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  1. I'm guessing she is releasing a special edition of the album on it's 5th anniversary. Drive MV + some new songs - Badlands outtakes
  2. rosekesha

    It samples La Isla Bonita so she is credited
  3. rosekesha


    When it comes to singles, i think she will release 2 from every part of the album. We already got 2 from the first one, with Sour Candy being the next one, then (my wish) Replay, Sine From Above & Babylon
  4. Prism is sucha  good album

    Katy's magnum opus 

    1. SWINΞ

      Teenage Dream wants to fight

  5. rosekesha


    Ugh can she release already
  6. She released it in 2 parts on TikTok. It's epic
  7. Hope Gaga releases Babylon or something this week

  8. It matches the colour of his pimples
  9. Jerome by Lizzo is such a powerhouse anthem

  10. I'm crying tears of joy so happy for Kesha's triumphal performance at the AMAS 

  11. Actually I'm really mad at waisting this good visuals for the atrocity of the song that this is
  12. The hook is good, but the chorus is god-damn terrible i'm sorry #WaitingForTonight
  13. Raising Hell has aged like milk. It's not a good lead single choice at all but I am certain the album will deliver & have standout songs

  14. i can't breathe


  15. rosekesha


    Slayyyter has just dropped her debut independent self-titled project, it features 8 brand new tracks alongside with 6 previously released singles, including well known standouts Mine, Daddy AF & BFF featuring Ayesha Erotica