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  1. 13 hours ago, Kaulitz. said:

    Will definitely give Fairytale a try once I've got the time. dancey1 I've never seen the movie version of Attack on Titan. I know it exists, but I really don't want to ruin it's amazing atmosphere. I mean, I have seen trailers and it looks kinda tragic.

    Omg yes! dancey1

    DDDDD yes don't watch the movie version of Attack on Titans, like I had to re-watch the anime version to cleanse myself off the nightmares I had from watching the movie version dead4

  2. 4 hours ago, Kaulitz. said:

    I love Attack on Titan!! A lot of people say it's overhyped, but I still love it either way! I've heard a LOT about Fairytale, definitely interested in that one as well. I made a start on Yuri on Ice, but haven't had that much time lately. Only seen one episode so far. 

    GIFBin Image

    So hope I can pick that up soon sometime...

    Omg really? Mess dead2

    The anime is GREAT but the movie version of it tho.... rip3

    And yes! Fairytale is definitely one of my favorites but I'll have to catch up with the series cause I stopped watching it a long long time ago giveup1

    Omgg I heard a lot of good things regarding Yuri On Ice. I just might watch that after I'm done with Free giveup1

    Ddddd I am having exams at the moment so yeah, I kinda stopped watching everything for now until I'm done with it entirely on Friday fall3

  3. 11 hours ago, Kaulitz. said:

    It's amazing! I loved the Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Anime too! katy3 What are some others that you're watching? :) 

    I actually started watching Free at the moment thanks to someone special and I'm stanning it ngl ny3 I used to watch Yu-Gi-Oh (the first series), Detective Conan, Fairytale and Attack on Titans though! What about you? :D

  4. 3 minutes ago, Sylk said:

    omg goat confirmed! Her hand shakes alot because of the nerve damage dahhhhling you can see it in interviews and what not too!


    but yes her adlibs and the raspy tone really added something to it! I liked it after watching a few more times!

    I know that it's the nerve damage but her own nerves could have added to the more prominent shaking! Because I don't recall her doing that much within her interviews fall2

    IKR giveup1

    I'm so glad she did well for VOL and it's definitely her best televised performance in YEARS giveup1

  5. 2 hours ago, Liam said:

    I've never seen her struggle so much with her vocals


    I don't think she was struggling with her vocals but more of the fact that this is her comeback performance since the NYE incident giveup1

    If you can see her hands, she was actually shaking a little throughout the performance giveup1

    But her belting at the end was FIRE and those ad-libs giveup2

    Let's be grateful that she didn't attempt to sing out of her current voice and try to imitate her past self with those sky high vocals, and showcase her current tone because that's just beautiful slaycat

  6. 1 minute ago, Sylk said:

    Omg i know it's dubbed but her MIAM voice sounds so good during the WBT climax giveup1 

    I love raspriah! cry6 

    And yes a Mariah special is always welcomed DAHHHHLING her last was the Christmas one right? she looks sooo SKINNY and sounded soo good cry7 

    no offense but YG was a trash choice for I Don't he added NOTHING trash1 

    But I feel very differently with CTR cry7 

    If she worked with someone like him than 19th #1 is GUARANTEED giveup1 

    Yeah I agree! giveup1

    She always loves to dub her performances nowadays which is a shame tbh giveup1

    YES IKR slaycat

    YG is cute but I'm glad he didn't make it unbearable, at least for me fall7

    Imagine if she had worked with someone like Lil Wayne... dead4

    OMG IKR giveup1

    The reason why #B was received so well was because of how different and fresh it sounded but at the same time, it had that classic Mariah vibe to the song giveup1

  7. 1 minute ago, Sylk said:

    omg yes I read that too! It would be very interesting tbh cry7 

    IKR giveup1

    I'm just SHAKING at the thought that she said that she's interested to try out something new within her Billboard interview too giveup1

    Imagine her releasing different singles throughout the year giveup2

    Imagine experimental-riah slaycatfall3

  8. 1 minute ago, Sylk said:

    Having a little vin TAGE moment with my avi while listening to this dahhhhling! 9GpDgqa.gif


    Her home concert is so intimate tbh giveup1

    I kinda want another special for her next album release tbh ngl giveup1


    POSSIBLE COLLAB???? giveup2


  10. I really love this idea tbh giveup1

    Katy's promotions are always on point so it's so exciting to watch giveup1

    1 minute ago, QUINN said:

    I think they're rolling it out with katy to show what they're capable of. I agree that something like this would be much more beneficial for a smaller artist, but they have to prove that it works first.

    Yeah this tbh giveup1

    If this works well, the same method could be used on not only on smaller/upcoming artists, but also elder artists who's past their prime as well slaycat