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  1. Hello and what's up you guys? I know it's been such a long time since I've blogged I actually can't remember the last time I have last posted something 🤔 but anyways it's great to be back 😄. So the last time I spoken to you guys about something was I believe was to get stuff off my chest and how I was feeling bad about myself etc. Things has been doing a little better but I'm still progressing. But at this moment we are not going to get into that. We are getting into the topic of life and what the actual hell I'm even going to do with it 😥 (More specifically mine). So, I'm still young and I'm
  2. Have you ever felt like something's wrong with you? As if you're not good enough? Do you ever think that other people are better than you because there are things that they can do that you can't? I feel like that everyday. I feel that I don't really have the same mind set as anyone else, like I can't do anything right. I'm not smart, I probably don't know how to solve problems by myself. It's like I'm unable to do anything. But I'm not in a wheel chair so I can walk, I have hands and arms to reach and grab things. But that's not the issue, the issue is my mentality. I wish I was like other peo
  3. Hey whats up you guys i know it has been forever like almost a year since i havent blogged theres actually a list that i have right now its not much but anyways i would like to congratulate Kesha for her newest song "Praying" which was released July 6, 2017 if you HAVENT heard it yet (though im sure majority of you have) check it out on youtube! you can also download it on itunes, spotify, amazon music and google play. I cant wait for her album 'Rainbow' which will be released i think in......actually i dont know when it will drop lol but if you guys have any idea please leave a comment down b
  4. Hey guys I have no idea how to say any of this but a few days ago i had a drug overdose (i can't remember what the pills are called though but please keep reading) and had a really bad seizure and ended up with a swollen black eye (which i can't explain how I got it so nobody even knows how it happened not even me) and ended up in the hospital and just stayed there for 3 days. It was the most miserable 3 days in the hospital of my life (then again who would enjoy doctors pinching all over your arms with needles and dealing with an IV that ended up giving you a huge ass bruise? and nurses wakin
  5. Hey what's up guys...today I just want to let out somethings that I have been holding back for a while now. As you will all know i now have a job and i know that's suppose to be something exciting like "yay! woo hoo! now you can get the chance of making it rain!" that is not true first of all. Second of all, I just work at McDonald's and for those who never worked there probably doesn't know literally how impossible it can feel trying to please the customers while the automatic soda machine keeps having a break down and i mean a major break down. I'm talkin' how the claws that suppose to clasp
  6. nooo of course not...what i was trying to do was i was trying to be unbiased...which is very hard by the way...i love kesha soo fricken much...but what im trying to get to was..was she doing this out of anger?..i mean where i read it..it said when she texted Lady Gaga she was talking about "him" his name wasnt mentioned in their conversation but it was assumed that it actually WAS about Dr.Luke in an attempt to try to ruin his rep and business...but i do side more with kesha because she did (like i said in the entry) mention that she woke up naked on his bed..now that i believe..i also believe
  7. Whats up guys I just want to discuss what is happening between Lukaz Gottwald a.k.a Dr.Luke and the famous singer, song writer Kesha Rose Sebert. I was going through instagram and saw at least one piece of the filed papers from the court in New York and there was also a link and i read what was happening. Some were the ones a lot of her loving animals knew already though i cant speak for everyone because who knows...maybe people just dont have interest in the real world. But thats not important! What really got my attention was a few things: Kesha was texting Lady Gaga about "some guy" who als
  8. Whats up guys I just want to discuss what is happening between Lukaz Gottwald a.k.a Dr.Luke and the famous singer, song writer Kesha Rose Sebert. I was going through instagram and saw at least one piece of the filed papers from the court in New York and there was also a link and i read what was happening. Some were the ones a lot of her loving animals knew already though i cant speak for everyone because who knows...maybe people just dont have interest in the real world. But thats not important! What really got my attention was a few things: Kesha was texting Lady Gaga about "some guy" who als
  9. Hey guys...i know I talked about my relationships lately and in my previous entries, but today I'm actually going to start taking care of myself and start thinking about what I want to do since I don't have to focus on any relationships. First off I actually have at least a few ideas about what i want to do for a living. My first choice was to become a Veterinarian and go study on the fields of medicine and hands-on care for animals. I love animals and the only thing I ever want to do was help animals..maybe even rescue them...who knows..my second choice was to become an FBI agent and become a
  10. oh i found out she liked someone else.....bummer :/...but its ok at least i didnt have deep feelings for her
  11. Hey what's up guys..i know at least two days ago pretty much about how i remember, i have said something about being back together with my bf and how things are complicated between me and him. Now nothing is complicated anymore because just yesterday i have officially ended my relationship. To be honest i thought it was for the better anyway asides the fact that he is completely bipolar, he also smothers me alot! i can't deal with excessive hugging and constant kissing when it's not needed and litterally everyday single minute says "I love you" 24/7 there's not a day where he doesn't say it. H
