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  1. YUUUPPPP.... we got you. btw been loving this song:
  2. THE ALBUM is in stores tonight. give it up for THE ALBUM you guys!
  3. just make a new acc and stay private so you can control who you follow!
  4. tysm king btw come back to twt imy
  5. official mv teaser! it looks so good
  6. ive never liked nct 127 please i like boom by nct dream
  7. this concept looks so good they look amazing im so excited
  8. i like 2 bg songs dont include me in this narrative
  9. im crumpling to the ground i cant believe its real
  10. i just know shes going to give NOISE
  11. shes actually being promoted WOOOOO
  12. releasing may 4th as a digital single as a gift for sone!
  14. its not random. the fact that you and the two other people who found this very misogynistic comment funny is not okay and super fucking wrong and disgusting. the fact that this disrespect continues to happen on forums like this where gay men think its okay and a good laugh to make fun of women and the stereotypes they deal with and have to battle to be taken serious isnt funny. its revolting to see that you all think its okay to continue that certain stereotype while still preaching you are all for women empowerment and love supporting women is misleading and toxic. there are women on this for
  15. this video made me love the song omfg shes doing everything right its crazy