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  1. y'all better stan these visuals


  2. Discussion

    well, her decay had to happen someday...
  3. yeah, i was thinking about adding her unreleased material to the list but it would've been too long. GAP and BSTRDS just don't click for me, grow a pear is iconic in it's way but bastards is just disposable and bland
  4. -did you just say wig?


  5. Grow A Pear, Warrior, Bastards
  6. Serbian divas are the Supreme


  7. i've been frankensteined


  8. totally not scripted hehe
  9. Get on Your Knees >>> Side To Side aretha1

  10. she needs to re-release Change Your Mind (feat. Anitta/Insert_Relevant_Latin_Artist_Here) and put it on the B10 locals wouldn't notice
  11. LGBT

    he tweeted lyrics of this a year ago
  12. bashing joanne will never go out of fashion

    1. Beaux



      and artpop too, also witness and britney jean

    2. rosekesha

      artpop can actually be called a legitimate album 

    3. Beaux

      you can say that.

  13. this love... to be honest i never listened to that song more than 3 times. I KNOW PLACES IS SNUBBED