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    Rah Rah Bitch is stunning
  2. There's a bunch of guys in my class talking about wanting to see foreign girls in a strip club and how their favorite artists are xxxtentacion, lil whatever and drake I feel sick fall1

    1. witchcraft.

      “Stay back, straights!” 


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  4. Dr. Slay


    Justify My Love (The Beast Within Mix)?
  5. Dr. Slay

    I thought it was poppy
  6. Dr. Slay

    hdskdhsks nobody's the new anything omfg how many times do people make threads like this unless she makes a huge impact on pop culture in some way, has tons of memorable hits, and is a household name, in the future then i'd say yes
  7. I mean stunt doubles are used for a reason: it's so the actor themselves wouldn't get hurt or if the actor couldn't do a specific thing that the stunt double could do unless the actor agrees to do it. Like for example let's say your gonna get punched in the face, you could have the stunt double get punched in the face or the actor could agree to get punched in the face
  8. why couldn't they of just hired a black stunt double i'm-
  9. Yes It's one of her best albums
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    Heartbeat? Best Friend?
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    My earliest memory of listening to something was this song with my dad and my mom wanting me to stop watching it nnnnn: