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  1. Rank Song 1 She Loves Control 2 Havana 3 Inside Out 4 Real Friends 5 Consequences 6 Never Be The Same 7 Something's Gotta Give 8 Into It 9 In The Dark 10 All These Years
  2. This is very yikes
  3. here

    Okay I'm tired of this someone leak Shawn's fucking nudes

  4. Other

    Rank Song 1 West Coast 2 Old Money 3 Black Beauty 4 Pretty When You Cry 5 Brooklyn Baby 6 Is This Happiness 7 Shades of Cool 8 Money Power Glory 9 Cruel World 10 Ultraviolence 11 Florida Kilos 12 Flipside 13 Sad Girl 14 Fucked My Way Up to the Top 15 The Other Woman 16 Guns and Roses Very accurate
  5. Aw too bad they're tacky as fuck or else I would have actually bought one lol
  6. Btw she got awarded Best New Music and 8.3 on Pitchfork https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/cupcakke-ephorize/
  7. Bitch what the fuck this album is going to be amazing
  8. Okay I'm not a fan of her at all but wow she looks amazing
  9. Event

    Okay wheres the top 5
  10. She actually filled the arena so I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here
  11. Same here I live in Australia and she's skipping my city Guess thats what happens when you live in the most isolated city in the world
  12. Well now you see how it feels for the rest of the world when she literally does everything in LA
  13. Okay hfk is actually a really good album. I used to stan Halsey before Badlands came out because Room 93 was so good but I was so disappointed with Badlands and wasn't expecting much from hfk but it is great
  14. I totally agree with Love, it did not deserve to be rush released after the leak because it is just so perfect and the video is adorable, the perfect start to a lacklustre era CXII aged badly for me tbh, CXI is so much better
  15. Yes stan Get Free!! Such an unexpected masterpiece. Masseduction and New Rules And yeah Witness is very mixed, a lot of the songs bop but the writing is actually tragic