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  1. Omg ikr, way to self-sabotage when theres dozens of skinny bikini photos of her on insta @Agugaga you must've missed my P.S. read it again. I dont fume when Xtina does well because i actually liked Liberation, but you certainly fume like a cuban cigar when receipts are brought up that show Britney scalping Xtina’s residency, tour, album and single sales from their last albums POM residency >>>>>>> Xtina’s POM Tour >>>>>>> X tour Glory >>>>>> Liberation Make Me >>>>>> Accelerate Slumber Party >>>>> Fall in Line Facts are facts
  2. She chose not to tour, just like she chose not to chart any of her singles
  3. I already scalped you regarding residency sales and audience % in your other thread, or did you forget? Britney was sold out first two legs and had multiple legs at 90+ % sold. Her last leg also broke records Xtina’s first leg didnt even break 80% So Britney had a +7% audience average for TWENTY TWO LEGS compared to a mini-one leg debut for Xtina? do you not realize how BADLY Britney scalped Xtina here? Britney hasnt charted since 2016 BECAUSE SHE HASNT RELEASED ANYTHING SINCE 2016, DO WE REALLY NEED TO EVEN EXPLAIN THAT TO YOU? Versus Xtina who released multiple singles this year, ALL OF WHICH DIDNT EVEN LAND ON THE HOT 100 GIRL, YOU LOSE! PS im actually happy for xtina because shes doing well, i dont hate her like you hate britney. I just drag her with facts and receipts because you make it so easy
  4. Britney’s last singles werent the ones that missed the Hot 100 completely dahling Britney’s last tour and residency also scalped Xtina’s current one unfortunately for you the numbers and facts just don’t work in xtina’s favor
  5. So you agree, Xtina is following in Britney’s footsteps but with less tour dates, less tour gross, smaller residency and smaller audiences? scalped indeed
  6. Both albums are fantastic. Kacey is a fantastic songwriter and these albums are proof
  7. Vesper

    Britney and Xtina both don’t know or care about anyone on these forums, but you certainly know and love to get Xtina dragged to hell and back each time you open a thread Leave Xtina alone!
  8. Vesper

    Why do you hate Xtina so much
  9. Says the queen of delusion and living in the past girl You cant be serious
  10. 21 and TD were both of my top choices, and when @fab brought them receipts I agreed that 21 could be the album of the decade, so I don’t know how I got “clobbered”. That might be what you’re used to, you know, getting scalped easy every time you open your mouth. But my main point was comparing TD and Beyonce ST, not 21. You still haven’t answered my question: which album sold more? Which sold more singles? Which sold more records total? You can’t answer because you changed the subject immediately when you realized you lost again girl nice try PS looks like the poll agrees with me