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  1. Shane


    The variety, the flavor (I’m missing a bunch but I think these will do)
  2. Shane here

    DAYA opening for Marina makes me want to sell my tickets jj4 Allie X should be opening for the whole tour mad12

  3. Shane


    A barn and desert? Is she tryna recreate the perfect illusion video or
  4. Shane here

    I absolutely don’t need a Switch Lite, but they’re so cute omg cry4

  5. I would say it’s what she deserves but we’ll save that for when the next single hits the Bubbling Under charts
  6. Listened to it yesterday, glad to’ve contributed to the cause
  7. I understand the reasoning and I respect it, but I think it separates two groups instead of unifying which should be the overall goal. If this were listed as more of a donation-type ticket geared towards non-POC contributing more if possible, that would be more appropriate.
  8. Shane


    Both the makeup and hair look incredibly rushed and not on a professional level you would use in a serious ad campaign? If Gaga is good for anything tho it’s abandoning projects so we’ll see how long this stunt lasts
  9. Shane here

    So I’m listening to my Discover Weekly and I almost had a stroke thinking partynauseous got uploaded on Spotify bc:


  10. Agreed. Btw + artpop days she served looks just to leave her hotel
  11. Same here! I don’t think there’s been a KMart in Boston in so long. Even in surrounding areas they’re disappearing.
  12. I agree! To reword myself a bit on the nostalgia thing: I think they’re only considering a relaunch bc of all the hype they got over the initial closing announcement. People were sad to see their favorite toy store go. Will they shop there again if it reopens? Nope!