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    Omg I'm never unstanning ever again EVER Our little ball of sunshine is all grown up and changed the world forever at 23 Let's hope that 24 will be even better! Happy Birthday!
  2. But either way it just really depends
  3. oh oop btw this is what i'm currently using right now which is like a fancier version of the lp60 with more functions and it still has a built in pre-amp I think you can just hook up speakers too but right now I was using a receiver and was using separate pre-amp since i took the original one out nn https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-AT-LP120-USB-Direct-Drive-Professional-Turntable/dp/B002S1CJ2Q
  4. nnn that's the USB version if you want to have the music ripped to your computer but anyway I'm not recommending a suitcase turntable (like a crosley) because some people complain about certain records having scratches and then play at the wrong speeds
  5. if you want to get the bang for your buck get the AT-LP60 so all you need to do is get speakers since it already has a built in pre-amp (which is like an equalizer I think) I started out with this and it was fine! I mean there's always the suitcase turntables (crosley, victrola, other off name brands, etc) but the AT-LP60 is just my recommendation cause you can choose how it sounds and etc and you don't have to listen through tiny phone speakers put in the suitcase turntables
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      I'm reporting this for posting explicit content outside of HOW!

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      @Hermione I hate you.

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      i. want. to. die.

      somebody please bleach my eyeballs!

  7. Album

    Anyway I love it and the cover slays
  8. Album

    hew cares its a fanmade album
  9. The Twitter Gays and Gaga rn


  10. Discussion

    let me check this out too tbh
  11. Discussion

    I got DSOTM a few months ago in vinyl so I wanted to get The Wall next month