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  1. she got her own, esta noche, my way & sober OUTSOLD brit6

  2. beyonce's rough demo of r.e.m. is million times better than ariana's version burn1

  3. rosekesha


    Blue hair - her Teenage Dream is coming
  4. rosekesha


    i spy a butterfly bra hmmmm so redone scrapped LG5 is my guess for the next album?
  5. Imagine if we had this Kesha during the Rainbow era burn1


    1. rosekesha

      She literally looked like a different person


    2. Dan

      We still do have this person, just a healthier and happier version kesha9 

  6. Rihanna feat. M.I.A. would kinda save music industry burn1

  7. rosekesha


    An 11 month old SMASH did just that
  8. rosekesha

    I loved level up but this is quite better Ciara has always had spot on singles
  9. Where can I watch The Rainbow Film? Sis got no apple music HALP

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Electric Light

      Lemme send you a link then if I find one gaycat1

    3. rosekesha

      I'd appreciate that ari5

  10. rosekesha


    the colors
  11. rosekesha


    i'm sure it's a coincidence but the pictures really look similar i must admit
  12. rosekesha


    Wendy Williams better come through
  13. come on, ENIGMA got to be an album title

    1. Royalty

      Enigma pop star is fun she wears burqa for fashion

  14. I hope to WOMAN Sucessful is She Got HEr Own
  15. rosekesha

    Music Video

    The trailer is so fucking powerful. I'm sobbing. I was predicting MCBL Season 3 but technicaly this is it. I hope the film also shows 2014 rehab moments, and Kesha's life while making the album.