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  1. Jon.

    If you're planning to get blackpink, is it possible for me to get Jungkook back? I have an era planned for him xx
  2. I'm really digging this throwback vibe! The synths remind me a bit of the Genius of Love sample she had for Fantasy
  3. Jon.

    Celeb News

    What a queen
  4. Apparently she said that before her video premiered on YouTube
  5. Jon.


    I swear her photoshoots are always on another level
  6. Jon.

    @Ronlop Moo responded to a couple of people!
  7. Jon.

    @Ronlop Take $5m out of Moo's acc to donate to WildAid
  8. And yet people say she's "flopping"! Imagine flopping like that, I'd want that too! That power is not to be toyed with honestly
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised and then you cut to Asia and it's only China and Japan or smt
  10. I could definitely understand where she's coming from tbh. I might attend if she comes over to Malaysia again cause it's been about 5 years since she came over here (she was here for the Red tour). Tho tickets back then sold out in like 23 minutes which was INSANE so I can't imagine how it would be like for this one
  11. Jon.

    A Date with Luyu show is located in China btw, not Japan kzkzkdk