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  1. Cosmic


  2. Cosmic


    miso's company (hbrothers entertainment) has rebranded to double entertainment! hopefully this means a comeback announced soon omfg
  3. Cosmic


    its gonna be SO good i cant wait
  4. Cosmic


    really into it omggg she easily outshined any other release today this album is REALLY good
  5. Cosmic


    the singles alone for this record outshine any of her past work, im so happy she got rid of titanic i think this will be her best record ever, cover and all omggg. never thought id be so excited for a poppy record
  6. Cosmic


    they are PRAYING on her downfall it makes me SICK
  7. Cosmic


    its like... so bad its a webdrama about a GHOST and shes the GHOST and her label or the company havent said a THING about her being in it
  8. Cosmic


    i have no idea shes in a webdrama but wasnt credited anywhere that should be airing sometime early this year idk if shes even focused on a comeback since ono promo ended
  9. Cosmic


    me in this thread
  10. Cosmic


    labels are iffy but i think she could really do well, her label seems supportive and its not like she has very high stakes to achieve rn, theyre just testing the waters i think and it seems to have proved successful, and that'll lead into a full record i hope or atleast another project it seems her projects are created in full before release and im hoping they do the same with the album so its a full clean release just like be runway
  11. Cosmic


    i honestly dont think theyre gonna start limiting her, i mean be runway was very well praised and shes just starting to take off with wditmf hitting 500k on spotify i think this is primetime for them to put out her album and she can get the smashes she deserves
  12. Cosmic


    thinking about how she's gonna take over this year..... love that
  13. Cosmic


    MiSO Kim Mi So, professionally known as MiSO (미소), born in Gyeonggi, South Korea on February 4, 1995, is a South Korean rapper, singer, dancer and former maknae of the girl group GIRLS GIRLS, formed by H Brothers Entertainment. MiSO first debuted in the group Ye-A in 2015. With the stage-name Mia, she was one of the three new members added to the group after their debut. However, the group never released music while she was in the group. They disbanded without an official statement in 2015. She debuted with GIRLS GIRLS in 2015, but left in February 2019 to pursue solo activities under the company. She made her solo debut on April 10, 2017 with the single album MiSO ALL ACCESS. She released her second single album, Pink Lady, that summer. She was the first and only member of GIRLS GIRLS to debut as a soloist while still in the group. On February 18, 2019, her fourth single, “ON N ON” was released along with an official music video. In its first week of release, the video reached over 200,000 views on YouTube. Discography: Click the cover-art to be redirected to the music video! SNS: Personal Instagram / Offical Instagram / Twitter / Facebook