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  1. Cosmic

    found this song and its really good? has anyone heard of her
  2. Cosmic

    hi pls stan yellow bee this song slaps but only has 4k views that isnt okay
  3. Cosmic

    sign me up!
  4. Cosmic

    icy is kinda soty they have done it again yall
  5. Cosmic

    the majority western pop artists that most of y’all stan and the ones that are given sections on this site are just as fake, manufactured, and inauthentic as you think kpop idols are. the difference is that western artists tend to hide it so that you can relate and feel like you know them more so you’ll support their music even when it’s pure shit but y’all don’t seem ready to understand that
  6. Cosmic

    let’s take a look
  7. Cosmic

    this mv is amazing omggg. i love the aesthetic and colors of the whole release and the music is beautiful as well. once again, female solos just cant disappoint!
  8. Cosmic

  9. Cosmic

    chung ha serving excellence as ALWAYS who's surprised not me
  10. Cosmic

    anyways, i think it's time to zimzalabim. who's with me??
  11. Cosmic

    HEY GIRLS???? UH-HUH???????? YOU READY????????????? OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Cosmic

    love that your first post here is shitting on sm lmfaoo... welcome! btw i agree with everything stated!
  13. Cosmic

    didnt know she had a comeback omg this is good
  14. Cosmic

    i’m excited for somi
  15. Cosmic

    stan bibi