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  1. i had a dreams all of my friends were in one room blasting tinashe and then is when i realised it was a dream moo6 

  2. Event The Adventures of Kesha & Macklemore Tour

    from Pitbull to Macklemore, that's an upgrade
  3. Animals, It's okay & understandabke if you ocassionally bop to Kim Petras. We listen to Dr.P*ke's productions in Kesha's music anyways, you don't need to feel like a rapist suporter as long as you purchase Kim's music ILLEGALLY

    1. Chris Morlock

      who? brit15 

      i thought this was about Katy but then i googled her and idek her brit15 

    2. rosekesha

      she's a new artist whose songs are produced by dr luke

    3. Okan

      The bad thing is she made these songs after Kesha's lawsuit. So I don't respect her.

  4. 4H girlies all have the potential to be as big as Camilla is rn and be great pop stars but they need to disband from that stupid group first

  5. Mariah is local

    From all of the last decade divas the most local of them all is hands down no discussion Janet Jackson
  6. This new episode of Empire got me fucked up on so many levels, i feel so sorry for Andre he is always having it the worst rih9

  7. Celeb News YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017

    The Despacito/Shape Of You mashup is the soundtrack of hell
  8. Felonie Martinez story fake?

    i'm not discrediting her allegations or not believing her, even melaine confirmed it but she didn't see it as a rape. what she did was fucked up in all terms, but timothy should've confront her right away. they were close friends not some strangers
  9. Felonie Martinez story fake?

    she has a lot of youtube views and decent sales and a lot of popularity and exposure for an indie singer. it all goes down the toilet now
  10. Felonie Martinez story fake?

    Not trying to justify or defend Melanie if this is all true, but I'm sure Timothy wrote this mostly to destroy Melanie's reputation
  11. New camila songs got me not so excited for the album wendy2 

  12. Discussion Witness Discussion Thread

    Like all Katy albums, it has aged Witness, Bon Appetit, CTTR. Swish Swish, Into Me You See, Miss You More, H3Y and sometimes Tsunami are only ones I listen to at times. The rest of it is meh.
  13. Celeb News Sam Smith: "I'm a dick monster"

    he looks a bit like one with losing half of his weight gurl, eat something