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  1. @Umbreon give up girl, @Lucifer's Angel has no idea what she’s talking about and obviously is under 18 and delusional
  2. Britney has so many! Oops VMA Slave 4 U snake Gimme More VMA with Madonna / Xtina Ariana, Taylor, Rihanna and Katy Don’t have iconic performances. #factsarefacts
  3. A gay and his beard are soon parted
  4. She’s so adorable here
  5. Here comes the receipts to destroy agu once more: Look at Britney’s last couple legs: 92% 95% 86% 95% 99% and her last few shows set a record - $951,000 per show and guess WHO STARTED THE YOUNG RESIDENCY TREND? All those other artists followed britney’s Footsteps: The success of the show highlighted a shift in both the culture and demographics of the Las Vegas strip after its opening in December 2013.[30] Spears has since been credited as having played a vital role in the expansion of nightlife and attraction of younger crowds to the city.[31] It was also reported that the residency brought an additional $20 million in annual earnings for Planet Hollywood, allowing it to revitalize the property in terms of both finances and popularity.[32] As of June 2017, the show has grossed over $100 million, not including merchandise or remaining shows. Since the show's debut, other major performers, such as Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, the Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga, have followed in Spears' footsteps and accepted residency offers as well. Britney did that, all the while you dragging her for dusty desert CD sales and crab leg buffets. Xtina followed suit and wasn’t even close - attendance in the 70s on her FIRST and ONLY leg imagine Xtina trying to have over 20 legs of a residency after those flop numbers
  6. Was... was this supposed to be a drag?
  7. It’s easy to be famous when all you do is spout senseless bullshit ala Tomi Lahren Shout anything loud enough like agu does and everyone’s bound to notice.
  8. $50 million is a lot of money sis, not sure what you’re talking about considering most humans won’t be worth more than $1 million in their lifetime. Also Britney earner $2.8 million for four shows during her first leg of her residency for a 700k average. 550k was Britney’s average for FOUR YEARS of her very successful residency, not just her first leg.
  9. IMAGINE if @Agugaga intentionally edited it just to try to get a hit thread I certainly wouldn’t be surprised
  10. I know you two are idiots but let’s break it down for you: Britney’s residency was over FOUR YEARS. Her lowest leg was only a few % under Xtina’s DEBUT LEG. Xtina would not be able to sustain a 4 year residency if her opening leg was at 78% capacity. Now. 50k PER SHOW over Xtina, means over 248 shows, is $12.4 million. So. Like I said. Try me bitches, you’ll regret it. PS Britney Jean FACTUALLY outsold Lotus WW. It’s a fact. Not something we brag about because BJ was terrible, but it’s something we have to clock you on when you, time and time again, tried to play as if Lotus was a more successful album than BJ. IT WAS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE. ok?
  11. @Agugaga @I Brings That Levity FAKE NEWS. not on my watch bitch. Britney’s POM residency outgrossed Xtina’s limited run: Xtina: $3.978 mill gross for 8 shows = $497,250 per show 78% attendance Britney: $137.7 mill gross for 248 shows = $555,000 per show 85% attendance - with first two legs 100% sold out, and multiple legs in the 95%+ sold out range. Can you even IMAGINE, if Xtina’s first leg was already only 78% sold, how badly an extended residency would crash and burn for her ticket sales? Try me.
  12. Good to hear you have realistic expectations unlike some other stans here i think it’s commendable that she was able to do a European tour. But it won’t be close to POM Tour in Europe despite how much @Agugagatries to sell it.