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  1. Event

    Already done sweaty
  2. Britney is a legend
  3. The snapchat account 'ladygagatour' apparently will be posting snaps of the show but I mean other than that idk. If she debuts another new song then I think Coachella will upload it to their YouTube as they do with the highlights
  4. Yes but it will not be streamed
  5. Who cares though? Most artists do this so don't try it
  6. Celeb News

    Yeah the lips look ridiculous on her and she looks better with blonde hair
  7. Discussion

    Stargirl and that is the tea
  8. It's cute! There are some really good songs on it, my fave is At Least I Know
  9. Single

    They need to put the audio on YouTube like asap and drop a video before it loses exposure
  10. Sorry but as much as you may hate her she revolutionised teen pop and has had a massive legacy
  11. Omg I"m just looking through some of your playlists and our music taste is almost identical