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  1. The Voice Within got a 9.6 Up now Bonus: lets just remember this iconic commercial
  2. ugh not them they even have a Online concert coming soon thoughts @Entea U STAN?
  3. isn't he the guy that drivers linces song is about.... is he joking? what? I'm confused .. well congrats anyways
  4. Who is Catlin Marie and why is a thread about this?
  5. Britney all the time, but funny I hear it more now when she was fully active in the music scene (2009 . 2011 ) lol
  6. Ios for me is way easy to use and navigate than Android ... it's so ugly and so ugh idk unfriendly
  7. Overprotected got a 5.6 Up Now we have 3 versions of the same cover so lets rate this 3 A) B) C)
  8. MID UPDATE Previous Songs Never Really Over : 9.08 Not the End of the World: 7.81 Hey Hey Hey: 6.5 Small Talk: 6.1 Walking On Air: 9.2 Rise: 7 Cry About It Later: 9.2 Daisies: 8.2 Fireworks 8.3 Fingerprints 7.5 365: 9.25 Champagne Problems: 8.6 Witness 8.8 If We Ever Meet Again: 6.7 Legendary Lovers: 8.9 Wide Awake: 8.3 Hot N Cold: 8.5 The One That Got Away: 9.2 Thinking About You: 8.2 International Smile: 5.9 Part Of Me: 7.2 Chained To The Rhythm
  9. yes well deserved , but I'm kinda mad that the baby is getting that 1 too