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  1. I don't know about you but I cannot wait for the Nicki Minaj movie, directed by Harvey Weinstein, with Dr. Luke producing the soundtrack

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    2. Taylor

      Featuring Kim Petras as a musical guest giveup1 

    3. Yzma

      Title: "Sexual Offenders and Where to Find Them"

    4. Chris Morlock

      13 hours ago, Taylor said:

      Featuring Kim Petras as a musical guest giveup1 

      a CONCEPT giveup3 

  2. rosekesha

    General News

    a solo version hopefully
  3. rosekesha

    General News

    good thing baby is not on her upcoming album cause it's already stale a f
  4. rosekesha

    Because she is stale A.F. Queen is by no means a bad record, but it's just pretty much the same thing from Nicki over and over again.
  5. yes, sweetener was totally eclipsed, breathin suffered the most but it wouldn't reach nr 1 anyways if tyn didn't happen so...
  6. She just might revolutionize the way female artists release records. If AG5 becomes a huge success, I can see a lot of pop stars following her route and become more consistent with their releases
  7. rosekesha


  8. rosekesha


    It will be so weird when Rihanna comes back though
  9. rosekesha


    Okay I get Onika now. This is really desperate & low
  10. #DeactivateYourTumblrDec17

  11. rosekesha

    Celeb News

    Guess he isn't copying Empire just in his TV Show...
  12. rosekesha

    BTS is going down
  13. rosekesha


    I think this is an acted simulation of a pop star feud
  14. Which one of these two music videos by our fellow ex acts is superior?