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  1. 37 minutes ago, Aidan. said:

    This reminds me of some rumor I saw recently that Madonna or her team requested an advance copy of IP

     Highly doubt that bebe1

    When pigs fly maybe bebe1

    Kylie really said fuck you pop music, this is Body Language when she released her in 2003

    Welcome to Kylie stan land kylie6

    She really hates her North American stan base. bebe1 Is this our punishment after AmeriKKKa paid her dust. bebe1

  2. I really enjoyed last night episode. It felt great to have Jessica Lange gracing our TV screens again as Constance Langdon. She, along with Frances Conroy, where definitely the highlights of the episode. Although the episode was great, I did have some problems with it.


    Who the hell thought it was a great idea to give Tate a redemption arc? I'm sorry, but I don't care if he was possessed by Satan or not, he still shot up a fucking school, murdered 5 innocent students, murdered Chad and his husband, and raped Vivian. He's trash and I loathe the fangirls that keep romanticizing his and Violet's relationship. Speaking of Violet, another thing I had issue with is them completing undoing Violet's character development from Murder House and making her weak again. This was obviously done for fan service and it baffles me they did it only to satisfy the psychotic Twitter / Tumblr MH stans.

     Other than that, I liked that they gave Madison some character development and showed deep down she's a good person. It also allowed for Emma Roberts to show she can play more than just your typical witch bitch character. I was also pleased with them finishing Moira's storyline. She can finally rest in peace and reunite with her mom. (Also did anyone else hope that Hayden had made an appearance when Behold dug up her skull and gave it to Madison?) Another thing I was disappointed by was them killing off Constance. Then again she had to raise the anti-Christ so I understand why she felt driven to kill herself by overdosing on pills. I also wish Billie Dean Howard had been involved more, but since Sarah was making her directorial debut in this episode, I understand the lack of Billie Dean. Also eek at them completely misinterpreting LeVayin Satanism. rip4 


  3. 9 minutes ago, Queen said:

    Yeah, they had way too much main characters in Hotel. jj4 

    Agreed, the writers did way too much trying to bundle everything together. jj4 I feel like they should've dropped the whole Ten Commandments Killers plot and focused primarily on the hotel and its occupants along with making the Countess the main antagonist.  

  4. 2 minutes ago, Halsey said:

    She is a part of the Demartino twins, YouTubers. Her sister is basically an Ariana knockoff and Ariana tweeted "this ain't it", so Niki wanted to clap back several times with this tweet probably being one of them as well.


    The fact that she's "clapping back" with that tweet is so disgusting. What a vile woman.

  5. 3 hours ago, Modern Woman said:













    Ladies - would you be interested in an ABBA Gold Big Brother? jj2 I'd love to do More ABBA Gold, too - but I doubt anyone would be here for that.

    Also @Emperor Nick

    Yes! I'm here for it. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Divine said:

    people getting all worked up because she called out someone's dirty ass fingernail as if they wouldn't do the same pff rip4 

    I just found it to be so random, but of course stan twitter is going to go crazy like they always do. As if they haven't seen Ari drag someone before. rip4

  7. 1 minute ago, Divine said:

    she's being such a mess today dd rip4 

    That drag from earlier sent me. She has officially had it with the Ari stans on Twitter. rip4


    2 minutes ago, Luca said:


    She's not here for the tomfoolery!

  8. List of Ariana Grande lyrics that just made me go "I felt that"

    • "He giving me that good shit / that me not quit / that good shit."
    • " I got one less / one less problem"
    • "I'm so into you / into you / into you"
    • "We turnin' it up"
    • "God is a woman"
    • "I love the way"
  9. 41 minutes ago, Hector said:

    oh wow! tbh we should have a tag list bc i lurked through this thread and i didn't knew sjfbj

    oh, we should do the poll? I just asked here which one was the one who everyone wanted and five from eight voted #2. should i do a thread? 

    Mess rip3 I agree, a tag list would make things much more smoother.