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  1. Indya Moore, David Tennant, Amy Pohler, Adam Scott, Janelle Monae, Jodie Comer, Taraji Henson, Natasha Lyonne, and Chris Evans. Not a complete list, but some of my favorites that come to mind
  2. SHANE here

    Interesting how the Stupid Love demo that leaked in full is missing the “every nation got me” verse that leaked a few months ago brit1

  3. SHANE

    Blake Lively 2018: the Met Gala will NEVER see anything better. Absolutely flawless
  4. SHANE


    If the public lets this flop, pop music is dead for sure. This absolutely slaps
  5. SHANE here

    Pluto Tv has drag race and doctor who classic running 24/7 for free... I feel seen, heard, & loved bey3

    1. Dennis Reynolds

      I've been trying to watch more of Classic Doctor Who. Seen at least one full story from every Doctor now though! jj2 Tom Baker is the one I've seen the most of by far pre-revival. There's a thread about the show in general on here: 



    2. SHANE

      @Dennis Reynolds I've seen a lot of Hartnell (which isnt much), but I've heard great things about Baker. Need to see more of his eps 

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      Hartnell I've only seen The Aztecs from, but I own a DVD with the first three stories on it that I just haven't watched yet. Not counting The Five Doctors special, I've seen two stories from Troughton, nine from Tom Baker and one each from Pertwee, Davison, Colin Baker and McCoy. I do have the blu-ray sets of Tom's last season and Davison's first, just haven't finished the former or started the latter outside of Earthshock which I watched before buying it.

  6. They did her kinda dirty bc if you watch recordings from people actually there she sounded a lot louder. But it’s obvious she’s hella nervous
  7. Kylie’s museum ain’t just gonna charge cash, good luck leaving with the same number of brain cells you walked in with
  8. Very emotional video. I still need to listen to the album a few times, but I think this is my favorite track. I’m so proud of how she’s evolved
  9. Imagine expecting your non-American fans to really go out of their way to ensure their streams count for US charts? That’s so disrespectful and unfair. All while threatening he won’t tour. He treats his fans so awfully, at this point it’s borderline abusive
  10. SHANE here

    Poppy’s new album is absolutely flawless WOW brit2

  11. SHANE here

    4am Demo >>> 4ÆM brit16

  12. I’m still waiting for my vinyl and bundle pack to ship, the merch this era is so good
  13. Sounds incredible already. So excited for this video and the album itself. First video with brunette hair too YASS
  14. Finale > Day 1 > Day 2 Sunny Side Up!, Milkshake, Parade, and LP are THOSE tracks !!