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  1. Quill

    Please vote for Taylor's Defying Gravity !
  2. I'll believe her once it's officially out.
  3. BLESS THE POWERS THAT BE. I'm so hyped now.
  4. Quill


    My Broadway stanning ass is ready.
  5. Quill


    My throat and ears hurt after hearing that. Its cute.
  6. That was a classic, that was a classic.
  7. Quill

    Please vote for Taylor and Kacey! <3
  8. Along with writing another essay for them about the thirty things she's learned before turning thirty. X
  9. Quill

    Ugh all this teasing. This is going to be so iconic.
  10. Quill

    Vote for the new queen of the gays, Kacey Musgraves, and Taylor Swift!
  11. Quill

    I'm perched.
  12. Quill


    That title.. Charli XCX's impact