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  1. Vesper

    I’ll play Invitation vs Maria Make Me vs Sick of Sittin' Private Show vs Fall In Line Man on the Moon vs Right Moves Just Luv Me vs Like I Do Clumsy vs Deserve Do You Wanna Come Over? vs Twice Slumber Party vs Accelerate Just Like Me vs Pipe Love Me Down vs Masochist Hard to Forget Ya vs Unless It's With You Glory: 6 Liberation: 5 but Glory also has Better, Change Your Mind, Liar, If I’m Dancing and Coupure Electrique. Glory>>>>
  2. Vesper

    Why are these old threads coming up again?
  3. Vesper

    serving some real Janet charisma and power here. Janet will always be better but Britney was following in her footsteps during her prime.
  4. Vesper


    Did it? I don’t know what was the influence behind HIR, but to me they sound completely different. on a side note, #JusticeforDamitaJo
  5. Such an underrated performance, it set the entire tone for her future iconic performances. That Charisma, That Nerve, That Sheer Talent. She was fully channeling Janet Jackson vibes
  6. Vesper


    Um.... they sound NOTHING alike AT ALL.... Janet’s song has basically no electronic sounds at all, it’s just a simple backbone RnB beat with la la la repeating over a vibraphone sample. Britney’s is completely electronic sound and the vocal editing with the distortion and “pop” sounds add so much unique flavor. It’s also a piano chord progression, and has the “dum dum dum dum da dee dum dum” chanting. Not to mention God I Roll’s beginning’s “Hoo ah! Hoo ah ah!” still slays to this day
  7. Vesper


  8. Why are we bumping a thread from 2018? Hasn’t 2020 kept you busy enough as it is?
  9. icon will remain iconic bitch
  10. Vesper


    1. Chillin’ Wit U 2. Ooh La La 3. Pretty Girls 4. Private Show 5. It Should Be Easy 6. Body Ache 7. Mmm Papi
  11. COTDF is amazing. so is FN. Too bad Cumatica aged so quickly.
  12. Vesper

    Queen of Breaking the Ice But also it really shows her true singing voice in the beginning when she was practicing, then she turned on the nasally baby voice at around 1:20. And she had the run at the end of the clip. Chameleon Queen
  13. Vesper

    Britney eating ice while recording Break The Ice