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  1. Thank YOU for watching it omg, it really means a lot It was my first time doing an album reaction so I didn't anticipate the amount of work I had to do for this (had to cut out 1 hour worth of footage sdfsdfd) Are they planning a performance?
  2. Hey yall, I finally got around to listen to the album and I must say, it's definitely one of the best, if not the best pop albums of 2019 I did an official reaction to album as well so pls support sistrens
  3. My reaction to Fancy btw, pls support mi kings and queens xx @Robert. @Divine @Hyun. @Cosmic @Yoncé.
  4. Omg same Fancy lowkey snaps now, initially I didn't dig the prechorus and the chorus much and then as it progressed, I was like "bitch" + the MV helped a lot tbh
  5. @Robert. @Hyun. @Yoncé. Been highkey asking for a darker era for Ms Twice sistrens and hopefully this will be IT! I'm excited for it ahhh
  6. Not really a pic but some POWERFUL gifs are coming ur way! As for my eternal bias Jungkook...
  7. And thank the lords you do still give them a chance! HOME's lyrics is one of the best on the album imo, and Mikrokosmos has lowkey grew on me ngl Also, @Robert.'s brainwashing strategy to make me love SHINee is lowkey working btw!
  8. I just listened to the BTS mini album and I have to say that BWL is more accessible so I can see why they chose that as the lead, though I wished they went through with either Make It Right or HOME. Listening to KTL again days later makes me feel a lil sad cause the verses, the pre-chorus, and the outro was AMAZING tbh. There was a lot of potentials but the chorus/drop was lacking, even more, listening to it now Rob finally promoting SHINee for the first time in forever? Let the brainwash begin!
  9. Finally some BTS-related stuff Hyun is bopping to after a long time? We just have to stan!
  10. (check out the K-Pop/J-Pop thread btw)
  11. Since I'm a shameless hoe, after all, lemme promote my reaction tew BTS hurr! Help a good sis OUT pls @Robert. @Yoncé. @Kim Jiwon @Taylor @Divine + everyone else
  12. I see my name, I click
  13. ayyy I think the "blackpink in your area" line in the intro was from Lisa opdskfkodsp the bitch screeched for ha life indeed!
  14. Two ICONIC and TALENTED maknaes yes! POSDFKOPDSFKOPSKOP JISOO IM Shook! I can't wait to react to Boy With Luv and the album soon! This is gon be... fun when I drag one or two songs and the ARMYs come for me! @Robert. bae loves to playfully drag the BTS members whenever we fight! Also, iKON is cute ngl
  15. The way talent is winning! Personally, I thought KTL's chorus/breakdown was kinda lacking cause the verses and the pre-chorus was some of the best things I've heard them do especially Jisoo's parts She really shined this era even tho she's still mostly in the background (when you look at the dance sequences) I disliked Kick It too sdofsdokpfdskop it's so difficult to get into that song What are your thoughts on Don't Know What To Do tho?
  16. Once again, you're serving perfection! Spread the SHINee propo tho! Rob only knows talent I have a feeling we'd get along just nicely bc a bitch (me) is a BTS stan but I don't claim most of the toxicity that stems from that... fandom!
  17. Back from my FOTP hiatus and wow there's like 200+ notifications

    1. hector


      that happens when u disappear bitch!

    2. Chris


      whale cum back sis ny1 

  18. OH wow another spot for promo who knew! Yas thx legend! If you have any suggestions and criticisms on how to improve, lemme know! --- On topic tho, Jisoo SNAPPED during this comeback. Those prechorus VOCALS
  19. Thx for the shameless promo bb <3 May the subsequent ones get better! Ikr! I figured that it's time for a bitch to launch a cute YouTube career and what way to start than with BLACK(TALENTED)PINK! Now I'm ready to react to other K-Pop stuff + normal Pop so stay tuned! Poor Eung Eung and Noir being placed out of the equation I did! Ugh one of the best K-Pop songs in 2019!
  20. JDSJKFDKJL WHO DID THIS lmfao2lmfao2lmfao2lmfao2


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      Hella funny hope it goes viral

    2. Jon.


      JKAJKJFJDSK @Venus XCX you really SNAPPED didn't you lmfao2

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  21. Apparently she's working on her third album right now! Her second album was nice but eventually I kinda lost interest myself with her and the era in general sdfdssdg
  22. Just submitted my stuff required for my internship next semester. I'm nervous and excited because it's gonna be my first internship ever giveup1