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  1. This music video is GORGEOUS wtf The song is amazing too I never doubted IU for her amazing talents but gurl... IU and Mr Suga really snapped hard with this collaboration
  2. omg you don't like the song? This MV is really neat tbh I agree!
  3. TEA! Experimentation is what made Caution the classic that it is! She evolved while also retaining the stuff that's quintessentially hers imo Omg we should make a thread on it yes! I never said I wanted another Charmbracelet, although the lyrical prowess for that album is undeniable. While we could debate on the vocals (her vocal approach on that album was way too airy even though that album had some of her most amazing upper register belts) Imagine her combining the lyrical strength from that album alongside smt like Daydream/Caution/E=MC2, she would be UNSTOPPABLE tbh He
  4. Omg a lighter, airier sounding album would be amazing tbh! Ngl Caution was just right down my alley, what an amazing reinvention within the space that she's familiar with too All I want from her is to continue to shake us with amazing samples cause for example, that synth sample on GTFO almost made me cry because I never thought she would sample from Porter Robinson. Personally, I hope she comes through with some more Caution-like material but more lighter and "brighter" as you mentioned. Caution sounds really good especially if you listen to it at night ngl If she goes jazz, I lowkey
  5. omg... all of these PERFORMANCES she really do amazingly with this song live tbh Funnily enough I don't recall but I'm glad we finally followed each other so O god, not Irreplaceable but i get where you're coming from any predictions on how her next album is gon sound like whew we stan inspiration in this household
  6. I def need to listen to some old 2008 R&B tbh cause I can't remember them too much I did try a few times but it's way too long for me to stream it through and through so I getchu tbh omg WIG at the Last FM follow, it's gon be awesome oop-
  7. live versions >>> studio version and that's on periodT luv!
  8. With You on E=MC2?? that's a surprise to hear GML is honestly my personal favourite but it's soooo long and streaming it constantly takes quite a bit of work ngl One Mo' Gen is actually cute ngl
  9. omg i forgot about those memes ugh kween of making things a meme honestly, i love her so much I do agree with you that I think With You is also the weakest song on the album but I think it's mostly because it doesn't fit on the album like AT ALL. We had all these intricacies and beautiful production with the other songs + the atmospheric sound to each track but With You doesn't have that same "night" vibe if that makes sense. With You is a great song if played separately though, I do think it's one of her best if you ignore the fact that it's on the album in the first place hihi. I don'
  10. Yeah, I felt like they could've capitalized on GTFO's success for example and push it harder since it was different from what she used to offer. The sample she took for the production was fresh and she worked with new producers. Imagine a top 20 for the song Instead, they decided to be safe and released With You, which did well on AC radio but dassit After that, they decided to push that releasing album tracks (The Distance etc) narrative to push the album Xtina style, which Moo indicated that she was hesitant to do but was like "whatever" about it Meanwhile, I kinda overplayed Ca
  11. I get you honestly since the Caution era happened pretty fast and their strategy didn't do well in the long run There's potential in the album that got wasted honestly But nevertheless, having a new record out sooner or later is better than no record for five years I agree
  12. Maybe, but I still doubt it a little because with the recording process for Caution, she remained pretty consistent by letting us know (on social media) that she was working on the record throughout the year. We haven't seen her posting much about recording a new project for this one just yet but I hope I'm wrong ofc
  13. yes tbh! i think it would be amazing and then in 2021 hopefully we'll get a Drake-Mariah collab smash hit the other day Drake posted a pic of Moo out of the blue on his IG story so that's why rumours about that got sparked again
  14. imagine if she releases a song alongside the book... invented promo luv!
  15. Doing great myself! <3 Glad to see the Mariah section back though! Btw are you excited for her book?? I really hope she reveals more details about some stuff tbh
  16. This is such a bop omg I swear I'm still addicted to it even after listening to it so many times Apink really did THAT
  17. Jon.

    Artist BTS

    The way that there are reports that BTS are working on a new project already... WHEW The devil works hard but BTS works harder