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    She looks so good with long hair. I can't be the only one noticing, how her personality changes when she has short hair?
  2. Honestly, this was just a matter of time. Her sons have probably seen/heard so much stuff over the years. If her son doesn't like Jamie, then the speculations among fans are probably true. We don't really know anything about Britney. Her life is so controlled, it's heartbreaking. In my opinion, her son might be the only way the public will ever know what's really going on. The #FreeBritney movement might get even stronger because of this. Yes, he is asking for followers, but that's normal, he is a teenager. I just hope that he doesn't get in trouble for this. He is just a kid and he just wants to help his mom.
  3. Now that's a great way to keep your fans invested in you
  4. Feb 16- Feb 23 I don't know how Jennifer Hudson is that high!
  5. Xtina Carey

    Next in Fashion on Netflix
  6. Xtina Carey


    Mariah. I mean, does she even age?! J. Lo is gorgeous too.
  7. Xtina Carey


    Set Fire To The Rain. Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep are played so much on radio that i'm bored of them by now.
  8. Xtina Carey


    I agree with The Roof, Breakdown and Oh Father.
  9. I like Somebody's Somebody too, however, I don't think it compares to the singles.
  10. I have only listened to Britney and Christina albums, but I feel like they both have a lot of fillers. The singles are the best songs on both albums. Britney: Good non single tracks: Deep in my Hear Autumn Goodbye I will be There Fillers: Soda Pop The Beat Goes On Email my Heart Christina: Good non album songs: So Emotional Reflections Don't Make Me Love You Fillers: Somebody's Somebody Obvious All the remixes
  11. Xtina Carey


    Brother Bear: The music by Phil Collins is so good! I love the story too. The Good Dinosaur: The visuals are breathtaking! I saw it in the cinema when it came out, it was gorgeous on the big screen!
  12. Xtina Carey


    Winx Club was bigger than life back in the late 2000's here in Finland. I remember being glued to the screen during season 1-3. My sister and I were so excited for the Enchantix transformation. We even had some of the dolls. Season 1-3 were so good, I actually rewatched them a few months ago. I feel like the show went downhill after season 4. My favourite fairy was/is Flora.