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  1. I find it nearly impossible to support Israel, as the western perspective often does, when their treatment of the Palestinian people continues to be absolutely deplorable. It is a full-on humanitarian crisis and the western world, by and large, does nothing but support it.
  2. Protestors are literally assaulting random people in my city, we live in California, I'm sure the people you're attacking support the cause as well !! It's insane
  3. Mystique


    Marina unfollowed her literally 2 years ago also people were running to say Twigs unfollowed her when she literally never followed her
  4. Mystique


    @Hylia thoughts? I AM SNATCHED!! Honestly didn't have high expectations since EP 7 disappointed me, but production is FUCKING IMMACULATE!! still processing every song She has come so far since EP 1, ugh when is her debut album already???
  5. Mystique


    Cruel World vs. Norman fucking Rockwell Ultraviolence vs. Mariners Apartment Complex Shades of Cool vs. Venice Bitch Brooklyn Baby vs. Fuck it I love you West Coast vs. Doin' Time Sad Girl vs. Love song Pretty When You Cry vs. Cinnamon Girl Money Power Glory vs. How to disappear Fucked My Way Up To the Top vs. California Old Money vs. The Next Best American Record The Other Woman vs. The greatest Black Beauty vs. Bartender Guns and Roses vs. Happiness is a butterfly Florida Kilos vs. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have-but I have it UV: 7 NFR!: 9 I'll give UV credit for Is This Happiness and Flipside being amazing, but NFR! is that bitch! Would have to say it's the more important album to me memory-wise and vibe-wise and overall stronger than UV, though UV served many legendary tracks.
  6. Mystique

    Ok true lockdown has driven miss del rey crazy, she needs to disappear for a while
  7. Mystique

    Where did she shame Ariana?
  8. Mystique


    i was finna post
  9. Mystique

    miss amalaratna should've just sat there and ate her food
  10. Mystique

    aaand now Doja is canceled! Karma miss thing
  11. Yes for 3 years lol
  12. Mystique


    Burning Desire, Guns n Roses, Money Power Glory, TNBAR immediately spring to mind!
  13. Mystique

    He told his fans to VPN to US and stream on spotify the pure desperation of this instagram post