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  1. What was the point in making this thread other than putting your 00s irrelevant fave on a pedestal? Gaga being ugly is old news come up with something else
  2. This ONLY happened bc Gaga fired her management that made her work with R Shitty but go off I guess
  3. @The One Beyond All thanks for down voting bet you feel powerful 😘😘🥰🥰
  4. Someone should set up an assassination go fund me. Whoever does the deed gets all the money in the pool
  5. Shane


    ARTPOP was such a masterpiece that the academy felt awarding it petty little trophies wouldn’t amount to the success and quality of the album
  6. Shane


    Top Artists Poppy ionnalee Kim Petras Ariana Grande Janelle Monaé Top Songs In A Minute - Poppy Time is Up - Poppy Heart to Break - Kim Petras Fashion After All - Poppy TEMPLE - ionnalee Poppy won this year I guess
  7. Shane


    Absolutely. The front section of the crowds at the Joanne Ball seemed more like an AARP meetup than a concert. I wonder if she's offering senior discounts for the Vegas show
  8. Shane here

    I saw a star is born last night and it was incredible ari7

  9. Shane


    Throughout her whole career, Gaga has had eyes bigger than her creative stomach. The ARTPOP era promised a lot but fulfilled little whereas the Joanne era had nothing really promised so when stuff actually did happen it seemed more important or more interesting than it should have like girl dont promise us an app that gives us access to stems and unreleased music and then just let the idea fade into non-existence, so rude to the fans "yeehaw heres 5 bar performances of my new shit! look im wearing a pink hat and a crop top!!!" fun i guess
  10. Shane


    Why wasn't this the cover photo? Its simple and gorgeous. The rest are stunning as well, just iffy on the actual cover.
  11. Shane

    Celeb News

    Blazed, Breathin, REM, and Borderline get used every day tbh
  12. They should invent AI face detection software that automatically blurs him out any time he finds his way on camera
  13. Shane

    It’s good, but nothing special. Too many interludes and not too many stand outs. REM is one of the best and it’s a Beyoncé reject
  14. Shane


    Popga is really back bless the lord
  15. Shane


    Aura (demo) + Venus + G.U.Y. + Manicure + MJH + ARTPOP + Applause are easily some of her best works, so yeah, artpop is her best. Replace dope with Brooklyn nights and we have a perfect album