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  1. i wish i could see it live but we don't get it where i live ugh
  2. u where toxic blue as i remember no that site died for mi long time ago like looooong looong time ago
  3. oh flop me! sorry bout that did he made of all if not i can post the missing ones is there a one about the music videos?
  4. nnnnnnnn sis TPZ is down and i lost nini's user name on twitter u have it?
  5. This is a thread i made for another forum, if yall like it let me know and i will do for the other albums
  6. The actual name of the was "Hit Me Baby One More Time" but notto make the ambiguous title, they chose to delete the words "Hit Me" and replace them with 3 points. - The official album cover would be neither for USA pink or white for Europe and Latin America, was to be used for the box version in Taiwan! - In the USA promotional single for "... Baby One More Time" title for the album was "Britney Spears". - The idea of choosing "(You Drive Me) Crazy" as a single was improvised. With the release of the movie "Drive Me Crazy" the proposal was made for promotio
  7. i know u sis <3 you used to be a big britney and xtina fan lmao we where even friends back in there lol
  8. A better question does Melanie have fans?