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    Bon Appetit hits 17k sold copies
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    Great title! But if she still likes her album pink she could name this one The Pink Diamond Chicken Wing Chain
  3. Nicki's Monster verse is so overrated she has better verses

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    Omg that high note at the end
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    The original is a bit better but I need the full version of this!
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    It sounds like Kiss It Better on steriods
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    Bon Appetit is way more catchy buuut Goddess is the best
  8. the hairstyle is not the only thing that's in common between katy and kelsey. check the tracklist.


  9. i tried to faceswap crying trisha paytas on bon appetit fartwork but it looks highkey disturbing i can't even share it  

  10. she snapped


  11. Prism (acoustic (fanmade)) is a gem tho
  12. I can definetely agree on that, even tho she can be sometimes basic she is Katy Perry basic if you get what I'm saying, she has her signature style and people will listen to her hits in future to come
  13. your avi is so nostalgic i love it