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  1. Me waking up to over 80+ notifications fall7 The FOTPMAs was so much fun and I'm glad to be able to be a part of the show by performing my latest hit Under Control for everyone ny1 Congrats to all the winners and also @#Music & @Anna-wa for their stunning performances! In case if anyone had missed out on my debut performance, here you go! ny1


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    2. #Music


      it was great fun sia1

    3. Anna-wa


      Sorry for putting so many notifs on you ohno1 

    4. Jon.


      18 minutes ago, Urbanov said:

      I remember when you posted this on TPZ yas1

      You still remember it omg ny1

      11 minutes ago, #Music said:

      omg #urbanovCLOCKS lmfao1

      YES fall7 But then again, no one here knows about the cover so lettuce assume that it's a new cover! creep1

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