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  1. New album called b7 will be out July 31. It will be her first release in almost 8 years. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rap-up.com/2020/05/07/brandy-announces-new-album-b7/amp/
  2. I love the one from the Homecoming Special '99. The emotion in that performance is great.
  3. I'm such a flop, I titled it top 15, only put 10 songs. 11. Can't Hold Us Down 12. Blank Page 13. Best of Me 14. I Turn To You 15. Understand
  4. It's in my top 15 MC songs, so yes, a bop.
  5. What's your top 15 Xtina songs? My list is below, it changes often tho. 1. Fighter 2. Soar 3. Keep On Singin' My Song 4. Twice 5. Here to Stay 6. On Our Way 7. Walk Away 8. Mercy on Me 9.Hurt 10. Oh Mother 5/10 from Back to Basics, taste
  6. Father, thanks for reaching out and lovingly Saying that you've always been proud of me I needed to feel that so desperately You're always alive inside of me Now you're shining like A sunflower up in the sky Way up high
  7. I want her to express those deep, hidden emotions. I want more songs like Petals, Looking In, Outside. Portrait was a sneak peak into that, but I really want her to sing those raw emotions.
  8. What's Your Top 15 songs by Mariah? Here is my list, it changes often tho. 1. Petals 2. Close My Eyes 3. There's Got To Be A Way 4. Fly Like A Bird 5. The Roof 6. Breakdown 7. The Art of Letting Go 8. Can't Let Go 9. We Belong Together 10. Whenever You Call 11. Vision of Love 12. Vanishing 13. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) 14. Triumphant (Get Em') 15. My Saving Grace (Honorable Mentions: Portrait, Butterfly, Never Too Far)
  9. Share your favourite lyrics from Xtina songs. (I don't mean full songs, just your fave parts)
  10. The only ones worth mentioning: (not in order) Living for Love GhostTown Joan of Arc HeartBreakCity Wash All Over Me Messiah Rebel Heart
  11. 1. Back to Basics 2. Stripped 3. Lotus* 4. Bionic 5. Liberation 6. Christina Aguilera *Don't drag me. The quality on the songs might not be great, but Lotus has a lot of great lyrics. Songs that I love from Lotus: Army of Me Sing for Me Blank Page Best of Me Empty Words Bionic has bops too, however I don't really like the vibe of that era. The album also sound a bit too electronic for my taste.