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  1. AtomX here

    Can someone send me an invite to the media section? cry0

  2. AtomX

    Norma Mortenson to Marilyn Monroe teas Lana apparently goes places around LA all the time and nobody clocks her. Can't be a conspiracy if it's true
  3. AtomX

    Not Vic winning Battle Back AND Jury Buy back nnnnn what a legend I hope they backdoor James.
  4. Twigs is coming for these wigs!!
  5. AtomX

    The OP is reaching lol. If you aren't willing to pay $17 for an album that comes with an hour long film with it then that's your problem. It's not like she put out 10 halfassed songs and slapped it up on iTunes for $20. it's only available for streaming on Tidal solely because that's her company, it would be backwards of her to offer the album over to Apple Music and Spotify since it'll diminish the money she earns through streaming. Next.
  6. AtomX here

    Decided to listen to Hannah Montana Spotify and Let's Dance is kind of a bop jj4 

    1. TCCM

      Let's Dance is from Miley Cyrus and not Hannah Montana jj2

  7. I think he was saying that once Britney fell through then media needed a new pop star like her. Taylor somewhat fits a similar story to Pre-Meltdown Britney too.
  8. AtomX

    Partnership, not ownership We don't want Luke either, y'all can keep him Agreed
  9. AtomX

    Madonna + Lana
  10. AtomX

    Lord I HATE night core
  11. AtomX

    Madonna unpopular opinions - bedtime stories - fucking garbage MDNA - tragedy rebel heart - meh music - people consider this to be one of her best albums? American Life - this is the kind of quality music I am here for
  12. AtomX

    Traumatic and iconic