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  1. I want this but it blows my budget hard
  2. this is actually so fucking good
  3. Dr. Slay


    Excluding CDs and Vinyl: Katy Perry One of the Boys Poster Blue Teenage Dream heart shirt (from the California Dreams Tour) (though it's small now) Tour light stick (from the California Dreams Tour) Black "Vintage" Tour shirt (from The Witness Tour) White "Witness The Tour" Button Light up cat ears (from Witness The Tour) Witness The Tour Book Pink "Tsunami" Shirt (It says "make me ripple till i'm wavy") P!nk Red and Black The Truth About Love shirt (from TTAL Tour) The Truth About Love Poster (the "Try" single cover pic) The Truth About Love Tour book Ariana Grande "Dangerous Woman Tour" white hoodie "Female" interlude shirt (from the Dangerous Woman tour) "Female" interlude poster Taylor Swift "Red" cover blanket "Speak Now" tour book (even though I didn't go) Wonderstruck sampler perfume Rep Tour Black Shirt (with gold text sideways saying "reputation") Green snake ring Rep Tour light stick Rep Tour tapestry poster Reputation Tour Book (I honestly regret not getting more Rep-era merch) Rose crop top (i have no clue why i got this) Lover-era poster (the pic of her with the jean jacket on) Rep Tour VIP box Signed Lover booklet Black "eras" shirt (including Lover) "Lover" heart keychain "Lover" button pin set Lady Gaga "Cross" necklace The Fame Monster Fan Book Enigma longsleeve crewneck (with the main Enigma pic) Enigma longsleeve crewneck 2 (with the other Enigma pic) Enigma poster Enigma mug Paws Up shirt (from the Haus of Gaga) (but it was XL) "Born This Way" black and red shirt (from the Haus of Gaga) Poppy Signed "I Disagree Tour" poster "Turn Me Into a Street" shirt Jack Stabuer "Micropop" cover green shirt "Hamantha" cream-colored shirt Paramore "Hard Times" shirt Kesha "Rainbow" UFO shirt (it came with the cd for the target editions)
  4. Dr. Slay


    Oh my god who let me change my name to Starlight who didn't try to STOP me
  5. Dr. Slay


    So where's the unreleased album
  6. Dr. Slay

    I mean it's just a demo after all
  7. Dr. Slay

    I'm so proud
  8. Dr. Slay


    Ugh I love these two
  9. Dr. Slay


    She better come or I'm coming after her
  10. Dr. Slay

  11. Oh lol Also It's Gaga doing one of her makeup ad video things, i'm just kinda desperate for new visuals, i was thinking of bringing back my x tour kylie set
  12. This was out since like December 6th But yes I love it i'm really excited for Cape God