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  1. I’ve had the song on repeat since it dropped, it is incredibly catchy
  2. No, what I said was the variety of tracks = range Despite this variety, I find the album to be very cohesive, you can listen from the beginning or shuffle it and still have a smooth listening experience. Some might say this makes the instrumentals repetitive but I disagree, they flow nicely and are distinct enough on their own. I’ll agree the lyrics can be basic at times, but I wasn’t expecting Shakespearean writing from her anyway
  3. Life Support by far. It’s not full of dance bops but I appreciate that because it showcases her range and artistry and allows her to go down multiple routes from here. Ava’s already pigeonholed herself into one sound and that’ll be her detriment
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLuXGy_sEZl/?igshid=1b94egvocc2ut

    I drew Bimini Bon Boulash’s look from last week’s episode of Drag Race UK. (Re-uploaded the post for those who didn’t see xtina5)

  5. ** broken link see newer status**

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  6. This is so good! Ughh the nostalgia
  7. It's kinda weird how one pop singer conveniently reveals something traumatic / headline-worthy right before she drops a new project. I find it so distasteful and inconsiderate to those who suffer similar circumstances and don't get to profit off of their pain lol3

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  9. I'm sure it was really rough for him when he exposed Janet on live television and had her name tarnished while he walked away unscathed I couldn't have an ounce of sympathy for this man if you paid me
  10. Back when they did the fan-driven stuff pack I voted for Happy Haunts over the knitting so I'm happy to see it actually exist. I do find it odd we're getting a paranormal pack in January tho, would've been nice for October/Fall
  11. i am too excited for this album a debut with her own ideas is long overdue. HWA is one of the best songs of 2020
  12. Probably gets all of his medical information from his mother
  13. Coney Island is the only bad song on Evermore wow she really did that yas2