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  1. I know bu she has been absent from it for almost 2 years
  2. rosekesha


    flop tasteless ariana stans who hate on pharrell can scoop away cause he is amazing and unlike ariana riri has a legit big dick energy that can go with pharrell without being a cringe
  3. I totally understand Kesha not wanting to be in the industry anymore, considering hoe much suffering she has had because of being in it, but I'd be a damn liar if I said I didn't miss her
  4. rosekesha


    I hope she manages to paralelly tour with the vegas residency cause for LG6 she doesn't deserve to rot in vegas, and also Enigma needs a revamp asap, it's stale a f
  5. rosekesha

    It's a really chill earworm. 7/10
  6. Little Monsters who ignore the fact that Gaga has had the single & album of the year and overall peak in her career in Asib era just because it isn't synthpop are trash

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    2. Chris Morlock

      Did you just- gaga1


    3. rosekesha

      Maybe hair body face is an occasional bop but c'mon they are all on The Cure's level of basic. 

    4. Chris Morlock

      It's for a soundtrack. It's meant to be basic mad5


  7. I really am in love with the melody, but c'mon, the lyrics, we've heard the same topic for at least 245 times
  8. Is Fas Gastozo getting a music video

  9. I had a dream that Bradley Cooper got exposed for being abusive towards Gaga it was so heartbreaking

  10. I hope we get a bit of Trap and R&B for LG6

  11. rosekesha


    They will give her freedom but won't invest money in anything that they don't find profitable
  12. The fact that with streaming old Taylor music you fund terrorists will leave Taylor so fucked up
  13. social anxiety single-handedly destroyed my entire adolescence

    1. AngryAzalean

      Girl tell me about it, sometimes I can't even walk into a shop without planning the whole thing out in my head bebe1

  14. We need the new album this year