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  1. Vesper

    He’s a fitness trainer, not sure what is “overdid” about his perfect bod but ok
  2. Vesper

    The irony of you shading “dusty CDs” when Xtina’s majority sales came from that period of 1999-2003 selling them “dusty CDs”, and of course when youre shading Ariana you always pull up those receipts as if they’re suddenly dust-free receipts Girl bye
  3. Vesper

    Well this certainly is enlightening
  4. Vesper

    Well this certainly is enlightening
  5. i thought it was.... something else...
  6. What is that black thing coming out of his towel????
  7. Vesper

    So agugaga confirms: no critical analysis skills, no logical reasoning, and a taco bell employee. Gotcha
  8. Vesper

    This is how we can confirm that you didn’t even graduate your community college. Bon Apetite was not about “party themes” like Last Friday Night, it had a heavy handed message about society’s consumption of female bodies and sexuality. girl.
  9. Vesper

    And with all that talent and etc. Xtina can’t even hit the hot 100 even with two televised performances with Poot. Poor dat
  10. Vesper

    Britney’s Metacritic grade is higher than Xtina’s so i guess youre the one rolling through Del Taco instead of Taco Bell
  11. Vesper

    But back to the promo: you were always the one saying promo promo promo to get that hit, but after two televised performances Falling Charts didnt even impact the top 100, and Katy’s Never Really Over did, so
  12. Vesper

    The irony of a taco bell employee talking to a double ivy grad about college but girl you do you
  13. Vesper

    I guess you would know; no matter how much promo, interviews, live performances, or featured artists Xtina does, she still misses the hot 100 completely with her lead singles and talking about intelligence based on who you stan? Im so sorry, why would you shade Xtina like that?
  14. Vesper

    Drag me a bit sis i bop