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  1. “You’re incredibly mature for your age” 

    First of all, I’m traumatized.

  2. "Everyday's a Holiday" teas
  3. Beautiful Trauma vs. The Truth about Love 1. Beautiful Trauma vs. Are We All We Are 2. Revenge vs. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 3. Whatever You Want vs. Try 4. What About Us vs. Just Give Me A Reason 5. But We Lost It vs. True Love 6. Barbies vs. How Come You're Not Here 7. Where We Go vs. Slut Like You 8. For Now vs. The Truth About Love 9. Secrets vs. Beam Me Up 10. Better Life vs. Walk of Shame 11. I Am Here vs. Here Comes the Weekend 12. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken vs. Where Did the Beat Go 13. You Get My Love vs. The Great Escape Beautiful Trauma / 7 The Truth About Love / 6 I'm stuck at this rating omgg
  4. I legit removed the track from the album it's pure trash
  5. Review

    Be My Baby is tame and Let Me Love You is also kinda tame but Hands On Me is THAT hoe anthem and Everyday is literally about getting dicked down everyday how did- !
  6. I looked at this and had a heart attack CAN YOU STOP
  7. she probably isn't but maybe yall can make a trip to new york if she goes there
  8. nn i'm guessing those too, though poor me since i don't live anywhere near those places
  9. Those little keychains say "LONDON" so is she gonna hold more?
  10. Let me check it out
  11. true though i'll give you that
  12. Mariah invented Christmas of course people are excited
  13. I probably have to give this album a few more listens but It's a grower! Thanks for yall who attended