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  1. SHANE

    Hung Up vs. All the Lovers Get Together vs. Get Outta My Way Sorry vs. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) Future Lovers vs. Closer I Love New York vs. Everything is Beautiful Let It Will Be vs. Aphrodite Forbidden Love vs. Illusion Jump vs. Better Than Today How High vs. Too Much Isaac vs. Cupid Boy Push vs. Looking for an Angel Like It or Not vs. Can't Beat the Feeling Fighting Spirit vs. Heartstrings History vs. Mighty Rivers Superpop vs. Go Hard or Go Home Triggering vs. Silence This was extremely tough, a lot of these tracks come very close. Both albums are great start to finish, but the highlights off of Confessions stand out as more artistic and intelligent tracks rather than just something to dance and sing to like most of Aphrodite.
  2. SHANE


    Giving the album a couple more listens before I finalize scores. My favorites keep changing
  3. I have to admit, I stared at these pics for a solid 5 minutes yesterday. He’s just so flawless
  4. This is making me question how well Gaga and Joe get along. It’s clear from her Netflix documentary she doesn’t have an authentic relationship with anyone outside the immediate family, so I wonder if they’re on poor terms thus him publicly asking for money instead of going straight to the co-owner aka his daughter Pure speculation tho as we don’t know all the details. Overall a really gross situation. Don’t ask the internet for money when you definitely have the means to solve the solution yourself
  5. SHANE


    Listening to If It Aint Me now bc it deserved to be on the album
  6. SHANE


  7. SHANE


    I love Good in Bed but why did it take 6 writers to come up with I know it’s really bad bad bad
  8. SHANE


    THIS. probably why I like it so much. Imagine if they collabed for a remix
  9. SHANE


    I feel like Break my Heart is gonna get Into You treatment. An absolute bop that the general public will ignore the production ah! the flavor!
  10. SHANE


    Love Again is deff another fave. At first I wasn’t sold but the chorus is stellar. Very catchy
  11. SHANE


    not by choice tho oop My (non-existant) 10/10 smasher dance pop album would be locked tf UP until it’s release date
  12. SHANE


    Hallucinate is the best song on the album. It is just FLAWLESS. I can’t stop listening
  13. SHANE


    Fashionably L8 oops
  14. SHANE here

    Broke but still contemplating buying a Future Nostalgia vinyl 

    Dua Lipa Electricity GIF by Diplo

    1. LÉON

      Broke with expensive taste I see gaga1