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  1. I apologise to anyone who had to see the picture in the dumb thread I made. I was in a really bad bad place in my head and I don't know what was I thinking at that moment

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    2. Venus XCX

      We love you here, you are better than that and things can only get better katyanna1 

    3. Hylia

      We love you, and we’re wishing you the best in everything!

  2. She tanked harder than Igloo though
  3. rosekesha

    This sounds cheap but so is she
  4. rosekesha


    she literally recorded them in her closet
  5. rosekesha


    Love Pro Fusion
  6. Since 2020 & 2021 are booked for her album re-releases I think that would be the case
  7. rosekesha


    Studio Sessions 2016-2019 idk tbh she's uninspiring to me
  8. Just re-listening Kesha's Warrior album after a while... It had the potential to be the pop album of the decade if only the right singles got chosen

    1. Chris Morlock

      Safe to say Luke destroyed the era. 

    2. rosekesha

      But if the album had the bigger success maybe FreeKesha movement wouldn't happen.

    3. Chris Morlock

      or if kesha hadnt said anything um2 

  9. None of the songs are memorable after one listen. Literally 0.
  10. I don't see the point in rerecording reputation & 1989, will she record on the same instrumentals or completely rework everything, as for the older albums it would be interesting to hear, but in the end I think she will re-record only the old hits and not every single track from every album she's done
  11. This slaps 100x harder than Motivation. Too bad her label didn't promote this right cause it sounds authentic

  12. rosekesha


    Well see, nothing so far has surpassed SBP in any way
  13. rosekesha


    The instrumental sounds exacty like some fanmade fake Artpop concept demos on YouTube
  14. rosekesha

    Celeb News

    This album is going to be an interesting ride
  15. Normani's thank u next leftover breakout single is trash