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  1. I really enjoyed last night episode. It felt great to have Jessica Lange gracing our TV screens again as Constance Langdon. She, along with Frances Conroy, where definitely the highlights of the episode. Although the episode was great, I did have some problems with it.
  2. Agreed, the writers did way too much trying to bundle everything together. I feel like they should've dropped the whole Ten Commandments Killers plot and focused primarily on the hotel and its occupants along with making the Countess the main antagonist.
  3. No problem! I wish we would've gotten more scenes with her.
  4. Let me ask when I get home. by the way, I love your avi.
  5. For the longest time I was wondering whether or not we had an American Horror Story thread. I was contemplating making one. Wish I could change the title to match the current season.
  6. The new episode of American Horror Story oprah10scream1giveup1 

    1. Edu


      Not it leaking again I-

    2. Quill


      All the episodes are probably going to wind up leaking since FX keeps releasing them early via FX+. rip3

  7. The fact that she's "clapping back" with that tweet is so disgusting. What a vile woman.
  8. Who is she? And why is she getting brave subtweeting about Ariana and Mac's relationship?
  9. Stream Sweetener on Apple Music and Spotify!

  10. Quill

    Artist ABBA

    Yes! I'm here for it.
  11. I just found it to be so random, but of course stan twitter is going to go crazy like they always do. As if they haven't seen Ari drag someone before.
  12. That drag from earlier sent me. She has officially had it with the Ari stans on Twitter. She's not here for the tomfoolery!
  13. Two Olordvia Newton-GOD song usernames? Taste.
  14. I wanna run to you


    Won't you hold me in your arms


    And keep me safe from harm


    I wanna run to you


    But if I come to you


    Tell me will you stay or will you run away


  15. List of Ariana Grande lyrics that just made me go "I felt that" "He giving me that good shit / that me not quit / that good shit." " I got one less / one less problem" "I'm so into you / into you / into you" "We turnin' it up" "God is a woman" "I love the way" "I ONLY WANNA DIE ALIVE / NEVER BY THE HANDS OF A BROKEN HEART / DON'T WANNA HEAR YOU LIE TONIGHT / NOW THAT I'VE BECOME WHO I REALLY ARE"
  16. Mess I agree, a tag list would make things much more smoother.
  17. I wasn't aware we where voting a new badge? I vote #2 though.
  18. If anybody knows where I coulD Listen to Sky Ferreira's album, I would greatly appreciate if you PM'd me. wendy3

    1. Quill


      Yes! That thread about her trying to get her Soundcloud account back peaked my interest.

  19. What a mess! Let me follow suit and skip out on that mess then.
  20. Does it mostly discuss her life struggles? If that's the case then I don't want to watch it. I honestly wouldn't mind if they remaster all of her older music videos and release them.
  21. Yes! I also want to check out the new documentary about her. It seems really interesting, and that HD version of the 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)' music video they used in the trailer always gets me.
  22. I'm probably going to do a revisit of her discography soon. Screaming at "Jason Derulo's female dupe".