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  1. XBOX CALTUBE MASTERPOST: fergie (bc legends never die):
  2. this. somebody please tell us
  3. sweetie i added around 10 azealia songs i- also 212 was added twice but whos mad?
  4. omg stan! you didn't like anything else from azealia? she has some good ass music but yeah shes a mess ryn is amazing, stay low remains her best. and with zella, i suggest giving east of eden some more shots and definitely sweet ophelia, she has amazing music, but you need to get into her a certain way
  5. Celeb News

    atleast he's gone
  6. Lady Gaga - John Wayne (2017)


  7. what's going on
  8. fuck iggy iggz, if only she was as irelevant as she is now
  9. problem remains one of arianas best bops
  10. oomfs doesnt know moonlight and honeymoon avenue exist