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  1. Camilla Cabello and James Corden are the absolute bottom of the barrel in terms of who I would cast for a movie, never mind Cinderella. Amazon should do the right thing and delete the files so it never has to see the light of day
  2. I was gonna include the video to that song too but felt it would be to everyone's benefit to keep it away
  3. That solid 2-3 year period where a Zedd song played on the radio once every hour... yet now I haven't heard Clarity or The Middle in a hot minute
  4. very true, very true, &... true it's untrue and I refuse to acknowledge it
  5. Gaga is incredibly lazy, which is the only reason I could actually see it happening. She wouldn’t have to write anything new, no need to concoct some gimmicky theme for the album to shape around, it would be a foolproof hit with the gays purely for the sequels sake. Only reason she wouldn’t/shouldn’t do it is if movie filming gets in the way or another brand like Oreo offers her another fat check to continue advertising food from her bed
  6. I genuinely despise how she has one run in with something and then suddenly considers herself a champion on the subject matter. It’s LAUGHABLE that this washed up attention seeker is calling out how harmful sugar-free products are, yet she’s ultimately ordering frozen yogurt, an unhealthy snack. Also what a fucking Princess anyway, “I couldn’t easily find what I wanted so now I’m complaining” get a life ma’am people are dying
  7. Marina is the classic case of "do as I say, not as I do" so no
  8. Yours Truly: Baby I My Everything: Break Free Dangerous Woman: Into You Sweetener: Blazed Thank You, Next: bloodline Positions: the silence at the beginning and end of the record
  9. Why the hell do the costumes look like they were stolen from the nearest Hot Topic? Where was the budget?
  10. The Fame: Poker Face The Fame Monster: Bad Romance Born This Way: Judas ARTPOP: G.U.Y. Joanne: John Wayne Chromatica: 911
  11. I think she was relaying the idea that several of the witnesses on trial presented: they wanted to help but those on the scene refused the aid. This to me is just Cher empathizing that feeling of helplessness in the most Cher way - nonsensical. But it does read a bit white savior-ish so I understand the backlash, choice of words matter
  12. Demi relies on milking her addiction story and coming out again and again to gain hype for her music. If it were good on it’s own she wouldn’t need to pull the same media stunts Hard pass
  13. The only thing “new” scheduled to happen is the release of a trifold Chromatica vinyl. Unless she has another cookie promo lined up, the era is over Gaga can barely do one thing at a time. She’s filming the GUCCI movie right now, so there is 0% chance she’s working on anything else
  14. The girls are gonna have to figure out how to rhyme a line or two... good luck to some of the faves