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  1. SHANE


    This! I'm genuinely shocked she didn't put her metal twist on at least one track. I was kinda hoping/expecting Silver Bells to be loud but I'm really happy with the soft pop-like sound we got. It's a good sign she hasn't thrown pop music out the window entirely too
  2. SHANE


    The EP is so cute, but I wish it had like two more songs on it! Too short! I Won't Be Home for Christmas and Silver Bells are the best tracks Still trying to justify buying a vinyl with only four tracks tho for $15+ the red is just so pretty I need it
  3. 1. I Disagree (More) - Poppy 2. Chromatica - Lady Gaga 3. Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa 4. how im feeling now - Charli XCX 5. DISCO - Kylie Minogue
  4. The best song on the EP for sure, I actually really like Madison and Kim together
  5. Unless you've got huge jugs and your name is Dolly, chances are if you're a country singer your chemical makeup is: 1 tablespoon of homophobia 8 beers to sing about 3 cups of racism 1 helping of transphobia
  6. SHANE

    CL is the ultimate queen. Lyrics. Beats. Fashion. Choreography. There is nothing that she can't do, and nothing she can't do FLAWLESSLY. The two new tracks are absolute bops
  7. Hope she and the 51 that voted in her favor truly suffer Can't wait to take back the senate and up the number of justices as payback
  8. Okay wait the hairstyle and color is flawless
  9. SHANE

    Music Video

    This is absolutely one of the greatest things she has ever done. The symbolism works incredibly well with the theme of the song. At first glance it seems like typical religious visual imagery artists lean on to come across as deep, yet these looks are all symbolic and correlate with the final message. One of the most visually appealing and thought-provoking videos I have seen in a very long time
  10. SHANE


    I needed this so much, bless her we aren't worthy
  11. There's also a live performance if anyone's interested
  12. Stand alone single released to celebrate ionnalee/iamamiwhoami's 10 year celebration livestream, "KONSERT." Definitely one of ionnalee's & iamamiwhoami's best. Even if you're unfamiliar give this track a listen, it's one of my new favorite songs
  13. SHANE


    Smile Harleys in Hawaii Tucked Never Really Over Cry About it Later Champagne Problems Teary Eyes Only Love Small Talk What Makes a Woman Not the End of the World Daisies Never Worn White Resilient High On Your Supply No in-betweens on this album. It's either bold and brash or belongs in the trash