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  1. CHOKE here

    Allie X was so good last night oprah1 Charli was boring as fuck she’s never getting my coin again jj4

  2. CHOKE


    Past Lives is ugly, my mind cannot be changed
  3. CHOKE


    Gorgeous cover. Hope she performs its Thursday night at her show I'll be hyped
  4. CHOKE

    Music Video

    Katy needs more material like this. At first I wasn't sold but the chorus is really different for her and I actually like it Ditch the cheesy dated pop and give me more chill tunes like this
  5. CHOKE here

    Pokemon SwSh is making it really hard to stick with this series... how are they gonna cut the national dex for big fat versions of gen 1 pokemon? It’s just absurd jay1

    1. Kyoteki

      From the leaks to things that are revealed this has been extremely underwhelming

    2. CHOKE

      @Kyoteki this gen should’ve gotten the Animal Crossing / Metroid treatment: don’t release it until it’s finished. Sword/Shield are looking very unpolished at this point 

  6. CHOKE here

    Hi everyone I'm doing a marketing project for school, if anyone wants to swing the account a follow it would be much appreciated xo https://www.instagram.com/veganquickeats/

    1. CHOKE

      ps im not vegan but the market is large so fishing in a manageable pond teehee hottie1

  7. CHOKE here

    Anyone here play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? bey7

  8. CHOKE

    Music Video

    Her best song and video
  9. CHOKE here

    so Poppy dropped the song of the year just like that huh oprah1

  10. She is the BIGGEST victim in the music industry. How does the fact that the trip was free somehow better the situation? "It was supposed to be a spiritual experience" yet sis couldn't google or get one of her interns to look up the place before going? Interesting...
  11. CHOKE

    Massacre singing along imagining I'm the blue diva from The Fifth Element
  12. CHOKE


    god its days like this I BEG for the nekci menij show to come back. the show could just write itself at this point
  13. CHOKE here

    Death By Sex ruined Vol 2 tell me I'm wrong oprah11

  14. CHOKE


    Honestly one of the best album covers I've ever seen Cannot wait for the single Friday, every live performance of the track has SLAPPED I'm so so so pleased with the direction she's going with for this album