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  1. It's okay king! I just told them I forgot to ask to have my name put on the package.
  2. Mess. It came in today! My dad and step-mom almost sent it back because it didn't have my name on it and they didn't know it was mine.
  3. God is a woman and her name is Avril Lavigne!
  4. Dookie Quill

    The website looks incredible! I love it.
  5. Oop! Watch Kylie snub IP and release Body Language or Light Years next. Assuming either album doesn't have one already. Let me go ahead and snatch one, it'll look good next to my Rhythm Of Love boxset!
  6. Watch this get sold out immediately, and put on Discogs for $200-$300.
  7. Dookie Quill


    I seriously need to get into her music. Everything I have read about her or her music just fascinates me.
  8. Dookie Quill

    Celeb News

    A visual? Christ, I might end up stanning her again if she executes it well! Oh thank God.
  9. Dookie Quill


    Bless. I've been longing for new Robyn music.
  10. Dookie Quill

    Celeb News

    Release new music first though.
  11. Dookie Quill