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  1. Something got to pay her all those skin products
  2. Honestly what does she even do for a living? She had the potential to become one of my favourite artists. Her music is amazing and it hurts me to see that she has given up on it. She has annouced Hurt MV soon but I'll expect an made up story for cancelling it soon. I stopped caring on her success just give me new music I'll be happy
  3. Discussion

    Lyrically it reminded me of Madonna's Joan Of Arc a bit. It's a tie with Bastards for the weakest song of the album.
  4. Discussion

    it's nice but it doesn't fit in the album i'm putting it as a standalone song in my music library
  5. Album

    Cant wait for E*MO*TIONAL to leak
  6. Emotional.m4a come through bey6


  7. Album

    Where are the rest of the tracks commentary? I woant to hear her comment on every track like she did with Warrior. And why is a commentary 10 dollars?
  8. noah fence to gaga, but this made me laugh so hard


  9. Review

    Bastards - So far my least favourite song from the record. It's a nice opener, reminds me of Goodbye which I find a little symbolic, lyrics are beautiful, although the song reminds me of those mornings when you wake up too early and still want to sleep the ending of song is so powerful and when this song is playing I skip it to that part. Let 'Em Talk - I love this song. It reminds me of her 2005 myspace demos like Revenge and Red Lipstick and that was exactly what I needed. The vocals are A-MAZING. It really lifts your mood. Woman - I don't know why it's often hated by the fanbase but Woman is amazing. It really goes under your skin and makes you want to dance your ass off. It has playful Kesha elements, it's spontaneous and powerful. Hymn - This song is C'mon of this album. Reminds me a bit of Noah Cyrus's Stay Together or Katy's Hey Hey Hey. It's cool and different, but for me it doesn't stand out so much compared to the other songs. Praying - THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A COMEBACK. Powerful lyrics, production and vocals. This song is so inspiring and the message is so strong and powerful. Learn To Let Go - Amazing lyrics, it's so uplifting and nostalgic. Reminds me of Avril Lavigne. It makes you want to cry happy tears and dance at the same time. Finding You - I love her vocals, the country vibe and simply everything about this song. It makes you fall in love. It's like a continuation of Last Goodbye, where she finally moves on from her first love and find someone worth her love. Rainbow - This song is a grower. It didn't touch me from the first listen, but more I got into it the more it touched my heart. The orchestra goes perfectly with her voice and the fact she wrote this when she was on rehab makes it so beautiful. Hunt You Down - I love the country vibe, it fits Kesha amazing and this song is cute and enjoyable. Boots - The absolute bop of the album. Needs to be a single it would slayyyy. Truly Toxic meets Timber Boogie Feet - Punk rock Kesha strikes again. IMO It's better than Let 'Em Talk and it needs to be a single. I love the verses and when her and EODM singer's voice match. Old Flames (Can't Hold A Candle To You) - I love this version more than the Deconstructed one. Dolly and Kesha sound amazing together. Godzilla - This song is so calming, simple and warm. It reminds me of holidays and a careless childhood. Spaceship - This song is about death and leaving this earth and it's so emotional it almost made me cry. It's a perfect album closer. Her monologue is maybe a bit unnecessary but I don't mind it. The ending of the song gave me chills. Overrall, Rainbow is a beautiful album that talks about finding inner peace and happiness. It's very healing and personal to Kesha, but the songs are totally relatable to everyone. I'm glad she did album that is completely different than any of the today's hit releases and that she has unleashed her creativity and gave us a true work of art. I'm sure this album is just the beginning and that Kesha is going to give us a lot of great music in the future.
  10. Doubt collab with Iggy will happen, I think she will be featured on a Macklemore single soon.
  11. Other