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  1. Cosmic

    love that your first post here is shitting on sm lmfaoo... welcome! btw i agree with everything stated!
  2. Cosmic

    didnt know she had a comeback omg this is good
  3. Cosmic

    i’m excited for somi
  4. Cosmic

    stan bibi
  5. Cosmic

    burning by rothy has become my favorite song of the week i think we all should take a look
  6. Cosmic

    me is amazing and people who hate it are simply mad that clc can outdo their entire group with a single song
  7. Cosmic

    not sure who rothy is omg but that song slapped
  8. Cosmic

    lets talk about THIS
  9. Cosmic


    get it away from me absolutely nobody wants this
  10. Cosmic

    i still listen to it occasionally and it was a good debut but i agree i hope they can really turn it this next comeback
  11. Cosmic

    bbc took so long to grow on me, while dalla dalla was an instant classic. i also enjoyed bvndit's debut & cherry bullet, but they are more forgettable compared to dd
  12. that’s so sad omg
  13. no me! is just really bad there’s no good to it
  14. maybe if you opened your eyes you’d notice there’s more than just blackpink in kpop but i wouldn’t expect that from you