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  1. i wish katy was featured on this as it was intended


    1. Chris Morlock

      shoudve featured both Ari and Katy jj3 

  2. literally 90% of her hardcore fanbase are cringey ninth graders
  3. Discussion

    can Glory go viral like this? bitch just put effort into promoting your music
  4. They are both on a whole different pedestas.
  5. Rumor

    We need a visual album
  6. the dj played bon appetit solo version last night at a party

    Резултат слика за homeboy is gonna like get it

  7. Mi Gente gotta grab that #1 Congrats Demo I wonder if Praying is somewhere on the chart, I stopped checking it out
  8. Discussion

    Miss You More and Into Me You See are only good ballads of the album Everyone forgot about Chained To The Rhythm in a month Deja Vu is still THAT BITCH Prism > Teenage Dream > Witness > One Of The Boys Save As Draft and Hey Hey Hey shoud have never existed The CD case design (except of the cover) is BAD Act My Age and Dance With The Devil are better than most of the Witness tracks Singles should have gone like this: Witness Bon Appetit Swish Swish Deja Vu Act My Age
  9. Sexy Dirty Love could smash tho
  10. Discussion

    wow label really enjoyed controlling her in artpop era i wonder how artpop would turn out without label's direction
  11. bop of the lifetime!


  12. i wish this was selena's song, it would fit her so well



    1. Beauty Queen

      omggg this is my favorite song like ever cry6

  13. Discussion

    Hymn music video is on the way and I hope Boots gets it's release. Maybe the tour is this way because she is planning another record in 2018