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  1. being shy and having social anxietg are the worst things in the entire world

  2. rosekesha

    Celeb News

    I knew Bloodline wouldn't be a single thank u next is already long forgotten, so she better bring something good for a change
  3. Maybe she wanted Witness to flop.... maybe her being the next supreme blonde haired queen of pop was too much for her to take at the given time
  4. rosekesha

    There hasn't been a single guru drama without Jeffree involved in it. Congrats to his success and everything, but he's a pretty shitty person
  5. Imagine if Starrstruck was a collab between Gaga & Madonna alex1alex1alex1

  6. rosekesha


    Worst Taylor single
  7. rosekesha

    Music Video

    It's Halsey we are talking about, lyrics are supposed to be cringey, stream it anyways
  8. She deserves to be #1 for 20 weeks


    1. Madonna

      not really.

    2. Russian Roulette

      love yourself

  9. rosekesha


  10. rosekesha


    It's cute
  11.  🇱▲Ⓨ🇾🆈🇹📧🇷 is the future

  12. i feel daddy af

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    2. Madonna

      15 minutes ago, Madame X said:


      Did I allow you to leave your room? You're still grounded!

    3. Madame X

      I'm still waiting for you to come tho.


    4. rosekesha

      You better stream the shit out of it

  13. rosekesha


    Teenage Dream rejects sound fab