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  1. Quill

    The absolute MESS at me missing out on sign ups. I- One second I'm the clown, then suddenly the clown is me. 🤡
  2. Quill

    I originally had the sig as a .PNG file, but then changed it to a gif because I figured it would be messier.
  3. Apologies for missing out on this, I've been preoccupied with other personal matters and my internet was being a pay in the ass to set up. That being said, I did not expect my irrelevant ass to get nominated for anything. I greatly appreciate it, and good luck to all you folks that will be voting.
  4. Quill

    Late to the party. Eek.
  5. A fellow Banjo-Kazooie stan! Hi! yas2 

  6. But will she actually release it? Probably not.
  7. Vote me for underrated member pls. X
  8. Quill


    Serving ASMR / random noises realness. I'll be listening, but I'm not really perched for it or anything.
  9. Quill

    Yes sign me up!
  10. Quill


    The video and song are cute. However, the "blah blah blah" part... Eek. 
  11. Quill

    Celeb News

    She's giving me Maria in West Side Story in this picture.
  12. Quill

    Music Video

    The visuals this era have been on point.
  13. Quill


    God works hard, but Scooter Braun works harder. I'm here for it though!