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  1. GlenCoco


    she need to leave YG ... she need to go independet
  2. GlenCoco


    It's cute i might stan
  3. GlenCoco


    a member with a taste who are you in Twitter sis <3
  4. GlenCoco here

     I thought by giving this place a chance things will be different, people is sometimes nice here, i mean they are not rude to your face, but they can't enhance a conversation with you, the left you complete ignored, specially the most active one, they are so closed minded they don't let anyone join the conversation is like you are invisible,they just interact with the same people over and over again, its just not fun, i can easily tag 10 members...., I mean I thought this time would be fun I can barely speak to the members it seems I'm talking to myself


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    2. Entea

      1 hour ago, Royalty said:

      Tag them! 


    3. Entea

      You need to sell yourself by posting nudes

    4. GlenCoco

      I could tag them but is not some shame post or something to pint fingers at, I just wanted to say how i feel in here,

  5. GlenCoco

    At first i was who the fuck is voting for Rapist Martinez then i saw the date
  6. GlenCoco


    Hey @Entea check this out they are going to colab with a Mexican band and it sound so reggeton and you might like this oh god the mexican band is so fugly anyways they where good
  7. GlenCoco


    Yes, so i can stan her again or bitch about why i don't like gaga anymore
  8. So i combine Itunes + spotify so i can have my lastfm synced LMAO it has to be well organized ugh but yeah is this song, i got into this kpop group 3 years ago and it was my first comeback since i stan them, and it was their 10 year old anyversary i did love the song and it made me happy it has been played 464 since its release in August 2017
  9. GlenCoco

    This was such a classic
  10. GlenCoco

    Kanye West is a walking mess
  11. GlenCoco

    I'm bored with gaga
  12. LBR here Latinos and Koreans are showing western pop how its done, lately western pop ladies are lazy, boring, and basic Latinos and Koreans FTW
  13. GlenCoco

    ABBA then A*Teens i mean there where part of my childhood omg