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  1. the album defined an ERA
  2. GlenCoco


    Champagne Problems got a 8.6 up now
  3. Tea the easy thing to expect its a collab song with a latin artist
  4. Well the video is cute looking stunning as always the song sound like 99% of the songs that sound r/n on latin america and a bit forget-full tbh and not to be shady but i couldn't understand a few thing she tried to say tbh ... I mean she worked with her pronunciation and its better but still
  5. I hope CL drags the shit out of YG with this album I'm so glad she is free and she can do whatever she wants tbh I can't wait for her new album
  6. But are they true? tbh I don't know much about this scandall but still bit creepy Hope they do a recast which will be best since many people are there for timothée chalamet the best choice is Emmily In paris Lucas bravo
  7. GlenCoco


    whats the rate sis?
  8. bussy promoting nonsense and yas queen
  9. GlenCoco


    Into you >>>>>>>>>>>>><
  10. GlenCoco


    Hate both Around the world i guess