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  1. Dr. Slay


    So where's the unreleased album
  2. Dr. Slay

    I mean it's just a demo after all
  3. Dr. Slay

    I'm so proud
  4. Dr. Slay


    Ugh I love these two
  5. Dr. Slay


    She better come or I'm coming after her
  6. Dr. Slay

  7. Dr. Slay


    Oh lol Also It's Gaga doing one of her makeup ad video things, i'm just kinda desperate for new visuals, i was thinking of bringing back my x tour kylie set
  8. Dr. Slay


    This was out since like December 6th But yes I love it i'm really excited for Cape God
  9. Christina Aguilera's Discography
  10. Dr. Slay


    This Is What The Truth Feels Like Love + Fear
  11. Dr. Slay


    omg i was just on the thoughts of getting a tattoo too! also that's a perfect line
  12. Love + Fear by Marina, i really didn't expect her to go in a mainstream type of style
  13. He looks so much better, you can tell such a clear difference here