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    Like what the others have said, it does take a whole lot of courage to speak out about issues like this. So I just want to say thank you for opening up. I agree that it's difficult when people play down the situation as well. A girl actually did the same thing to me before in middle school because she wanted me to do her homework. Before anything much happened tho (she attempted to show me her boobs and make me hard), a teacher came by and she ran off. I didn't tell anyone about that because I don't think people would have believed me at the time, even now.

    I can also somewhat relate to what you're going through with the second story though it's not sexual harassment because I've encountered a number of old men trying to hook up and cam with me when I wasn't even of legal age (I was around 15-17 years old). I was a naive boy that doesn't even know pedophilia existed back then rip4 Suffice to say, I did fell victim to some of them and showed them things I shouldn't have shown, which I regretted a lot because it made somewhat of a traumatic impact in my life.

    I'm sending all my love and support to you though @Hermione because what you went through is definitely something serious and shouldn't be downplayed at all. Lots of love from my side hug1