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  1. Rihanna Speaks On Upcoming Album R9 for the million time
  2. isn't there a Katy perry tag list? or used to be one? LOL
  3. GlenCoco

    Celeb News

    lol the packages looks like a 14 y.o girl made it for her school project but yes kween
  4. GlenCoco


    yeah bit messy but lovely, not a fan of the final visuals...I wish she went back to pisim visual tbh but still better than witness visuals fav songs ... NRO, CAIL, NTEOTW, and Champagne Problems
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    sorry city not state Newark ?
  6. GlenCoco

    She is a legend she has talend saddly she has made poor carer moves The voice, Lotus Visuals, her last album that i don't even care enought to remember the name taking for ever to release music
  7. https://open.spotify.com/track/2q5qVYEWK5LcG35JfSlYYx?si=StYKYzumSV6TbK2EV8VhPg It's out now
  8. Lets keep the Katy section Alive Every 1-3 days I will post a song from Katy's discography and you will rate it from 0 to 10. From the given ratings, I will calculate the average score received and begin to make a list ranking Katy's discography! If you want to be added to a taglist to be tagged every time I post a new song to rate, let me know.