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  1. Cosmic

  2. Cosmic

    thinking about how powerful a miso album would be
  3. Cosmic

    now walk.... (run for your life) WALK!!! (run for your life)
  4. Cosmic

    bultiya bultiya kkeojiji malgo pieona bultiya bultiya saebyeog-eul hwolhwol nal-aga
  5. Cosmic

    miso may be retired to a mukbang and dance cover youtuber but that doesnt mean her music cant be remembered forever!
  6. Cosmic

    look at how she ate that
  7. Cosmic

    speaking of noise but like actually good noise....
  8. Cosmic

    what scares me is how both songs are literal pure noise like can they come up with something else
  9. Cosmic

    lalalay by sunmi has grown on me so much lately that girl cant make a bad song im telling you
  10. Cosmic

    debt is okay but loona being a bts cover band? i think not
  11. Cosmic

    i have a feeling mmm will never be able to top gogobebe but ig its worth a shot!
  12. Cosmic


    this is REALLY good she really hasnt disappointed this era once cg will be her magnum opus
  13. Cosmic

    day 263 with no miso comeback
  14. Cosmic

    you fu fu fu fu fu fu you fu fu fu fu fu fu you fu fu fu fu fu fuuu
  15. Cosmic

    all serves if you ask me....