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  1. AtomX here

    Can someone send me an invite to the media section? cry0

  2. AtomX

    Norma Mortenson to Marilyn Monroe teas Lana apparently goes places around LA all the time and nobody clocks her. Can't be a conspiracy if it's true
  3. AtomX

    Not Vic winning Battle Back AND Jury Buy back nnnnn what a legend I hope they backdoor James.
  4. when LG5 is released aka #never
  5. Twigs is coming for these wigs!!
  6. I will be starting an Erotica listening thread in 30 minutes
  7. I had to be a little controversial at the end my real rate is below 13. Mer Girl 11/10 This is possibly her best song on arguably her third best album, koudos to Madonna for actually delivering on a solid song that didn't come off as pretentious or fake.
  8. 13. Mer Girl 1/10 hot fucking garbage
  9. 12. Little Star 6/10 qt song, should've come a bit earlier in the tracklist instead of CPG.
  10. 11. To Have and Not To Hold 4/10 Best lyrics on the album so far, easily. But it sounds like elevator music mixed with radio frequencies.
  11. 9. The Power of Goodbye 6/10 Decent but not really that special. I like how strong it feels but feels more like a closer track.
  12. 9. Frozen 8/10 Sounds like a movie soundtrack song or something Lana Del Gay would sing. I like the layered vocals and the lyrics.
  13. Yeah that, it just feels like the lack of be living the material itself
  14. 8. Shanti/Ashtangi 7.5/10 A really good track that should've inspired the sound of the album as a whole, it even works as a standalone track.
  15. I love the genre/sound she was attempting to reach but like...the execution didn't live up to par with anything that I would've expected from her. I think the problem was her voice and the lack of refinement in her singing style.