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  1. GLORY here

    just uploaded a youtube video if anyone is interested xo


    1. Hermione

      Omg you’re so cute!! 

    2. GLORY

      Omg haha thank you!!! <3

  2. GLORY

    Celeb News

    Holy shit she looks fucking STUNNING in the second pic wow
  3. GLORY here

    I still can't believe Ariana scrapped reMeMber 

    1. Chris Morlock

      she said it was too personal for her to put out yet. ny3 

      a Brooklyn Nights tea ny3 

    2. Madonna

      No time for sad shit on thank u, bop.


    3. GLORY

      ghostin says hi 

  4. GLORY


    Nnnnnnnnn I don't get it lol isn't it just called NASA cause there's references to space/the universe?
  5. GLORY


    I can't tell if this thread is serious or not?
  6. I've only been working there for a couple of months so this is the first big release I've been there for haha. When the stock comes in it goes straight into the system so if i took one they would know one was missing but they wouldn't know where it was 🤔
  7. i work at a music store and we got the shipments of it in today lol i should have just taken one
  8. I'm not sure if it's actually gonna come out tho, music usually comes out at midnight for us but like I remember with Sweetener it was midday on the Friday so I guess we will see... she usually does international releases so I'm thinking it's not gonna be out
  9. I'm Australian and it comes out in 15 mins here!!!!!
  10. PLS someone dm me a link I'm gonna be working when it comes out
  11. GLORY

    General News

    Ariana's impact lmfao
  12. Omg thank GOD I can finally mute Cardi