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  1. Hopefully she releases it soon so everyone can forget about Sweetener
  2. Yeah there definitely needed to be at least one ballad on the album
  3. no tears left to cry remains the song of the year ugh her mind
  4. Imogen Heap, Ariana's favourite singer
  5. I think I love goodnight n go so much cause the original is soo amazing and when I heard she was covering it i was so excited
  6. It definitely is still the worst
  7. goodnight n go is clearly my favourite track but I don't like how she changed the first verse, the lyrics are way worse than the original
  8. Catch me praising the fuck out of this and saying it's her best album in a few days when it grows on me though
  9. I'm actually really pissed off tbh I hope this grows on me because I was soooooooo fucking excited for this album so maybe my expectations were just too high but this just isn't it for me
  10. GLORY


    Oh I didn't even know Eleven broadcasted it lol that's so stupid just release it WW
  11. That's what I mean it's like okay with Pharrell's production but it could have been something so special and it just isn't to me
  12. Ugh I'm so disappointed by get well soon, I feel like that song could have been absolutely AMAZING with another producer but pharrell fucked it as expected
  13. Oh wow better off is a standout for me tbh
  14. Yeah I did haha I just wanna listen to the new songs!!!!! I also listened to goodnight n go before I listened to the album because that was the song I was most excited for
  15. Omg borderline is also great