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  1. Prism is sucha  good album

    Katy's magnum opus 

    1. SWINΞ

      Teenage Dream wants to fight

  2. Hope Gaga releases Babylon or something this week

  3. Jerome by Lizzo is such a powerhouse anthem

  4. I'm crying tears of joy so happy for Kesha's triumphal performance at the AMAS 

  5. Raising Hell has aged like milk. It's not a good lead single choice at all but I am certain the album will deliver & have standout songs

  6. "mama raised me well, but I don't wanna go to the heaven without raising hell, GET IN!"

    coming october kesha11

    1. Chris Morlock

      whats this sis kesha5 

    2. rosekesha

      This is a line of Kesha's lesd single, coming next month

    3. LittleDudeNT5

      (sorry but cringe)

  7. I apologise to anyone who had to see the picture in the dumb thread I made. I was in a really bad bad place in my head and I don't know what was I thinking at that moment

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    2. Venus XCX

      We love you here, you are better than that and things can only get better katyanna1 

    3. Hylia

      We love you, and we’re wishing you the best in everything!

  8. Just re-listening Kesha's Warrior album after a while... It had the potential to be the pop album of the decade if only the right singles got chosen

    1. Chris Morlock

      Safe to say Luke destroyed the era. 

    2. rosekesha

      But if the album had the bigger success maybe FreeKesha movement wouldn't happen.

    3. Chris Morlock

      or if kesha hadnt said anything um2 

  9. This slaps 100x harder than Motivation. Too bad her label didn't promote this right cause it sounds authentic

  10. Normani's thank u next leftover breakout single is trash

  11. Bulgarian teen pop stars are really something else


    1. Ariana

      Is that not russian gaycat1

    2. rosekesha

      Noo sksksk they have different kinds of cyrillic letters

    3. Ariana

      Nnnn they look the same ari9 anyway, dua lipa looks good there kylie4

  12. Bulgarian teen pop stars are really something else


  13. beyonce & katy perry are flopping for filth, no wonder gaga is not in a rush for releasing the new album, this time of the year is hexed for the pop queens

    1. Freaky Prince

      She should release now tho, because Rihanna and Adele are coming and they will stomp on her brit15

  14. Ariana when she released Put Your Hearts Up


  15. meghan thee is going to give nicki minaj a #1 lana6ari9ari9ny10ari9ari9

  16. Is Melanie Martinez alt pop or mainstream pop? 

  17. Is Melanie Martinez alt pop or mainstream pop? 

  18. guys with braces 🥰😍🤩😛🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  19. Little Monsters who ignore the fact that Gaga has had the single & album of the year and overall peak in her career in Asib era just because it isn't synthpop are trash

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    2. Chris Morlock

      Did you just- gaga1


    3. rosekesha

      Maybe hair body face is an occasional bop but c'mon they are all on The Cure's level of basic. 

    4. Chris Morlock

      It's for a soundtrack. It's meant to be basic mad5


  20. Is Fas Gastozo getting a music video

  21. I had a dream that Bradley Cooper got exposed for being abusive towards Gaga it was so heartbreaking

  22. I hope we get a bit of Trap and R&B for LG6

  23. social anxiety single-handedly destroyed my entire adolescence

    1. AngryAzalean

      Girl tell me about it, sometimes I can't even walk into a shop without planning the whole thing out in my head bebe1