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  1. Cosmic

    stan my girlie, she's gonna serve soty!!
  2. Cosmic

    COBRAH is a singer from Stockholm, Sweden who is known for her involvement in the Swedish fetish club scene. She has a PC Music type sound, but with a deeper edge. She debuted last year in November with her single, IDFKA. It has been since nominated for a Grammy in Sweden for its accompanying music video. This year she dropped the followup single, WET. Both songs are expected to appear on her upcoming EP titled ICON which will be released via her own record label, GAGBALL. It is expected to drop this spring. Check out the IDFKA music video here: The song can be streamed on Soundcloud and Spotify, as well as purchased on iTunes. Although it doesn't have a music video, you can stream WET on Soundcloud or Spotify, as well as purchase it on iTunes. She also dropped a stellar mixtape of songs that helped her become who she is today, if you're interested, it's here. To keep up with her, you can follow her personal Instagram or like her FaceBook.
  3. Cosmic

    i'll be surprised if he doesn't but we're praying
  4. Cosmic


    i like this direction for her a lot
  5. Cosmic

    absolutely! yeji already owns me
  6. Cosmic

    now THIS is how you do an ellen show performance
  7. Cosmic


    how are you
  8. Cosmic


    listening now, i love soloists so i'm sure it'll be a serve
  9. Cosmic


    i dont remember him EVER explicitly saying it
  10. Cosmic


    diwhdeufh idk i am usually not good with picking up details
  11. Cosmic


    i deserve it
  12. Cosmic


    oh wow that was awhile ago, i thought you were much younger dhiwudgwe
  13. Cosmic


    i didnt lie
  14. Cosmic


    whats in your house and maze were great bsides, but the rest is forgettable