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  1. It went #1 in Ethiopia, Uganda and Oblivia!
  2. RFI? was alive until that awful music video came out and killed it.
  3. Poor '…Ready For It?' was found dead in a ditch.
  4. @Taylor Look What You Made Me Do.mp3
  5. A bit unexpected. However, I stan!
  6. 1 & 3 are my faves!
  7. Someone how, that family manages to find a way to get themselves into a deeper mess. Despicable trash.
  8. Another day, another record.
  9. General News

    Looking forward to seeing CupcakKe's response; would love to see her as a guest judge.
  10. Celeb News

    A musical about her life debuting in the West End, another autobiography book in the works, and now this. 2018 is truly Tina Turner's year.
  11. Kii, well I'm perched to see the backfire.