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  1. GLORY

    Celeb News

    HOLY FUCK this is the best she has looked in a long time WIG
  2. GLORY


    Is That Alright? Is That Alright? Is That Alright? Honestly a career highlight
  3. Fresh out of fucks forever
  4. It's pretty good! Half of the EP is just instrumental but the other tracks are like dark pop, definitely Halloween vibes and fits with the visuals she's been uploading lately
  5. GLORY


    I'm still pressed she didn't cover Slipping Through My Fingers but the album is so fucking good
  6. GLORY


    Both versions are good imo but I prefer the released one tbh. Missing U also fucking SLAPS, I am so excited for this album she is coming
  7. OMG that picture is fucking breathtaking
  8. GLORY


    Architecture - OUT Bartender - IN Happiness is a Butterfly - OUT Mariners Apartment Complex - IN Mary (Scared of Me) - OUT Roses Bloom For You - OUT Sylvia - IN Talking Like an Answering Machine - OUT Venice Bitch - IN Wild One - OUT Yosemite - OUT
  9. Lana literally popularised this 'artsy' and 'vintage' aesthetic with her music so everyone can shut the fuck up. She's just released two amazing songs and if yall can't appreciate them thats on you not her
  10. This is fucking breathtaking holy shit her second best album may be finally coming ladies
  11. GLORY


    HOLY SHITTTTTT how did I not see this omg I am so excited
  12. GLORY


    Do not like her at all but that cover is stunning
  13. GLORY

    Ok so I really do not like Mariah at all but this song is kind of everything nnnnn