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  1. omg yes I remember when I thought Americano was gonna be the telephone sequel then Aura came out and I was like Aura for sure then it died after that
  2. Dr. Slay


    Thinkin Bout You > Get Well Soon > Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored > My Everything > Better Left Unsaid
  3. Dr. Slay


    Watch her just put the acapellas on a guitar/piano instrumental like the baby "acoustic"
  4. Yeah these are the only ones they made
  5. Dr. Slay

    Celeb News

    $60 for a towel
  6. Her old label released some vinyl singles from her debut around the time the whole Scooter drama came to light
  7. The "Popular Now" threads right now:

  8. Oh great, more white people pretending to be Natives Also the name "Sauvage" (Savage in English) attached with Native Americans in it is awful
  9. Oh look the circus is in town


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    Omg I'm going to die
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    What You Waiting For? vs. Wind It Up Rich Girl vs. The Sweet Escape Hollaback Girl vs. Orange County Girl Cool vs. Early Winter Bubble Pop Electric vs. Now That You Got It Luxurious vs. 4 in the Morning Harajuku Girls vs. Yummy Crash vs. Fluorescent The Real Thing vs. Breakin' Up Serious vs. Don't Get It Twisted Danger Zone vs. U Started It Long Way to Go vs. Wonderful Life Love. Angel. Music. Baby. - 7 The Sweet Escape: 5 Who am I kidding though I love both albums so dearly
  12. Yeah I'm not here for killing elephants, good thing i never ate there anyway!
  13. omg bridesmaid nomination