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  1. Just now, Kuchisabishii said:

    idk i deleted the PM pretty quickly after that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Yup king that was me a few months after I left lol 


    that has been me all along that she GlenCoco from TPZ #RIP I think is still have the PM 

  2. Just now, Max said:

    Unfortunately I have to go now. This was great fun tho and we certainly smashed the goal of surviving this month. clap3 


    Thanks to Miley, Kesha, Sex and Katy clap3 

    Stan king see ya in the Katy section soon 

    I'll have some nice topics to talk about it



  3. 1 minute ago, Kuchisabishii said:

    i dont have any toys brit2 

    i remember Glenn offering to make me a physical copy of a fanmade Kesha album i found online (which id burn the songs on the disc myself) and i never got any responce after saying itd take a while fall5 

    there are more Katy stans here than Ellie stans true1 

    true sis 

    wasn't that me sis? Katy Perry Wow GIF

  4. Just now, Max said:

    I love most of them, it's my favorite Miley album after all. giveup3 

    But Plastic Heart will probably snatch that title as time goes on.

    yeah plastic hearts is by far her best album 


    btw Stan this very underrated bop



  5. Just now, Max said:

    I also STAN Dead Petz Miley, that album is so fucking good.



    This is the only song that I like from that album

    but tbh I love the energy she had this short lived era 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Kuchisabishii said:

    Bangerz Miley or Hannah Montana Miley aretha1 


    100% Bangerz Miley while on Grindr and sex, and chcik and cute will on brunch 


    2 minutes ago, Kuchisabishii said:

    i follow a youtuber who had his first few times being forced into it and it was very traumatizing for him.

    so since then hes only had quick hookups and a very select boyfriends/girlfriends. (hes bi)

    now hes on a sex strike moo6 

    Yeah take your time and find some one who gives you that confidence or trust to have a nice time 

  7. 1 minute ago, Max said:

    Omg, yes. Queen Miley inspiring another flawless being. giveup3 

    ugh ikr ! queen of sex and drugs 


    Just now, Kuchisabishii said:

    im a very shy person and for the longest time i felt realy insecure with how fat ive been in school. since i graduated i apparently lost a lot of weight fall5 

    i still have a belly tho but not as big.

    my face feels fat to me still true1 

    its not like im saving myself for marriage or anything i just dont want it to be ruined by a bad experience true1 

    don't be , you are cute

    but yeah you are doing right to save for a great experience 

    my first time was bad lol 

  8. 43 minutes ago, Snow said:

    After all that talk he better give us something that serves lyrically (social awareness most of all), because if he gives us another Changes-level "you got that yummy yum, yummy yum," kinda serve he's opening himself to an easy backlash of using the oppression, discrimination and injustice minority groups are facing to sell his music dead4 

    But as of right now this has the energy of Gal Gadot and her celebrity friends singing Imagine.



  9. Just now, Max said:

    Ugh, stay away from those. We love ourselves too much! clap3 

    I'm going to Puerto Vallarta in 2 months so probably the drought will be over 


    I'm going full Miley Cyrus on that trip 

  10. Just now, Max said:

    OMG, me too scream1 

    ugh Even here in my city Grindr sucks (there is no other app here that the gays use) 

    Meth Junkies, or people who only send terrible dick pics or 0% sexy ass pics , or are very judgmental or Venezuelan prostitutes (yeah this sound terrible but there are 17 people r/n online withe the Venezuela flag and the word MASSAGE