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  1. lalagold

    She has lots of fans here in NZ but I wouldn't say it has grown over time...
  2. lalagold

  3. lalagold

    Wow. I was in primary school when I first heard it, and now I have left high school !
  4. lalagold

    It looks more yellow to me
  5. lalagold

    I hope it's a count down !
  6. lalagold

    It could also be that she has older fans but they aren't on twitter. My mum and brother are huge fans of her (they get excited when on of her songs come on the radio and have liked her on Facebook) but there don't have twitter. And I do strongly agree that poor single choice is a huge factor in this.
  7. lalagold

    ... Who is will Ferrell and mark wahlberg?
  8. lalagold

    She's half way through saying something, of course her mouth will look awkward. Who doesn't when a photo is taken of somebody mid-word. It's a bad photo of a beautiful woman
  9. lalagold

    I like this show but I can't see it lasting for another season. I feel as if kesha shouldn't have done this. She's too nice to truly judge people like that
  10. lalagold

    I'm excepting a lot of eargasms, whatever the album sounds like
  11. lalagold

    It's one of my faves
  12. lalagold

    I thought "freak" was the real title for "your freaking me out"?
  13. lalagold

    So we all know her unreleased song "this tattoo" what tattoo is she talking about? I can't figure it out or has she had it removed?
  14. lalagold

    Please add Lala to the list! Lala is an animal