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  1. Dr. Slay


    omg i was just on the thoughts of getting a tattoo too! also that's a perfect line
  2. Dr. Slay


    Love + Fear by Marina, i really didn't expect her to go in a mainstream type of style
  3. Dr. Slay


    I remember getting it at Target for Xmas and remember liking a few of her sings
  4. Dr. Slay


    Happy Birthday to this music legend
  5. Dr. Slay

    That cutout of her on the pastel shirt + the font looks horrendous
  6. omg yes I remember when I thought Americano was gonna be the telephone sequel then Aura came out and I was like Aura for sure then it died after that
  7. Dr. Slay


    Thinkin Bout You > Get Well Soon > Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored > My Everything > Better Left Unsaid
  8. Dr. Slay


    Watch her just put the acapellas on a guitar/piano instrumental like the baby "acoustic"
  9. Yeah these are the only ones they made
  10. Dr. Slay

    Celeb News

    $60 for a towel
  11. Her old label released some vinyl singles from her debut around the time the whole Scooter drama came to light
  12. The "Popular Now" threads right now: