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  1. Vesper

    Dance? Britney> Album Sales? Britney > Total Sales? Britney > except Rihanna in total record sales VMA? Britney> Movie? Britney> except Xtina in burlesque and now maybe Gaga in that new film about a star? Oh and AHS Celebrity exes? Rihanna wins for having Chris brown beat her
  2. Vesper

    Wow what a cringey article Taylor does a lot of things well, but she does not top Britney in many factors... Top Albums? Britney wins, she has a diamond selling album and millions of sales ahead of Taylor VMA moment? Taylor’s was thanks to Kanye not her, and Britney’s Madonna kiss, Slave 4 U Snake, and Oops performance >>>>>> Movie Moment? How is a small role in an ensemble cast film better than a leading role in your own film? Celebrity exes? Justin / Britney was one of the most high profile couples of their time. Taylor doesn’t have that, she just has a bunch of fleeting boys who keep coming and going. And where is Dance? Britney wins duh Someone is trying it not on my watch
  3. Vesper


    Ok you’re mixing up the sound of the track versus what the track is about Stick to one criteria sis and if you want to bundle love/sex together even though they are very different, then: love/sex: Toxic, Showdown, The Hook Up, Touch of My Hand, Breathe On Me, Early Mornin, Dont Hang up, The Answer, I’ve Got That Boom Boom... Aka almost all of ITZ minus MATM, Everytime, Shadow, Brave New Girl and Outrageous. Whereas Glory has Liar, What You Need, If I’m Dancing, Just Like Me. not so far off
  4. Vesper


    HOW IN THE WORLD IS LIAR A DANCE TRACK?! Listen to the lyrics sis! It’s about empowerment against a lying cheating ex. and Man on the Moon is about longing for your lover who’s away... I don’t know how you can even put that in the same category as Do You Wanna Come Over which is about tinder / one night stands... are you purposefully trolling us right now?
  5. Vesper


    No you’re just wrong blackout a a lot of the songs are FIRE but they sound SUPER SIMILAR in tone and style. It’s a cohesive album with the same dark, urban electro vibe going throughout. Girl I swear I don’t understand if you’re listening to the same album as the rest of the world not
  6. Vesper


    Completely disagree Like @Jose pointed out, Glory touches just as many categories. You’re being reductive on the themes of Glory just because you don’t like the songs as much.
  7. Vesper


    There’s a lot of variation though Liar? Man on the Moon? If I’m Dancing? Slumber Party? Change Your Mind? Coupure Electrique? They are all so different in terms of style...I don’t understand how you can claim it’s all boring when it’s literally the most diverse album she’s produced. Btw Hot as Ice and Why should I Be Sad sound very similar for an uptempo and a ballad not sure what your ears are doing sis but...
  8. Vesper


    I don’t need Britney to be a full artist with full creative control... She serves the bops, that’s all I need.
  9. omg you’re a baby but yeah Bjork ain’t no Madonna, the younger kids won’t know her. But for anyone who lived through the oscars where Bjork wore a swan dress, they’ll know who she is
  10. Well it’s not like she’s tinashe everyone knows Bjork is the crazy Icelandic Lädy who wore a dead swan.
  11. Hello. BJORK DESERVES ONE. She’s the most innovative and she had several new amazing videos recently in the last three years to add on to her already incredible legacy of unique and artistic videos.
  12. Vesper

    Wow not the OP getting SHUT DOWN with receipts. MJ proving to be BILLIONS OF VIEWS ahead of Madonna The CACKLING at the clapback
  13. Vesper

    Actually And a great piece on the De Beers advertising scheme that transformed the industry... https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/385376/ TLDR: Diamonds are intrinsically worthless and are the product of one of the best marketing schemes in modern history, which turned a pretty ordinary product that isn’t even rare to begin with, into the most desired gemstone in just a couple of decades through monopolization and clever aggressive advertising campaigns, creating billions of dollars where there previously were none. So in this analogy, the Illuminati would be De Beers and Rihanna would be a diamond. The more you know
  14. GOD I HOPE THIS IS HER NEW SOUND AND LOOK I would die for a hot Blackout 2.0 like this