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  1. this underrated queen needs to comeback
  2. Discussion

    The fame is cobesive and less is Joanne
  3. here

    OMG i just forgot about this masterpiece it brings such good memories !


    1. Entea

      Yes, the best memories of my life too


  4. here

    i'm almoste donde with Orange is the new black season 5  !! OMG this shit is so intense

  5. who da fuck is Sza? well its a sign the album is doing horrible welcome to your Artpop era katy
  6. the whole lsit is fucked up bye toxic is the mother of music videos
  7. ok she is the worst interviewer EVER
  8. wait did they actually talked about vagina murder... omg so cringe worthy
  9. glad to see her back and in good health <3 she looks very nervous but that's ok its been a while but she looks great
  10. Album

    yaaaas this is good !! my parents are traveling to Tokio at the end of the month i hope i get one <3
  11. so you are doing the same as Ron ignoring me all the way i already signed and i've recibe no SHIT i hate this game and yall
  12. there are many types of anxyeti, everything can be controlled and i'm proud of Britney that she worked on that but we can blam Zayn or point fingers at him for not wanting to perfomr , he deals with this in its on way, don't play with this the bad thing about anxiety is that people veiw it as we are crazy people or is just a thing and we need to realx i have a minor case of anxiety and i've learned to controll it but my boyfriend has a big case of it, it just hurst me to see him in such pain and stress while dealing with this.. you are just pissed because Tinasha is not doing great a N1FUCKING CARE ABOUT HER <3
  13. True KWEENS
  14. OMG THIS SONG !!!! <3