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  1. here

    I graduated high school last night!!

  2. here

    Guys help I have a massive pimple coming through on my nose and I graduate high school tomorrow so does anyone have any tips to quickly get rid of it????

    1. Frozen

      pickle juice and nut

    2. Kali

      Try a good concealer and gl

  3. Omg wow she really gives no fucks Ed Sheeran is overrated as fuck but go in bitch Side note I listened to about half her new album today and it's brilliant so far. Never really got into her but this album is great
  4. Celeb News

    Real talk I feel so bad for them. Kim is obviously still struggling with the Paris incident, imagine being scared in your own home too
  5. Album

    Honestly Witness is one of my favourite albums of the year. I was extremely disappointed upon first listen but over the last few weeks I can't stop listening to it. The definition of a grower
  6. I loved this so much. She's such a strong woman
  7. She better stop the wig/not showing face thing next era this is getting tired. It was a nice gimmick to break through in the US but it's just stupid. Everyone knows what she looks like and wearing a massive wig just brings more attention to her
  8. Discussion

    Fuck she's not coming to my city Getting Aus tickets is gonna be insane, the entire country that she hasn't visited for 5+ years trying to get tickets for 3 cities, damn
  9. I know! For a while I thought they weren't coming at all
  10. Yeah, I kinda think that they are more popular than 5H in a lot of countries, excluding the US. I mean here in Australia Shout Out to My Ex and Touch SMASHED and were constantly getting radio play with Down nowhere to be found. Hopefully now that 5H are flopping for filth, Little Mix will get a hit with one of their new songs releasing next month (I like both groups however Little Mix are more vocally talented, can actually dance and release better music imo)
  11. here

    Should I get Apple Music or Spotify? I'm kinda thinking Apple Music atm because of all the exclusive content but idk

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    2. SWINΞ

      I have Apple Music and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I had Spotify for a while but the exclusive content Apple offers on top of the bigger library of music makes it worth it. 

    3. Dr. Slay

      Apple Music wendy3

    4. GLORY

      Alright cool thank you legends yas2 

  12. Album

    It's FANTASTIC. Sits with Melodrama as my album of the year at the moment
  13. Single

    This is... strange. Cute Halloween song but yeah I'm confused by its release
  14. Single

    I'm pretty sure its an outtake from the Pure Heroine era?
  15. Other

    Wow this is fucking ridiculous