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  1. LGBT Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham are married

    sis i never log in anymore ugh miss you tons!!! @Hector tughts anyways i'm mad he was hot after he came out somehow loss his hotness (still think he is hot tho ) and idk they look odd but oh well he looks happy thats what matters <3
  2. Gossip Pussycat Dolls slated for a reunion

    this will be nice i want them back tbh but is more like Nichole and her backup dancers are having a reunion
  3. #PI: iTunes Store - Week One [Season 6b]

    voted for yall @Cosmic @Joanne <3 i hope i get the same support for Ya
  4. Remember when Lily Allen was a thing?

    good times don't forget this <3
  5. Bizarre Milo Yiannopoulos marries a black guy

    ugh what a mess
  6. Bizarre Milo Yiannopoulos marries a black guy

    Who? i'm serious who is that? and do we hate him?
  7. Is '17-'18 going to be the best time for pop girls since '11-'13?

    i hope so but i don't really think so
  8. Was 2007 one of the best years in recent pop music history?

    i think the best era for music was from 2003 - 2012 why... Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Xtina Lady Gaga, Kesha, Pink, Mariah all they released such bops and had great era during this years
  9. The future of these boys

    same like the Backstreet boys like they will be back together but no one would care or Nsync one will make it an the other are pretty much unknowns but i hope they all make it tbh but who knows
  10. how does she goes from i hate my life and crying and eating on the floor to i love you Jesus? I don't get it. mess



  11. Taylor has had 4 great albums and eras in a row, will she do it again?

    i really dislike Taylor but 1989 is such great album.. only of my all time faves tbh but that are made me like her, so i'm rotting for her so far she is been doing great even without promo at all, so i hope she delivers with this album even tho the album art looks terrible
  12. I can’t express how shitty younger now is

    this it has some bops but is too country for my taste god i hate when pop artist goes fucking country ....
  13. How was your fave doing ten years into their career?

    giving us the most iconic album ever blackout
  14. Challenge #1 | Who Doesn't Love A Good Ménage à Trois?

    Yaaaaassssss <3 Ariana queen
  15. HDD: Shania #1 (120-135k), Demi (60-65k), Miley #4 (45-50k)

    same <3