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  1. The "Popular Now" threads right now:

  2. Oh look the circus is in town


  3. Me at Enigma yesterday


  4. I just realized Deja Vu and Emotional Machine are the same song gasp1

    1. Venom

      Perhaps that's why people still know Witness exists and L+F's presence died in less than a month brit15

  5. Marina's starting her tour and i can't go bebe1

    1. Venom

      As you shouldn't

      We need to ignore her until she releases an album with a concept and/or lack of filler for the first time since 2015 bebe1 

  6. Well where is she


    1. Honey

      Recording R9 hopefully dead2 


  8. I love stanning a former edgy teenager

  9. Update on the last status: here's the merch I designed dead7


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    2. Divine

      This is literally incredible omg

    3. LittleDudeNT5

      BITCH. I'm salivating. I'd buy in a heartbeat. Her merch sucks.

      Seriously, lmk if you sell it anywhere cry6

    4. Urbanov

      I want to buy this jj4 

  10. Is it weird to spend half the day designing Ariana merch that will never see the light of day rip3

  11. I don't even know what happened but good riddance

    1. Chris Morlock

      @VaginasAreDisgusting! kept posting explicit images of naked women shitting vomit1 

  12. So impossible to dream when you're far away from me

  13. The Gaga and Ariana stans on Twitter be wildin

    1. Freaky Prince

      They need to let Gaga get it this week, Ariana will be back to #1 next week anyway nicki5

  14. My parents put "MAGA" on my dog's outfit so I put down the next best thing


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    2. VaginasAreDisgusting!

      Are you out to them yet?

    3. Dr. Slay

      33 minutes ago, VaginasAreDisgusting! said:

      Are you out to them yet?

      I mean kind of? I said it last year in January cause I was forced out of it but I lowkey feel like they think it was one of my other phases or something rip3

  15. Pre-Order Love + Fear by MARINA NOW


  16. The Handmade Heaven video looks amazing


  17. They did SpongeBob so dirty

  18. I was bored so I made a Thank U Next logo dead7



    W/O Background


  19. There's a bunch of guys in my class talking about wanting to see foreign girls in a strip club and how their favorite artists are xxxtentacion, lil whatever and drake I feel sick fall1

    1. Honey

      “Stay back, straights!” 


  20. When your teacher changes the due dates to today


  21. Wtf is even happening today lmfao1

  22. I was listening to Mariah and well.


  23. 🔵Everyone go vote based on your favorite Taylor Swift album. Happy voting!🔵



    1. Madonna

      I'm screaming! lmfao2