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  1. SHANE

    As the only other Poppy fan on this forum it tires me
  2. SHANE

    Celeb News

    This is a new a career low yikes Can’t wait for this makeup trend to end so good artists can stop belittling themselves for quick coin
  3. I can’t wait for the day he dies
  4. I know it's never happening, I had an ounce of faith and I let it fool me
  5. when I saw this on ig I thought it was an album/single promo pic it's so beautiful
  6. SHANE here

    Poppy just announced a second Boston tour date. My city has the best taste in music alex1

  7. SHANE

    Lizzo also LOVES to carefully choose her words on twitter to get others to react so she can play the victim card. She’s very childish. Sis needs to let the talent speak for itself
  8. A friend sent me this this morning and I was super intrigued to listen. Immediately upon listening I absolutely hate it. His voice sounds so grating and completely out of place. The original is perfection and should’ve been left alone
  9. SHANE here

    Each day the new Pokémon gets closer the worse it looks wow oprah1 

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    2. SHANE

      @Kyoteki Yeah, the fact they cut more than half of the existing Pokemon entirely was one thing but recycling animations from past games and removing moves that have been used competitively for years just doesn't sit well with me  brit5

    3. Kyoteki

      oof. Did not know of the moves... That’s hella odd. 

    4. SHANE

      @KyotekiVery odd. I preordered beforehand so I'm gonna see how truly bad it isbrit6

  10. Queen slayed tbh. Scary Mask was short but love that it got its spotlight
  11. SHANE

    Once she cut her hair off the career went as well. That ain’t a read it’s just the truth
  12. The only thing holding it back from #1 is any song that could become a “meme hit” in the next few months. Her team might as well make AIWFCIY the next tik tok anthem if they want the kids’ streams
  13. What you are saying is a one sided opinion. The courts finalized that Poppy’s character was NOT stolen from Argo. Argo doesn’t own quirky blonde. It’s a stereotype the two were both critiquing/analyzing. The problem was Titanic Sinclair’s ownership of Argo’s music. Once she received the ownership back the suits and the claims stopped. I just don’t understand why you constantly feel the need to pin Argo’s downfall on Poppy herself. If Argo really felt Poppy was responsible for her issues she would seek justice. She isn’t, as she has clearly moved on. You haven’t for some reason. I suggest following suit of the artist you stan
  14. This is completely false but go off thinking you did somethin Argo was so quick to clear her charges once she got the rights back to her music. Poppy’s entire career is built off of the spontaneity of her videos and the fact that she had marketable music to go with it. Mars has had every opportunity now to renter the music scene yet she hasn’t. Her dead career isn’t Poppy’s fault. Poppy has moved on and so has her fan base yet Argo fans continue to be pressed that their fave remains inactive despite the situation being FEDERALLY resolved