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  1. Discussion

    No Tears Left To Cry x
  2. Omg the single cover is fucking stunning
  3. Lol the fucking delusion from some of you I get people just want any reason to hate Beyoncé but there is literally no living artist that can perform better than her and that's just a fact at this point. She has proven it again and again but some of you just want to live in your delusional worlds
  4. Photos

    I don't give a fuck anymore just release the single
  5. People need to learn to stay the fuck away from her, she is way way way too good to her fans and this is how she's treated repeatedly
  6. Event

    I've tried to get into her so many times but there's just something about her I can't stand Will give Music a chance though
  7. Event

    Ugh do I really have to listen to Madonna and Taylor Will do it tho
  8. It's probably going to be like As Far As I Could Get
  9. Because it was the early 2000s
  10. Omg it looks so good, you did an amazing job
  11. Game

    Cannibal >
  12. Game

    10. We love the best song of all time
  13. Hopefully by 'like Change' she means songs like Roses Bloom For You or even Happiness Is A Butterfly - I wouldn't mind an album full of songs like that but change is just a bit clunky and boring