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  1. GLORY


    That album cover is really hideous
  2. so like when is it coming?
  3. GLORY

    Next Level Charli vs. Medellin Gone vs. Dark Ballet Cross You Out vs. God Control 1999 vs. Future Click vs. Batuka Warm vs. Killers Who Are Partying Thoughts vs. Crave Blame It On Your Love vs. Crazy White Mercedes vs. Come Alive Silver Cross vs. Extreme Occident I Don't Wanna Know vs. Faz Gostoso Official vs. Bitch I'm Loca Shake It vs. I Don't Search I Find February 2017 vs. Looking For Mercy 2099 vs. I Rise
  4. Oh? I think #3 is quite good I was expecting like top 40 or something tbh
  5. GLORY

    Omg...... the fucking DRAMA in this thread??? Okay you don't like Melanie as a person or her music or anything she does so just.... don't comment on it and ignore discussion about her? It's so fucking pathetic lol let people listen to whatever they want and get off your high horses
  6. GLORY


    Rank Song 1 California 2 Venice Bitch 3 The Greatest 4 Cinnamon Girl 5 Happiness Is A Butterfly 6 Bartender 7 Mariners Apartment Complex 8 Love Song 9 Norman Fucking Rockwell 10 Doin' Time 11 Fuck It I Love You 12 Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have - But I Have It 13 How To Disappear 14 The Next Best American Record This was honesly the most painful thing I've ever done because all the songs are so fucking good it's impossible to choose but I'd say this is pretttty accurate Also sidenote how the FUCK is California so low on some of ur rankings? Clownery
  7. GLORY


    Honestly I think all her album openers are not only incredible songs but they really give an insight to the sound and themes of her albums.... that being said, Cruel World is the best
  8. GLORY


    California Cinnamon Girl Venice Bitch The Greatest Bartender Love Song Mariners Apartment Complex Norman Fucking Rockwell Doin’ Time Fuck it, I Love you Hope Happiness is a butterfly How To Disappear The Next Best American Record
  9. A self titled release would be perfect
  10. GLORY


    Venice Bitch The Greatest Mariners Apartment Complex Doin Time Fuck It I Love You HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI
  11. GLORY


    Neither bc I am NOT waking up at 6am