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  1. Stan: Dua Lipa ( i liked her but now we stan) and Harry Styles Unstan: Shawn Mosity Mendez
  2. btw: @Wonho you havn't changed your set in a while whats up with that?
  3. she had it coming maybe don't rig the votes with members that doesn't add to the main forum (just traffic and space on the admins hard drive)
  4. same .... but hope we get something good this time tbh dumb blond is underrated
  5. btw love this looks she has ... this new era looks promising but she is dating a fug... but we know sis have bad taste on men
  6. ugh i love the replies and how rigged this month was ....
  7. her look was terrible but glad she is bringing her long hair back...
  8. Katy and Avril is what my teen gay wants I do hope miss Avril delivers something good with this new album cuz her last albums was very Christian and soul searching....
  9. I bring more to this place rather than the MOTM
  10. it could be interesting tbh love to see it
  11. lol jk i could never unfriend you but yeah I'm dramatic and
  12. that thing still existing? does anyone use that lol? lol this reminds me to this event they thought they where doing something lol
  13. Sis @Wonho Do you like KP?
  14. I give this song a 10... just because it reminds me one of my best time of my life ugh wish it was 2014 agian
  15. thank god, RCA is trash I hope this lable gives her the right promotion that she deserves
  16. I miss de Dojo Cat section 

    1. Mario


      The way the Doja section ended up like the Kesha section, i-bebe1

      But i like a few Doja songs (Say So and Like That) 

  17. god this was A LOOK she looked stunning her