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  1. I love how she claimed makeup and perfume were such a shallow.mp3 industry she didn’t want to be apart of yet here we are yet again! Sis just wants a check and nothing more
  2. Cute video but I felt like I was on a boat watching her
  3. SHANE


    I know it’s a demo, but those vocals and lyrics are so dry and boring. Hate to say it but Iggy took this track from a 4 to a 9
  4. ANTI should be #1 it’s the best album on that list
  5. I’ve never cried at a song. Powerful performances sure, but songs alone just don’t do it for me. Am I dead inside?
  6. SHANE


    Toss up between Queen and Pinkprint. I’ve been liking Queen a bit more tho recently
  7. Hottest thing this year incoming probably hopefully
  8. It was only $15 so that's why I'm not calling customer service crying about it But I paid the exact same price for the signed Cheek to Cheek album at the time and its fully signed "Lady Gaga" in cursive. At first I was like oh maybe the sole L was a stylistic choice but then I saw the variety of signatures on twitter
  9. Mine was just an L I was pissed tbh
  10. Since you like Declan, try giving Simon on the Moon a try. Found the song Milk on spotify and loved the sound. You might too.
  11. Women winning: we love to see it
  12. SHANE

    Whichever song they use of hers in that shampoo commercial genuinely makes me want to end it all every time it plays. It’s just screeching in a weird baby voice. It’s garbage. I loathe her and the music that’s written for her by 15 men.
  13. SHANE


    I knew it was a bold choice but I stand by it bc I’ve overplayed them to the point where I could go without them oops
  14. SHANE


    1. Future Nostalgia 2. Levitating 3. Pretty Please 4. Hallucinate 5. Break My Heart 6. Love Again this was actually v difficult
  15. 1. 911 2. Babylon 3. Enigma 4. Replay 5. Rain on Me