  12. Sup guys i left with having complications with my boyfriend. Appearently me and him had a huge fight yesterday (Friday January 20, 2017) and me and him ended up in a breakup. I won't go into details about what he said or did so i'll keep it confidential for his sake. It turned so bad to the point that i was in distress and just cried throughout my last two classes. At least my friends came around cheering me up and when i drove my brother to the chiropractor i told him everything that happened amd even he went to cheer me up. After i dropped him off and went home, i just went in my room, layed
  13. what's up you guys..happy new years by the way!..so..i know i havent blogged about anything lately mainly because i was too busy with school work, i was studying or rather more practicing for the ACT and spending time with my boyfriend. And speaking of boyfriend that's whats going to be the topic today...er..night..I love my boyfriend more than anything and always imagine us lasting together forever....but when i come across a beautiful woman..i end up remembering how i felt towards them the way i could never feel towards a guy. I know how my boyfriend is clingy and he wants me to do the same
  14. ok guys...its that time of year again where i dont act crazy and have the need to tell you my struggles cos you know....the struggle is always real wen im around and im not sure why so lets get started. Ok so, for the people that know me (ik you guys dont but thats not a big deal thats wat socializing is for) they think of me as this wild, funny, out-spoken chick but little do they know with every happy present came a sad past. I was NEVER out-spoken or even socializing for that matter when i was younger and im talking like maybe 13 years old maybe younger. Anyways, i was always that one kid i
  15. alright you sick fucks...this is how its guna go down..my friend who is about to turn 18 in just 10 days is tryna find a gf and i told him i will help him get a nice gf. One who isnt crazy (maybe just a lil crazy) one who doesnt know alot about relationships, one whos laid back and wont text and call 24/7 or stalk his shit cos everyone knows that guys dont like that shit (well at least most of em dont anyway), also one who's OBVIOUSLY around his age he doesnt like liars lieing about their age cos who wuld asides sickos yanno? also DO NOT comment "why cant he go on dating websites?" its cos da
  16. ok so, its been an ok day...nothing emotional happened so dont worry but i was out like litterally all day first visiting my old schools like my elementary and middle school and stuff and then we went to pick up my nephew which was great cos now he gets to sleep over. And then we went to do my hair and finished what we've started before we went to new york last week and when we came back thats when we finished. But then we went to the shop called uBreakIfix to fix my phone that i dropped in the toiletduring my time in NY (i know it was a tragic scene and i tried to fix it by putting it in rice
  17. ok you little shits this is how its guna go down... now i know you guys been reading my blogs about stuff like heart breaks and my abusive boyfriend and crap like that and to be honest i was having such a depressing year so im sorry if i was bumming u guys out. In this entry, we just gonna discuss how awesome i am than you and that u will never be as awesome as me im just kidding im a little shit too so dont worry we all suck equally. OK, so how do i start? uhhh well im usually more of an upbeat kinda gal and incase you guys were wondering about my last blog, yes im bi im more girl-crazy than
  18. We've all been through dates and such and then end up finding that one person you have great connections with who end up breaking up with you in the end. Then you go and ask yourself "DO I EVEN HAVE THE WILL TO LIVE?!" well let's not go that far. I always go out on dates whether its a guy or girl and eventually i saw this girl and my GOD she was the most beautiful being i ever seen. Her smile could light up a giant room from 100 miles away and can have such a contagious smile it can make anybody's day. Anyways, when i first laid my eyes on her my breath was taken away from my lungs i thought i
  19. Alright so we've all been accused of something...whether we did them or not. I have been accused of attempting sexual relationships with a girl. Obviously she didn't like me from the beginning and all i was trying to do was be nice to her. I guess she hated me because she was hearing from other people that im bi and instead of ignoring the fact that i like both genders she decided to ignore the nice gestures i was giving her. I never liked her like that to be honest, im only nice to her because well i saw her all alone and i thought she needed a friend. Everyone goes through hard times and som
  20. Everyday im in school and everyday people critizise the way i live my life. *sighs* i know u guys hear these types of problems before from lesbians and gay men...and even from bisexuals who goes through trouble and especially through trans. But even though same sex marriages are legalized or being legalized i just feel deep inside that it still isnt accepted by everyone. People always ask me "hey do u think that girl is cute?" or "would u scissor her?" and tbh i was so embarressed and humilated and felt ashamed of myself. Why would ppl go out of their way to be rude and ignorant and not consid
  21. Ok so...most of you guys know what goes on in high school. Theres always that one couple that have sex in bathrooms but eventually gets caught, theres potheads, drama queens (groups who are always dramatic about everything), there are cliques with the most prettiest girls (there are at least 3 or 4 of them at my school and they really dont get along well with eachother), there are the athletes (boys and girls with high expectation of being better than others but some dont have good education...and they say theyre better), There are the Freshmen Druggies (they dont have to do drugs to be that t
  22. he gets mad whenever i tell him how i felt..and plus everytime i do..he just never listens he only about what he says...and he thinks whatever he says will go..and when things dont go his way or wen someone tells him abiut the problem he has he gets extremely angry
  23. thank u so much..im glad i got out of that situation when i still culd