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  1. Nah, this aint it. Stop trying making INLA into some epic movie ballad cause it doesn't have the potential. Push Shallow, ARUTW & Is that Alright
  2. listen to this fucking serbian masterpiece


  3. Shallow is here really a diamond surrounded by mud
  4. rosekesha


    because it's a fucking cover
  5. Now when Take It Off is VEVO Certified, let's help Praying get there too! Only 10m views!


  6. 1. Heal Me 2. Second Time Around 3. Look What I Found 4. Always Remember Us This Way 5. Hair Body Face 6. Nothing On (But The Radio) 7. What Did You Do That? 8. Before I Cry 9. Is That Alright? 10. Before I Cry 11. Reloaded (feat. Darkchild) 12. The Cure 13. Look What I've Found 15. Shallow
  7. woah what a fucking BOP  moo2


  8. Michael & Janet Jackson who?
  9. rosekesha

    Celeb News

    Good boy, Interscope
  10. rosekesha


    Shallow is miles better than I Will Never Love Again, it has that hit factor and it needs to be pushed harder
  11. rosekesha


    The biggest Pitbull anthem and he's got a lot of them. Here for a reunion IDGAF
  12. help a sis go viral


  13. rosekesha


    Time Is Up is such an excellent song
  14. your faves could neva outsing, outperform, outvisual this 


    1. Rebel Bitch

      Maya Berovic did it sis moo13

  15. Stream Take It Off girlies, only 70k views till 100 million