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  1. Dr. Slay

    That introduction omg i love you
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    Cough Jojo Siwa
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    Omg bitch I'm dead
  4. and on Twitter! inb4 it's about fancy christmas shoes or smth smh
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    Her best era her best tour one of her most iconic albums I loved it hearing it first coming out (some tracks were growers) but this whole era blew me away, it made me a bigger Taylor stan than I was before and I'm glad for that! One of my favorite tracks on the album now though is New Years Day just because of how raw it is
  7. Big dick energy goth boyfriend
  8. 🔵Everyone go vote based on your favorite Taylor Swift album. Happy voting!🔵



    1. Urbanov

      VOTE NOW rip3 

    2. Yzma

      I'm screaming! lmfao2 

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    Music Video

    The culty vibes
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    Music Video

    Will never beat the Piggy Smallz vid
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    They're all dead
  12. Starlight? No I don't know a Starlight We don't know her that was a mistake