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  1. They're one of my all time favorite bands. We Can Die Happy is honestly so flawless it's scary
  2. Okay this absolutely smacks and might be better than the original.
  3. here

    ionnalee's new album smacks. Blazing really did that sass3

  4. Well when you’ve haven’t had a hit in years attendance matters I guess
  5. Event

    Tourney needs to speak with ha management, a CT date but no Boston/MA date?? An interesting choice
  6. It's kinda boring imo. Hopefully some of the other album tracks are a little more energetic.
  7. A majority of the gp pretty much hates her right now and despite what her fans may think, Witness' ticket and album sales were terrible. She had a hit with CTTR (a flawless song imo) but the public didn't like her image during that time and it turned people away from the song. She has to reinvent her character and definitely lose the try-hard sound shes been going for in her music lately if she wants to bounce back.
  8. Not expecting much but I'd love if the song picked up some traction. It would be a great single to end the era with.
  9. I mean if they're happy and it's what they want cool but it is a little suspicious that an entire family would be trans...
  10. I bought dirt cheap balcony seats for the Anti tour and had much more fun than I did up close for the Formation tour. Never again am I wasting my money on a Bey show. Way too expensive for something that doesn't live up to the hype.
  11. Declan McKenna's new album was probably one of the only male albums I listened to frequently this year oops
  12. Game

    Fairy Dust vs. Disco Tits Influence vs. shedontknowbutsheknows Lady Wood vs. Shivering Gold True Disaster vs. Don't Ask Don't Tell Cool Girl vs. Stranger Vibes vs. Bitches Fire Fade vs. Romantics Don't Talk About It vs. Cycles Imaginary Friend vs. Struggle Keep It Simple vs. 9th of October Flashes vs. Bad Days WTF Love Is vs. Hey You Got Drugs? LW: 2 BL: 10
  13. If Katy ever made Christmas music I'd react the same way I do to the rest of her new music: I wouldn't listen and pretend it doesn't exist
  14. Truly one of the better moments of 2017. A flawless performance