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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/lanadelrey/comments/crsh47/the_girl_who_leaked_the_whole_album_now_crying/ I actually feel kinda bad for her given how terrified she sounds reverse warholian of that girl who got death threats for receiving her LFL CD early and not leaking it
  2. Mystique


    girl bye, her store is such a fucking mess for this
  3. Nn eclipse tweeted that the video and songs were pulled or something
  4. don't think that's the direction she's taking
  5. and Spotify users have reported seeing this ad, probably mistakenly deployed early: she's keeping us fed
  6. Mystique


    why is the signed NFR CD a UK exclusive
  7. Mystique


    WAIT how didn't I see this
  8. Mystique


    mess lowkey wonder if @Lust is alive Some of us had already been knew love being on the right side of history
  9. Mystique


    HBTB is 4 years old feels like LFL was just last summer and Honeymoon era was the year before
  10. Mystique

    huh? Anyhow don't think I'll have time to participate unfortunately