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  1. YUUUPPPP.... we got you. btw been loving this song:
  2. ive never liked nct 127 please i like boom by nct dream
  3. i like 2 bg songs dont include me in this narrative
  4. well... im a junior so i doubt they'll be too many people engaging in heavy drinking
  5. i only have until the 2nd they just love sending us back asap its terrible
  6. im great im sad vacation is almost over in less than a week but ive been enjoying it so far so im happy about that
  7. whats your dick like homie what are you into
  8. from the songs i like on pang theres not much belting, listen to so hot youre hurting my feelings id say thats her best
  9. hello how are you esteemed member of the month
  10. she's still very pop and she only has like 4 good songs i dont understand the hype
  11. well.... that sounds like a sign that you should expand a little
  12. omg i am interested! i made a list too i wanted to post some type of countdown on tumblr with some cool edit style but ig i just got kinda lazy rip
  13. thinking about how powerful a miso album would be
  14. now walk.... (run for your life) WALK!!! (run for your life)
  15. bultiya bultiya kkeojiji malgo pieona bultiya bultiya saebyeog-eul hwolhwol nal-aga
  16. miso may be retired to a mukbang and dance cover youtuber but that doesnt mean her music cant be remembered forever!
  17. speaking of noise but like actually good noise....