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  1. They have contractual obligations to deliver and they did not. This is a suable offense.
  2. Please and ty. #britney4life
  3. Jessica Simpson. That song should’ve been bigger, it’s an absolute bop
  4. Crybaby was great, so many good songs it’s time for a new look and concept though. It’s a little played out at this point.
  5. Yes. You are vile and annoying She looks fine in the album cover. Not “goddamn awful”. But whatever, keep doing you
  6. Glory was really a bad cover but she made up for it with the rerelease cover which is smokin hot. This one is just boring, there’s nothing “goddamn awful” about it.
  7. I don’t see what’s so bad about the cover. It’s a bit boring but she looks great. Why are FOTP gays so vile?
  8. I’m trying to think of iconic taylor swift moments... and the only one that pops to mind is Kanye cutting her off. As much as I like Taylor and she is enormously successful, what other iconic moments does she have?
  9. Love Story, You Belong With Me, and Blank Space are all pretty iconic IMO?
  10. This needs to be a react gif PRONTO! her reaction wow
  11. This album is golden, I think it will be a slow burn. Glad to see the main reason for the floppage is logistics in distribution rather than lack of interest.
  12. Love the album. Good for Miley to keep expanding and exploring new sounds. This rock n roll vibe works right up her alley!
  13. Britney - Blackout Mariah - Day Dream Taylor - 1989 Madonna - Erotica Ariana - Thank You, Next Kylie Minogue - Kylie Minogue Beyonce - Beyonce Xtina - Back to Basics Rihanna - Loud Lady Gaga - Joanne Lana - Lust for Life Katy Perry - Witness
  14. Xtina but I’d pick “My Prerogative” over both
  15. I was hoping you’d make it to the finals and win this thing but helas... google is a lyin’ bitch sometimes
  16. the one thing you needed to do You better not be the one leaving again. You were my parting gift...
  17. Successful! @Divine I’m still here CMON GIRLS LET’S SEE IF 7 RINGS CAN SURVIVE 7 TIMES!
  18. By popular request I really need to keep track of time better though. Answered last / missed the round three times in a row now
  19. It is immaculate the song is a BOP the visuals are next level the choreography SLAYS