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  1. I've seen you have improved a lot, I'm glad some are really good and you used great HQ pics, maybe try to work on the quality of the fonts some look very pixelated but it's something that has improved a lot, keep working and stay motivated <3
  2. Bop but tbh I'm angry she decided to sing this song on her witness tour here in my city instead of wide awake ... lol
  3. Everytime i listen to Lady gaga it brings me a very nostalgic sensation, in a very good way and a bad way too i feel happy yet empty at the same time lol random but that's how lady gaga music makes me feel
  4. real tea this is by far one of the best half time shows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD1QrIe--_Y&ab_channel=NFL
  5. its cute but gurl needs to work on her Spanish i can barely understand her
  6. I hope they do a good one and not a messy one like the PCD
  7. do you think that there is going to be one?
  8. well it was a missed hit
  9. @Billie Frank I'm angry people slept on this and shade her .... that she is old she looks stunning and young...... ugh
  10. Stupid love outsold btw I'm glad she got rid of the fillers she got after her breakeup with that problematic 1D member
  11. Btw does KP and MC get along MC looks oddly uncomfortable in here
  12. btw QUEENS OF KPOP with Katy Perry
  13. Yes! what does @BabyMario44 thinks about the Telechobies?
  14. Stan: Dua Lipa ( i liked her but now we stan) and Harry Styles Unstan: Shawn Mosity Mendez
  15. btw: @Wonho you havn't changed your set in a while whats up with that?
  16. she had it coming maybe don't rig the votes with members that doesn't add to the main forum (just traffic and space on the admins hard drive)