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  1. dancingshoes

    I love Sexxx Dreams.
  2. dancingshoes

    After thinking about it for about a year, I think I'm ready to join @Ronlop I'll sign Demi Lovato for Nexus Records Do I send an article like Shakira's B96 FM article above or like a magazine one?
  3. dancingshoes

    This terrible Niall song
  4. dancingshoes

    Celeb News

    Cara's face in the second picture Taylor looks great
  5. dancingshoes


    It's bottom 3 material on the album (not including the Target tracks) that started to sound dated the week following the release.
  6. Y'all really do too much on Demi.
  7. dancingshoes

    It's beautiful!
  8. Switch Music and Confessions and that's my ranking.
  9. dancingshoes

    Celeb News

    Aww. I hope he's got a chunk of the Philosopher's Stone in his pocket.
  10. dancingshoes


    The bridge
  11. dancingshoes


    This. I always picture her jumping back from the microphone and spinning around during the climax of the song.
  12. dancingshoes


    I'm ready for that collaboration on #Lorde2. Or #T6. Whichever comes first.
  13. dancingshoes


    I think 'Perfect Illusion' will see more support considering the fact that a lot of people had to take several listens just for it to grow on them so maybe it will translate like that with the album if those songs aren't easily accessible as 'Perfect Illusion'. Hopefully, it will.