about a new artist in AGES.
  6. Vesper

    You oughta know?
  7. Vesper


    spill that tea westerners love to judge other cultures and make fun or ridicule their food and eating habits as “gross” or “barbaric” and “uncivilized”, not realizing that they are participating in a historically racist method of otherizing non-white cultures as not the “norm”. Not cute and not funny and definitely not something to be calm about
  8. Vesper


    It’s racist because it’s untrue of the Wuhan region (they don’t eat bats nor cats / dogs), but you’re generalizing this fact about all of China because certain regions do. That’s racist, to make general sweeping statements about a diverse continent such as Asia and claim negative stereotypes of their “bat consumption” as the reason why we have the current virus. You need to get an education.mp3
  9. Vesper

    Both tracks are fire and she deserves all the success.
  10. Vesper


    I don’t take everything seriously, but somethings are definitely not acceptable. You don’t have to have personally said anything about Chinese people being dirty to have made a tasteless joke that plays directly into that historically racist thought. Context matters, and in the context of a major pandemic starting in China bringing up numerous racist and zenophobic comments and jokes across the world about Chinese people, their culture and their food, your “joke” really isn’t funny and deserves to be called out. I really recommend you read the articles posted in the links to maybe understand why this really rubs me the wrong way and why I am taking this more seriously than you’d like to think it is.
  11. Vesper


    Perpetuating the idea that all Chinese people eat bats and cats and crazy whatnot is a LONG standing racist stereotype that has a LONG history in western culture to vilify and demonize Chinese people and Asians in general, especially in the US. Like I said, read up on the history of Chinese / Asian immigrants in the US and other western countries and learn before spouting ignorant and, yes, racist “jokes” “No doubt because of the framing of these reports on wet markets, where people buy animals outside the pork-chicken-cow trifecta deemed "normal" by most Americans, many Westerners are blaming the Chinese—and specifically, their eating habits—for the coronavirus surge. In doing so, they're relying on old racist tropes and fueling fears about the ways Asian people eat. As James Palmer wrote in Foreign Policy, the American media has long portrayed Chinese people as "dirty" carriers of disease, citing an 1854 New York Daily Tribune article that claimedChinese people were "uncivilized, unclean, filthy beyond all conception." Those ideas haven't gone away.” Some education for you: https://www.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/4ag37q/coronavirus-fears-are-reviving-racist-ideas-about-chinese-food https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/30/world/asia/coronavirus-chinese-racism.amp.html https://nypost.com/2020/01/30/anti-china-sentiments-racism-spreading-along-with-coronavirus/amp/ https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/54165A30-42AA-11EA-A5F1-DB44B8198A98
  12. Vesper


    Racist jokes are racist
  13. Vesper


    The coronavirus hasn’t been confirmed to be caused bats.... and certainly diseases such as swine flu or mad cow disease came from eating pigs / cows so unless you’re vegetarian and don’t eat meat you shouldn’t be judging other culture’s food choices and that viral video of the woman eating a bat isn’t even in China... Bat is not a delicacy in Wuhan, that video is from Palau.... Read up and don’t make racially insensitive jokes https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/01/27/dont-blame-bat-soup-for-the-wuhan-virus/
  14. Vesper

    @sweetener delusional heaux
  15. Vesper

    She is a great performer, natural charisma and high energy. With the right team behind her she could make something happen