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  1. did i lie?
  2. 4 posts? this is a new record for you
  3. atleast i post in the thread
  4. bc i post in the thread with interesting fresh content
  5. you'll be nominated soon enough, don't get too cocky
  6. you better, you caused it
  7. sweetie, @Kuba is still in the game, but maybe you don't even know he's in the house, not many people do
  8. if you don't stop you're about to get nominated for the third time, and you know, third time's the charm
  9. says the meghan trainor stan
  10. then why was i nominated? i'd like some reasons
  11. it hurts to be know that after hermione i was the second choice
  12. yeah, as if anyone will remember you when im gone
  13. wont save you from obesity though
  14. im so happy to get away from you believe me, wasn't what i would've ever wanted