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  1. Mystique here

    Lohanthony is now a born-again ex-gay Christian who supports conversion therapy, wtf has happened?? dead2 


    1. Princess Aurora

      This guy used to reblog from me on Tumblr. We literally lost orangu1 

    2. Luca

      This shit is literally so scary, what the hell is this buffoonery?


  2. Imagine being an irrelevant republican trying to represent San fucking Francisco Chile, talk about ineffective and one of the biggest failures in the industry!
  3. The long ass apology. Did Alicia even acknowledge his attention thirsty ass?
  4. Mystique


    It's cute but not earth shattering, still it's satisfying to finally hear it in full
  5. Mystique


    it's very nice!
  6. Congrats to her
  7. What? He was literally diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016
  8. The graphics, create-a-sim, build mode, and performance are great, but that's all. Sims 3 base game had more life in it than my Sims 4 game with most of the expansion and game packs. The base game was horrible and they've slowly been trickle feeding us content that should've come in the base. My biggest disappointment (other than no open world) is that the sims themselves are just so boring, there are so few traits and they do almost nothing.
  9. omg she keeps scaring us, pull thru queen
  10. 25 bucks for 112 pages gorl what happened to the $1 price I’ll prob still buy it tho
  11. Mystique


    Trump next!