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  1. She’s such a classy lady
  2. California Girls by Katy Perry + Party by SNSD.
  3. Where can I find the full video for this gif?
  4. Both are responsible. B2M was huge and so was Mariah. And if Mariah didn’t get another long lasting chart run then maybe you would have a point but WBT exists so.
  5. Better vocals: Beyoncé hands down, no competition Better dancing: Madonna. Unique and difficult choreography vs. same booty shaking and repetitive moves from Beyoncé. Better concepts: Madonna - her tours are always different and unique with very strong concepts, but I have to give credit to beyonce’s Recent formation tour as well. Once she pulls off more and more then maybe she may reach Madonna’s level. Better production: Madonna’s performance production value >, but Beyonce has been upping her game... Better charisma: Beyoncé - she has an undeniable connection with the audience Better overall: Madonna
  6. Better is subjective, so please don’t go stating your opinions as facts okay?
  7. I believe Bey will get there... but not yet.
  8. Wine: Debut, Post, Homogenic, Vespertine, Selmasongs, Medulla, Vulnicura, Utopia, Britney, ITZ, Blackout, Circus, FF, Glory Milk: Volta, Biophilia, BOMT, Oops, BJ
  9. Discussion

    Katy. Her Schtick was pure kitsch cartoon pop. Nicki was the Barbie thing but besides the bright colors she didn’t really push the imagery any further. Gaga I wouldn’t call cartoony, more try hard. She came into her own with BTW with the monster idea and aesthetic though, so no big loss there.
  10. Oh weren't we just talking about how you didn't write off Britney's impact? OOP You obviously didn't read the context of that post which was comparing Slave 4 U being remembered compared to Dirrrty, and you conveniently skipped Miley Cyrus's quotes citing her as A DIRECT INFLUENCE, but hey, that's what Havok does best: ignore, deflect, write off, and claim superiority when you get dragged by receipts as per usual. Here's some more for you to write off, then subsequently claim you never did and to quote you on it, and then get defensive when you're proven wrong once again : https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2008/04/is-britney-spea-1 https://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2017/06/21/britney-spears-vegas-residency-is-ending-and-its-leaving-behind-an-incredible-legacy/#705848175827 https://www.bustle.com/p/objective-look-at-britney-spears-long-tumultuous-career-38919 https://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/hold-it-against-me-is-primo-britney-20110110 https://www.cbcmusic.ca/posts/12634/britney-spears BUT OK, SHE HAS NO INFLUENCE AND HAS INSPIRED NO ONE
  11. But seriously, why are you so mad? You reek of hatred and are steaming over Britney's success and impact BTW reading comprehension is important - I never said you said she had no impact, I said you are desperate to write off her impact As in these quotes below: Next attempt please Mr. Genius-above-it-all-with-lots-of-brain-matter
  12. The nerve of you talking about "stupid hatred" But since you're claiming that no one wants to be like Britney and no one aspires to be a talentless and fraudulent piece of trash, I'll just leave these receipts about JUST slave 4 U, not even about Britney overall, from another thread for your perusal. https://www.news24.com/You/Archive/miley-cyrus-image-was-inspired-by-britney-spears-20170728 http://entertainment.time.com/2013/10/01/watch-the-performance-that-influenced-a-young-miley-cyrus/ http://www.newnownext.com/kaley-cuoco-channels-godney-in-slave-4-u-performance-complete-with-live-snake/01/2016/ Nicole Ritchie learned the slave 4 u breakdown choreography and is a huge fan of Britney I mean, it was even pointed out before that the girl in this thread dressed up as Slave 4 U for a major halloween event https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/slave-you-louisa-johnson-dead-11415884 So jus sayin', don't come for Slave 4 U Plenty more where that came from but as per usual I expect you to deflect or deny receipts that Britney has had an influence on younger stars that did aspire to be like her.
  13. As per usual Agu trying the most How was she not "active" in 2005 and 2007? Greatest Hits was released 2005, and Blackout was released 2007. What albums did Xtina release in 2004, 2005, and 2009? So how about Xtina 1999-2003, 2006-2008, 2010-2013 Britney 1999 - 2005, 2007-2016 Just doing what you're doing