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    god loving this since the first 10 seconds !!! this is why Plumbella is the only gamer I watch is because of her runchy and random humor that no-one else has <3
  2. GlenCoco


    Yeah Japan and Korea always ahead of the game, they always do something extra or something fun so the audience goe a buys the physical album, If artists and label did like Kpop Artis relating a fun booklet a cool box maybe their sales will go up.. but no
  3. GlenCoco

    Celeb News

    God no ! Katy Nooooo
  4. GlenCoco


    a 8 this song was a bop tbh
  5. GlenCoco


    Baby One More time got a 6.5 Up Now
  6. GlenCoco


    Love the reunion I really hope they do a musical reunion someday
  7. GlenCoco

    lets try this game, I'll choose .... Jojo I guess?
  8. GlenCoco


    part of come on over she didn't even reshoot it you can see the lypsync doesn't match the spanish version lol but the impact this spanish era had OMG
  9. RATE THE SINGLE COVER FROM 1-10 (HALF POINTS ALLOWED) Game idea comes from @Kirjava on the Xtina section I'll be posting Britney single and you will rate them I f you want to be added to the tag list let me know Previos Covers: Baby One More Time: 6.5
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    Hot N Cold: 18 - California Gurls: 16 Teenage Dream: 22 + Firework: 82 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.): 22 The One That Got Away: 22 Part of Me: 24 Wide Awake: 32 Roar: 14 Chained to the Rhythm: 18
  11. GlenCoco


    Break Up Song: 24 + Holiday: 20 Sweet Melody: 20 Confetti: 20 Happiness: 22 Not a Pop Song: 20 Nothing but My Feelings: 20 Gloves Up: 28 A Mess (Happy 4 U): 14 My Love Won't Let You Down: 20 Rendezvous: 12 - If You Want My Love: 20 Breathe: 20
  12. GlenCoco


    love how her spanish era was lazy AF with 0 photoshoots and recycled material yet very sucesfull in lain america but the cover is a 4/10
  13. <3 love this kind of trends
  14. GlenCoco

    still a rent rapper BM has like 30 grandsons lol was miss Sabi but yeah that was a bop tho
  15. Billie Eyelash has a better Spanish pronunciation than Selena Gomez I....