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    putting finishing touches to my new single ''hurt''. coming soon
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  1. rosekesha


    she's aware she is nowhere near the power to just drop the album and not have it flop like most of the male hip hop acts do nowadays, but tidal is shutting down til august so we don't have to worry about sabbotaging managment she wins i guess
  2. rosekesha


    Kesha - Hymn (feat. Post Malone) [Remix] would you be here for this hell of a concept he would fit in the song so good though
  3. link me up with an internet place where i can discuss 13rW season 2, i've finished watching it, and, boooy, i have a lot to say

  4. It's that time of the year when I just can't help but sob about how Gaga was extremely stupid for cancelling Venus for DWUW, only to have the music video for it scrapped + get a real bad publicity and completely ruin the 2nd single slot. Venus would've gotten the video and be a unproblematic gay smash anthem it so rightfully deserved. wendy4

    1. LittleDudeNT5

      The single choices after Applause were a wreck

    2. Hylia

      That album campaign was an experience

  5. rosekesha



  7. rosekesha


    good thing Fall In Line is the lead single
  8. we don't wish them well


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    2. Entea

      Let's see their taste in men first before we judge rav2

    3. rosekesha

      from some of them it's going to be taste in women  rav2

    4. Regina Phalange


      from some of them it's going to be taste in women  rav2

      omg I hope the studio will get burned so we will never be able to see this tragique reboot fall9

  9. let's go for a futuristic anthem, this masterpiece is better produced than all of your current faves albums


  10. the ethnic queen has shook the table