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  1. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Discussion Is Perfect Illusion one of Gaga's best songs?

    Absolutely one of her best. I wish she would go down the rock-ier side more often.
  2. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Celeb News Justin Bieber Serving Husband

    He really shouldn’t be famous anymore. He doesn’t make good choices or music and he grew out of the cute phase like 5 years ago. It’s time to go JB
  3. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Discussion Your SOTY contenders so far?

    The first 5 that come to mind tbh
  4. They’re going for the whole “circle of life” argument but when was the last time you’ve seen a turtle naturally eat a dog??? That’s sick and definitely not something that should be demonstrated to students
  5. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Why Aren’t the Gays Here for Meghan Trainor?

    Image/personality wise she's incredibly cringe worthy, a lot of which shows up in the lyrics of her music, but if you can get past that, songs like No Excuses and Me Too are really catchy and fun. I think the gays just find her basic, which isn't too false of a claim as she doesn't do anything ground breaking or exciting much
  6. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Album Charlie Puth | Voicenotes | May 11th, 2018

    I kinda love the new album cover? It's much better than the old one. I'm obsessed with TWIA. Very happy with the direction he's going in
  7. Pynk is an incredible song wow cry9

  8. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Rumor Gaga Audiophiles Assemble! New BTW stems could be leaking soon!

    He posted ARTPOP lyrics too, and if he leaks the swinefest version I’ll sob
  9. Anyone want to be a good christian and share a link to all the gaga demos that leaked? ive been digging for a while but can't find an updated link

  10. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Lady Gaga - Trigger

    This! Not sure why you got downvoted, I love this track and I wish she would make more like it.
  11. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Pick only 5 "desert island" albums from FOTP faves

    Some of these albums aren't top favorites but they have some of the most consistent tracklists imo so I'd be cool with these 5!
  12. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Trixie Mattel

    My all time favorite drag queen and her music is incredible. I’ve met her a bunch of times and she’s always been incredibly sweet. So proud of her on all stars
  13. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Right wing posterchild, Taylor Swift, releases the worst pop girl video since TEOG for "Delishit"...

    I tried to make an effort to watch the whole thing bc I love the song, but I couldn’t even make halfway through, I had to stop watching.
  14. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Celeb News Demi endorses mugs brand

    Katy Perry liked the post, so I can’t wait to see her own line of mugs with witty original catchphrases like “wig!” and “yas!”
  15. <span style='color:#'>Shane</span>

    Celeb News Kesha announces #ICanDoBoth

    The message: Musically: