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    RIP His talent and creativity is such an inspiration...
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    New spokesperson for Kabbalah.
  4. Perfect Lover

    Cuckoo or not, the man is HOT as fawk ad thats what matters the most.
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    Gwenny Gwen for album title
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    im sure that radio djs has the whole thing since it was not handed them as a snippet. Someone must steal+leak plz.
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    That Spark The Fire snippet is EVERYTHING!!!
  8. Perfect Lover

    Let's burn the Amazon.
  9. Perfect Lover

    i'd say doggy would work too but it seems like it'd hurt like hell.
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    Queen's gettin her crown that she lent to other girls back, nothin new here.
  11. Perfect Lover

    thanks for gathering this up!
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  13. this. I knew they wouldn't file a lawsuit if they didnt have enough evidences. So it'll be interesting if we get to hear about them.
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    :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:
  15. huge dicks* we dont discriminate if it is white or otherwise as long as it's big.
  16. it was actually the "deputy" pm who said that. And im thinking it was done on purpose to take public's attention from actual matters to something silly like this. Cuz their own fuckin wives are photographed a lot of times just "lmfao"ing. It's still hella annoying tho. Also you can see Turkish women's reactions to this under #direnkahkaha (Spoiler: a lot of laughing selfies lol)
  17. Perfect Lover

    IFKR?!!! Halleloo fo pointin that out sis!
  18. "...but if you come for me , i'll come, come, come for you.." -LDR