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  1. ...anyways i thought they ate i love me some good noise
  2. they look amazing im excited
  3. releasing may 4th as a digital single as a gift for sone!
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    its not random. the fact that you and the two other people who found this very misogynistic comment funny is not okay and super fucking wrong and disgusting. the fact that this disrespect continues to happen on forums like this where gay men think its okay and a good laugh to make fun of women and the stereotypes they deal with and have to battle to be taken serious isnt funny. its revolting to see that you all think its okay to continue that certain stereotype while still preaching you are all for women empowerment and love supporting women is misleading and toxic. there are women on this forum and when you post shit like this it makes them uncomfortable and its time someone said something. dont be fucking ignorant, have a little respect. its rude to madonna, someone who has fought so hard as a woman in the industry, who preaches female empowerment, to think someone who supports her so much is still this fucking oblivious to how wrong it is. i dont care if it was a joke, or just for a "kii", this isnt okay and you need to stop being so fucking disgusting and think about what you say.
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    shes so versatile omg idk if theres a way to categorize her music bc it sounds different every song?? on topic i am SO excited the song sounds good she looks good im so happy shes not being held back and is putting out music as she pleases i was worried since be runway wasnt a smash she would be locked up
  7. Cosmic

    thank you for hosting legend, let it be known your hard work never goes unnoticed <3
  8. Cosmic

    i dont have much to say except that bree runway is dropping new music next week and i think that should be what todays event is about
  9. Cosmic


    Go To Town VS Cyber Sex Cookie Jar VS Won't Bite Roll With Us VS Rules Wine Pon You VS Bottom Bitch Fancy VS Say So Wild Beach VS Like That Morning Light VS Talk Dirty Candy VS Addiction Game VS Streets Casual VS Shine Down Low VS Better Than Me Body Language VS Juicy All Nighter VS Boss Bitch Amala: 3 Hot Pink: 10
  10. Cosmic

    ....moving on
  11. kinda feel like shes already bigger than gaga was? her getting smash after smash every single shes put out (even album tracks) is not something gaga could do